Laura Flanders interviews economist Robert Pollin on how the federal government could begin to radically grow employment without involving Congress. Pollin explains why the stimulus package failed, excoriates the banks for sitting on $1.6 trillion in assets, and demonstrates why funding teachers will provide a much bigger boost to the economy than increased military spending. THE CHANGING FACE OF VIETNAM: Rising inequality, alienated youth, rural unrest, sex tourism.  Historian Gabriel Kolko examines how forty years after the end of the war, Vietnam has moved from communism to a class-based society riven by deepening social and economic tensions. LIKE A TREE PLANTED BY THE RIVERS: Daniel Wolff returns to post-Katrina New Orleans, uncovering stories of heartbreak and resilience from the Lower Ninth Ward. OUR VOLTAIRE: Jeffrey St. Clair remembers his buddy Alexander Cockburn.