When the Mob Rules

To jaw-jaw is always better than to war-war.

Winston Churchill, remarks at a White House luncheon, June 26, 1954

Where was the dead body found?
Who found the dead body?
Was the dead body dead when found?
How was the dead body found?

Harold Pinter, ‘Death’

Should the ‘Western World’ take pride in what happened recently in Libya, where more than 26,000 missions or ‘sorties’ were flown to enforce a ‘No Fly Zone’ and where ‘behind the scenes’ Special Forces from NATO Countries as ‘spotters’ and ‘advisors’ were infiltrated to aid NATO’s enforcement of  a ‘No Fly Zone’ through identification of military target  and by ‘assistance’ of the rebels of the Transitional National Council;  and where weapons were provided to same in their stand against tyranny as a Democratic movement quickly recognised as to be so legitimate as to have the ability to set up their own Bank?

Should the scenes of a ‘mad dog’ rivalling Saddam Hussein being dragged bloody and wounded through the streets, and molested ‘Gitmo’ style prior to being executed in midst of a baying mob be viewed with a  sense of achievement leading to ‘pride’?

Does ‘Nuremberg’ now stand as even higher ‘high point’ such sense as the ‘Geneva Convention’, now that ‘the mob’ rules?

Or is there a ‘downward curve’ here – as represented by the presence of ‘Gulag’, ‘extraordinary rendition’ and the concept of ‘unlawful combatant’, to say nought of the dominance of such demonization as ‘mad dog’ or ‘genocidal tyrant’ entailing the loss of all Rights, let alone but that the so derogated be the ‘Head’ of what recognised, so recent, as a ‘Sovereign State?

Where does such curve ‘bottom out’ one wonders?

Do the words:  ‘War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery and Ignorance is Strength’ come to mind?

Should the Libyan People rejoice in the takeover of the ‘Libyan Central Bank’ and the   burning of the ‘Green Book’ as foundational of the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya, whence such publication to join the ranks of ‘Samizdat’ regardless the burning of and in that polarization  so attractive to ‘memory hole’ as would be;  should the African People rejoice in the death of the person once  proclaimed ‘King of Kings of Africa’, a death after after  his allegedly being dragged screaming for mercy from a filthy pipe, and not given any ‘Day in Court’, but rather subjected to ‘mob rule’?

Can the Libyan people hold any ‘new flag’ high such sense of arising as is not ‘false’ – for no good can come of the abrogation as when the mob is allowed to rule?

There is irony in such question?

Are such questions unforgiveable, or merely forbidden as un publishable as ‘censorship’ of questions can exist even  in a ‘Democracy’, when there is  marginalisation of ‘The Rights of Man’ serving certain interests which are so far from Democratic in the ‘power of mind over mind’ as to be evidenced in bloody ‘disappearance’?

Or is it that there is no alternative voice allowed, no questions permitted, obedience and conformity demanded?

Such the ‘beat of the chest’ indeed – as it be of the ‘heart’ or ‘treasure’?

Is there nought but damnation in the prohibition against ‘jaw- jaw’ which the headlong rush towards ‘war- war’ would represent; is there to be no ‘caution’ against such abrogation permitted any platform as a ‘voice’; albeit of ‘the wilderness’ as does not conform to that particularly vicious, degenerate environment which is become evident as the ‘land of the corporate line’ which so ‘incorporative’ as to be packed full of lies which are not to be questioned?

– Because they are told by the authoritative; by bodies ‘too big to fail’ in the delivery of truth; because to question such authority is to be unpatriotic, it is to be a traitor, it is to side not with Truth, but with ‘the enemy’?

There is no blood ‘visible’ on the fresh pressed suits or dresses of the leaders of the Western World who as ‘Politicians’  in an assembly permitted the sign up of  NATO to the enforcement of UN Security Council Resolution 1973 as an intervention on humanitarian grounds by way of the enforcement of a ‘No Fly Zone’ concerning Libya, but which clearly became, in light of  subsequent events; such the ‘drip- drip’ as in the ‘creep-creep’ of mission,  an exercise in ‘Regime Change’ where the objective was to ‘Kill Gaddafi!’ and all who bear such name as potential claimants to the ‘throne’  as in a King of Kings?

