January 2012

No Exit in the Gulf

The Drug War’s Invisible Victims

The Left’s Broken Clock

Grandstanding and Betrayal

The Haditha Massacre

Demands for the 99%

Occupy Oakland and State Repression

Rationalizing Idiocy

The Trial of Judge Baltasar Garzon

The Ongoing War on Iran

The People Party of Wall Street

The Turkish Riddle

Bernanke’s Low-Rate Crapshoot

Capitalism’s Barren Landscape

When Do You Start Counting?

Who’s Watching Whose Back?

NATO / G8 in Chicago

A Social Justice Quiz

The On-Going Scandal of the F-35

Fingers Itch for a War on Iran

Proxy War in Syria

Imagining a “Clean Break” with Israel…Over Iran

Tunisia and Egypt One Year On

The Mass Psychology of Newt Gingrich

Hurrah for Egypt!

We are the Champions … of the World?

Draghi’s 489 Billion Euro Fakery

Stephen Harper and the Big Oil Party of Canada

Violence Sweeps Central America

Walking Through Shatila

Tough Days Ahead in Egypt

Turks Fume at Sarkozy and France

Doing Afghan Drugs

Israel, Settlements and Democracy

What About the State of Our Planet, Mr. President?

Cuba: Looking Back and Ahead

Beatty, Orloski and Davies

Waiting for the Barbarians

The US vs. Genuine Reforms at the UN

Chronicle of a Revolution-in-Progress

Frederick the Great, 300 Years Old and Now in Rehab

Montana Supreme Court Flouts Citizens United

The Article I Was Telling You About

A New Chile is Possible

Health Care, Sex and the Church

Why Do “True Believers” Hate Mormons So Much?

Revolution as Assisted Suicide

Still Waters Run Deep

Banks Weren’t Meant to Be Like This

A Pipeline Splits the Party