The Genius of Recall

‘The Genius of Recall’ was the unfortunate title of a John Nichols talk days before the Wisconsin debacle, one which many of us who live here saw coming and  predicted for months.

Big money did us in!   Really?  It is funny to hear paid progressives decry “big money” when progressive organizations — non-profits, think tanks, media —  are mostly floated  by 1% Dems and their foundations.  Liberal activists are liberal Dem lap poodles but think of themselves as revolutionary Rin Tin Tins.

Self-propagandized  progressives living in their  echo chambers  have been wildly successful in weaving memes, sticking to Media Matters talking points, and creating a cultish clique that is very out of touch with reality.

Obama is betting that his image as the Osama-killer, cyber-warrior, drone master  and national security czar can pull it out for him.

It won’t, even with the help of thousands of Rin Tin Tins.

John Stauber is an independent author and activist.  He founded the Center for Media and Democracy in 1993, retiring in 2009.  He lives in Madison, Wisconsin.

John Stauber is an independent writer, activist and author.  His books include Toxic Sludge Is Good for YouMad Cow USA and Weapons of Mass Deception.  In 1993 he founded the Center for Media and Democracy to exposed corporate, political and media propaganda campaigns.  He retired from the Center in 2008.