For there is no ‘fresh press’ such sense as vengeance incorporates revisionism such the ‘plus ca change’;  as in ‘Mission Accomplished’  could be writ large once more?

What is clearly evident as a new low in the descent of  ‘silver mist’ is that the Mainstream Media as Corporatists will not ‘carry’ the consequences of such rush to ‘war- war’ rather than ‘jaw-jaw’ in terms of revealing the human sufferance and bloody tragedy of such euphemism as the enforcement of  a ‘No Fly Zone’ – as much the line goes as  when there is no blood visible on the apparel of someone who pushes the button for the launch of  ‘hellfire’ missile concerning the deployment of a drone, such the technology as an externalisation; and as much as condemns all Leaders of Sovereign Nations when they are ‘mad dogs’ to be destroyed without reference to any Rights as demanded by decency; a decency well above the mob?

We came, we saw, he died’ as Hilary Clinton put it of the death of Col. Gaddafi and as omits the torture by baying mob, as omits the sexual molestation as once was routinely practiced on ‘unlawful combatants’ in ‘Gitmo’, and as much as there is further omission, the payment of ‘journalists’ to slant interpretation through the exercise of self censorship in the ‘embedding’ which exists to the contingency Corporatist that is but ‘blood money’?

By the ‘Inc.’ spilled, indeed -to the many a line ‘taken’ and ‘run’ with?

And the ‘drone’, as a litany of woe, it shall go on multiplied and polymorphous, without respite, such the Grand Plan as a Scheme by mere mobsters demands the prevalence of degenerate rot in the ‘Land of the Corporate Line’?

As much as you will not be allowed, such the permit as to determine; ‘who knows? – when it comes to the control and issue of the ‘currency’ as would be ‘News’?

The manifest hypocrisy as in ‘selective intervention’ determined by such powers as ‘be’ and as to agenda being carried out is articulated by much more erudite and qualified than these small quarters: John Pilger and William Blum stand exemplary as resisting the prevailing hegemony of ‘corporate hogwash’ in denying pragmatic line up of lies  by refusing to succumb to the demand of ‘war -war’ unquestioned;  where same war is so polymorphous as to become ‘on words’; on recount truthful to self and to thought and as to the articulation of memory as ‘history’ which would disappear down a ‘hole’ –  and as to the satire of Orwell magnificently prescient in ‘1984’ become  ‘blueprint’ evidenced in such instances as the death of ‘demons’ such as Saddam Hussein, Osama Bin Laden and Muammar Gaddafi?

What could a ‘People’s History of Libya’ reveal as to the mind of a Historian such as Zinn?

But ‘Mad Dogs of Genocide’ must be killed on humanitarian grounds, they deserve no trial; no permit to ‘jaw- jaw’ such the control of the issue as when ‘war- war’ the demand?

It is ‘chicken shit stuff’ this obedience to corporate line, this ‘bending’ of the mind to mere propaganda as would be un resisted save but by the efforts of ‘free thinkers’ as evidenced above, and anything arising from such ‘chicken shit’ when ‘brain become knee like’ in the predictability of demanded ‘reflex reaction’, does not in any way contribute towards, but inevitably detracts from ‘Democracy’?

‘Kid glove’ be damned as the ‘gently, gently’ goes abandoned when it comes to the ‘catchee, catchee’ of  a murderous monkey?

And as ‘jaw-jaw’ must be ‘Verboten’?

There were no ‘Weapons of Mass Destruction’ in Iraq – as ‘History’ has been permitted to reveal – and there was as much  ‘humanitarianism’ in the missiles as killed men, women and children in Libya – as there was abuse of ‘No Fly Zone’ to mean ‘Regime Change’, such the ‘Newspeak’ denied as prevails in the land of the Corporate Line?

Remember ‘memory hole’ such the ‘irony’?

Gaddafi, as a ‘mad dog’ wrote his own death warrant here?

These small quarters doubt very much as to these words this small article will be allowed to be published. How long before such link as above, of when ‘Col. Gaddafi went to the UN’ as could be so described, disappears down ‘memory hole’?

