Wish You Were Here

I ran almost an hour this morning through a misting rain that seemed to nourish my limbs and circuitry. I was energized with, yes, energy.  I said the word aloud and immediately thought of a scene from The Saint, in which some of the worst film dialogue in cinema history is endured—Val Kilmer as Simon Templar to Elizabeth’s Shue’s Dr. Emma Russell, the professor who’s solved the world’s fuel problem and carries the formula in her undies.

And, then, I was off on another thought, the delicious force generated by the Occupy Wall Street movement.  This is 99 degrees of separation (ah, these movie detours) from the 1% who receive corporate welfare, fling breathtakingly huge bonuses at one another, influence politicians with the personhood of their limitless contributions, and smugly stand on balconies, their greedy hands caressing Champagne flutes, as they overlook the growing numbers of protestors who’ve had enough of not having enough.

I imagine the dilemma of NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg, a member of the 1%.  At some point, he said, “The banks deserve support.”  Later, he flipped, “This is the place where you can protest,” calling New York the “most tolerant, open city in the world.”

But get this:  Bloomberg questioned why the protestors are picking on wealthy bankers and other corporate giants when there are many who make lots of money, like “actors and athletes.”  Duh.

This man who lives large and spends exorbitant amounts of his own money on his campaigns is cornered.  Sure he wants to shut down the protest but if he does, he risks the inevitable—that more and more people will swarm to the city and other places where Occupy Wall Street has spread.

The latest from Mayor Bloomberg is a plan to “clean the park,” starting Friday morning and reopening with no sleeping bags or lying down.  Will be interesting to see what this decision yields.  Bloomberg’s announcement doesn’t mesh with his earlier “this is the place to protest” and is a choice that could backfire.

Soooooooo, let’s anticipate a possibility—that the “Deciders” could throw a few lower-rung bankers under the justice bus to appease the 99% and give the appearance of punishment.  Just say NO. We want the big heads to roll into criminal court.  Hold accountable those responsible for the crash/recession/depression in which we have been plunged.  And about that Corporate Personhood ruling—a majority of the American public really opposes this and wants to make it clear that corporations do not speak louder than people.

Plus, no co-opting of Occupy Wall Street by the one-party Demopubs.

The problem is the system.  Recognizing politicians undermines the work.

I’m heading back to Occupy Wall Street on Friday.  If I had a postcard, I’d write, “Wish you were here.” It’s the energy.  And some real hope, for a change.

This just in as I prepare to leave for NYC:  The cleanup of Zuccotti Park where Occupy Wall Street is taking place has been postponed.  Let me reiterate.  Mayor Bloomberg is cornered. 

To the person who responded to last week’s article with “Fuck You CUNT!!!”  I want you to know I laughed.  

Missy Beattie lives in Baltimore, MD, in the Kingdom of Crossed Wires.   She can be reached at missybeat@gmail.com







Missy Beattie has written for National Public Radio and Nashville Life Magazine. She was an instructor of memoirs writing at Johns Hopkins’ Osher Lifelong Learning Institute in BaltimoreEmail: missybeat@gmail.com