July 2012

Three Poems by Kelly Rose Pflug-Back

The Core Romney

The Flames of Xerxes’ Heart

Is the End of Prohibition at Hand?

“Obamacare” & the Public Good

Minnesota’s Amish Revolt Against Frac Sand Mining

Boycotting Apartheid Israel

Justice For Alan Blueford

Information Overload

Fukushima and the Nuclear Pushers

Jolting the Mind for Action

Obama’s Scramble for Africa

San Francisco Stop-and-Frisk

How We All Became Palestinians

Fukushima as Manufactured Disaster

Migrant Nightmares

Why Corporate Compliance is a Joke

The Death of a Team

Eliminating Terrorism

Failing Financial Regulators

The Broken Nuke

Capitalism’s Boundless War

The Charmed Life of a Subprime King

Preying on Small Towns

Coming to the Aid of War Criminals

Why Do the Poor Cheer for the Rich?

When a Feminist Gets Bumped for a Pornographer

Regressivism Masked as Constitutional Originalism

System Failure

The Park Killers

Will New Mexico Embrace Single-Payer?

The Crisis in Pakistan-US Relations

The Search for First Life

How the F-35 Doubled in Price

Jobs Crisis Denial

The Truth About Nuclear Weapons

Full-Employment and Political Will

Three Ways the Super-Rich Have Cheated Young Americans

Can Libya’s New Leaders Curb the Violent Militias?

Hope is For the Lazy

American Freefall

Sweeping Haiti’s 400,000 Poor Back Under the Rug

Why a Constitutional Amendment Isn’t Needed to Overturn “Citizens United”

Intimations of Bosons Among a Cacophony of Bozos

Putin’s Pussy Problem

A Coup in Paraguay? Is That in Africa?

Afghan Bangs and Whimpers

What Do Events in Egypt Mean for the American Left?

A Global Attack by the One Percent

The Price of Screwing With America