A Christian Looks at Christianity

I admit it. I’m a Christian. And, we seem to be the leading cause of terrorism. Not on the news, so much. Those are Muslims. But, when you look at Norway or even here at home, we seem to be part and parcel ahead of the rest. Never one to be second best, I suppose.

It unnerves me when I realize that religious identification, even as a motivating factor, is downplayed when it’s Christianity. Or, it’s seen as somehow explainable. I was baptized, took communion and read the bible several times a week. But, somehow, I’ve never gotten around to bombing abortion clinics or staging terrorist attacks to bring about the End Times. I guess I was too busy making a sandwich.

Unfortunately, it seems that far too many of my brethren have. (Maybe they ran out of bread?) I wonder if profiling were done realistically, what we would find.

I’m sorry, sir, but you’re wearing a cross. You can’t be within 1500 feet of any doctors you might disagree with.

Mam, yes, I know, you look very sweet. But you still can’t buy that gun because people of your religion are known to have a stake in bringing about the end of the world. I saw your bumper sticker, mam, the one about how your car’ll be empty during the rapture. That sounds like intent to me. 

Serial killers. The Klan. We seem to be behind most of the murdering and paramilitary groups in this country. And, somehow this is normal. Not only that, but unless you’re an extremist like that, somehow you’re a Christian Lite. Because, I guess, Jesus liked Rambo more than he liked love? I don’t know. I guess I didn’t read that part of the bible.

Or, I did. Once. And then I flipped past that part the next few thousand times. If you have ever read the bible, though it’s truly a good book, it’s also a very bad anthology. The bible could’ve used a much better editor. The divisive and contradictory opinions that appear, sometimes directly after each other, point out that somebody didn’t check his work too carefully.

True, it was before spell check. But I’m thinking keeping to a single theme, love, might’ve made for a better book altogether. But, since we do have it as is as the primary document for Christianity, I find it odd that we don’t hear it discussed on the evening news.

You know, Don, it’s not THAT surprising these Christians killed that doctor. They’re guided to kill anyone who disagrees with them. It’s true, Chuck. It’s only written about twenty times in that manifesto of theirs. The one they all receive a copy of when they turn twelve. And that ritual they do to them when they’re babies, making them part of the religion while they’re powerless and can’t even protect themselves or their vulnerable young brains.

It’s time we ask the hard questions: Do we really want these Christians giving out food to the homeless? Don’t you think they’re likely to just turn them into killing machines? I think those trumpets are probably just a good place to hide grenades. They do call themselves the Salvation Army. It’s not like that even try to hide what they’re up to. Why is the public so naive?

But, somehow I never hear that on the news. I did hear folks linking the ideologically Christian based deaths in Norway to Muslims, though, which I found to be extraordinary. I guess even Norsemen are Muslim extremists these days. If he’s ever eaten a falafel, though, I’m sure there’s a way to cover up the various journalistic faux pas.

In the meantime Jesus is rolling over in his grave, or doing weightless somersaults up in heaven if you prefer, trying to figure out why someone would do this in his name. And, why no one ever stands up for his reputation and says, Really? This is what you think he wanted you to do?

I don’t think he was in the desert for all that time hoping that terrorists would take him as their patron saint. He was probably hoping to hire a better editor for that upcoming anthology dedicated to him.

I think he was kinda hoping to have more of a say in it, more of a guiding force than a technical consultant. He should’ve thrown his weight around and written the forward.

Founders note: These opinions do not reflect those of the founder nor those of the followers. These opinions only reflect those of the person writing them. Peace be with you, Amen.