Getting down to it, these small quarters were, early hours of 20th October 2011, greeted by the tragedy of ‘first page rejoice ubiquitous’ as a ‘line’ of  Corporatist Media concerning the death of Col. Gaddafi in Libya; a sense of realisation in the dawning elicited that one lives in the ‘hood of ‘Gangster News’’ and as would have it that parallel of a ‘St. Valentine’s Day Massacre’ is to be greeted as  ‘Victory’; such the forgetting of the origins as permit the control of ‘jaw- jaw’ in the issue of ‘values’ as ‘currency’, and such the morality evidenced in abeyance?

One is supposed to look at the bloody pictures of mob rule and not see Law as Justice abandoned in the formerly Sovereign State of Libya as recognised by the U.N. – as something to be praised; something, as the ‘Old Etonian’ and ‘Bullingdon Club’ Prime Minister ‘elect’; such the Leader of the Coalition of the United Kingdom Government put it, is as to cause ‘pride’?

One is supposed to forget ‘Nuremberg’, to rejoice in the absence of any defence so accorded; to jump into ‘memory hole’ with a wilful abandon expressive of the enjoinment of an abrogation of one’s dearest possession of self, of the capacity to think, to feel compassion; but rather to bay as the member of a mere mob, such the rule accepted without question as to forget Life, to forget Liberty, and to say ‘goodbye’ to any meaningful concept of ‘Happiness’ other than as ‘exists perverse’ and degenerate in the concept of ‘schadenfreude’?

There is no pride in a ‘mob’ acting as ‘judge, jury and executioner’ – Muammar Gaddafi is so much the more alive such sense of testimony accordant another dark chapter of ‘war-war’ in what is a ‘Dark Age’ – as is hopefully to be seen in the future as under the optimism of Lichtenberg? There is only mere lie such instance of ‘justice’ not so much summarised as abbreviated by the death of thought in a mob; as much as could stand opposite the ‘human development index’ of the United Nations concerning Libya as opposed to the same index concerning the United States of America – and dare one ask whom is the ‘greatest’ Dictator as stood – ‘Barack Obama’ or ‘Col. Gaddafi’ – and dare one, while one is at it,  have recourse to the ‘tale of the tape’ as to be so bold as to incorporate ‘Zionism’ in the measure of  ‘spanner thrown in the works’ of such ‘puppetry’ which demands the death of thought?

‘We’ are not supposed to think as to so articulate, such the Orthodoxy goes when there is ‘no alternative’ allowed?

‘We’ are not supposed to think, full stop.

-As the summary execution by mob would  so evidence ‘war-war’ as death of thought through ‘shock and awe’, in Libya as following on from Afghanistan and  Iraq, exists  accordant something to be proud of, such the humanitarianism as in the forceful imposition of ‘Democracy’ which recognizes ‘collateral damage’?

Stuff happens!’ as ‘the Don’ put it?

The point being that no mere ‘line spun’ as to pragmatic gain would have the rights of man abrogated; such the control, such the issue as to the meaning of being ‘right on the money’ indeed?

Or as ‘it’ can stand as to be so ‘nailed’ as by the bullet of a paid mercenary delivered through the temple individual being to the cause of celebration by those inhabiting the temple corporate, such the line as of a mere ‘mob’ it goes?

The U.N. Human Development Index 2011  -as a candidate for the ‘memory hole’ concerning ‘mad dog’ rule extending over forty years(?) – acknowledged Libyan Human Development improvement as per Infant Mortality, Life Expectancy, Literacy/Numeracy, Distribution of Wealth;  and identified Libyan Arab Jamahiriya as most developed African Nation.

Col. Gaddafi died after being dragged from a ‘filthy pipe’ screaming for mercy, killed by ‘mob justice’ as a 69 year old man described as a ‘mad dog’; a ‘genocidal tyrant’, a ‘ruthless dictator’, pictures of his corpse and ‘snuff movie’ of his last moments evident widespread throughout the ‘land of the corporate line.’

Pride should be taken – so it goes?

Last words go to POTUS 44, as uttered on a ‘comedy show’

“Not a single U.S. troop was on the ground,” he said. “Not a single U.S. troop was killed or injured, and that, I think, is a recipe for success in the future.” 

How many words does this picture as another candidate for the ‘memory hole’ paint?

Muammar Muhammad Abu Minyar al-Gaddafi, 1942 – 2011.  R.I.P.

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