The Hand That Would Rock the Cradle

Speak low, if you speak love

— Shakespeare

By Way of Deception Thou Shalt do War

— Mossad Motto

Spin is reaching new levels of depravity in the shout of hate, as the ‘Triumph of the Will’ becomes reflected in the power of mind over mind which is Propaganda, such the deception as War be done by the way of?

Julian Assange has not quite reached the status of being a ‘Goldstein’ – but the hate machine is certainly cranking up. An International fugitive in the making, committed to the revelation of truth through the use of the Internet ? or – a ‘paper tiger’ utilised, as in abused, to bring in further Draconian measures concerning censorship?

This a cynical question; but one which the exercise of Democracy demands be asked?

There are some People, cynics such as they are, who having sifted meticulously through the Wikileaks Cables thus far have reached the conclusion that what is being portrayed as a ‘big leak’ equates with just that – as  in the colloquial vernacular for  having a ‘leak’ being ‘taking the piss’.

Kudos to Joe Quinn and this article, concerning what is revealed in the Wikileaks cables hardly being incendiary material, and for the expression of divergent opinion as denies the linearity of Corporatism.

These small quarters also extend considerable respect of a different variety towards a character who probably forgot more, such his lifetime, about the art of ‘black propaganda’ than most spinmeisters could ever hope to knowing, with the possible exception of Edward Bernays who wrote the book, sense seminal, when it comes to the manipulation of the masses towards Political ends and in context of ‘Propaganda’ in general, to say nought of putting a brave face on Corporatism.

The World War 11 antics of Sefton Delmer mean that what Orwell wrote about, Delmer practised; and he did it with a knowledge of the ‘mix’ ? which means that any attempt at the control of apperception in the ‘enemy’ must involve an element of truth, ideally the more truth as can be given meaning that lies can be ‘sold’ better – which is at the end of the day the object of the exercise as a War on Truth.

Just a spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down, indeed.

People desperately need ‘Heroes’ these days, such is the validity of the song as of the Stranglers apposite in  context of the Zeitgeist prevailing, and regarding the debasement of Humanity by the filthy Orthodoxy of mere grubby materialism and its pragmatism as is Corporatism?

 The role of ‘Goldstein’ in Orwell’s masterpiece ‘1984’ can be seen as at one and the same time to fulfil the need for Hero, as in an admiration held destined to remain ‘secret’ – but yet to ‘de-sublimate’; Goldstein was a figure to be openly hated, as a lightning rod who spoke the ‘Truth’ as can stand, or be given ‘measured’ relative to the dominance of a propaganda perpetuated sense of Hegemony?

The power of mind over mind, such dark sense as would aspire to the equivalent in ‘illusion generation’ of the persuasive powers of Satan; who knows the importance of a little bit of sugar making the medicine go down; sense of the mix in spin by ‘meister’ ? for when it comes to portrayal of dark, lying Stateless bastards, Satan is undoubtedly the Prince?

Accordingly, cynical People who are disinclined to rush into the ‘embrace’ of Julian Assange seen as an International Fugitive, or ‘Arch Criminal’ of the Traitorous variety concerning ‘State Secrets’ are liable to employ parallel of ‘Occam’s Razor’,  in form of that great question which recognises the meaning and implication of the mix as can be spun with wilful deliberation to further the attainment of the power of mind over mind; through that question as capable of cutting through the smoke and mirrors of illusion and getting closer to the core of the matter, such the venality, such the ‘sham’ revealed – and  as of the ‘payroll’ determined.

‘Cui Bono’?

These small quarters do not enjoy being subjected to ideational ‘jerk off’ by way of the ability to apply ‘Cui Bono’ denied as would in this instance apperception be ‘supplanted’ by a deluge of information incorporating ‘misinformation’ interpreted, the sum total of which is to portray the tragic megalomania of an Oligarchy betraying a Nation in failing to Politically represent its People as something essentially ‘harmless’- and thus attention diverted away from what are real issues of the times?

How many on Food Stamps? How many unemployed? How many children in Poverty?

 ‘Do not look over here, look over there’, indeed, and in this particular case ‘look how much there is to look at’?

‘Information overload’ can equal ‘failure to compute’?

The real question concerns what exactly is so ‘Revolutionary’ about the Wikileaks Cables?

Iran is commonly perceived as dangerous, and Benjamin Netanyahu has a certain charisma?

‘Cui Bono’?

Some of the People can be fooled all of the time, and All of the People can be fooled some of the time ? but not All of the People can be fooled All of the Time?

Hello First Amendment sense of the validity of a Constitution deservedly admired – and yet which is being torn apart as we ‘speak’, courtesy of Political Representation being denied the People?

In a Free media there is as much diversity tolerated as there is Freedom; but to find diversity from the Corporate line concerning Wikileaks and the Cables is so bloody difficult?  Perhaps the best analysis is to be found as in the link given above? and yes that opinion has a bias ? but it is a bias which is as a ‘CounterPunch’  to the prevailing in sense of representing a diverse opinion to the Corporate  ‘line’ – and as such closer to the Truth of the matter?

Democracy is the right to hold to individual opinion based on questioning, and such individuals as question incisively concerning the Hegemony as would be made of Wikileaks Cables through Corporate line do Democracy Justice.

The sad thing is, that as any professional journalist worth his or her salt will tell you given a few drinks and a measure of confidence gained one suspects, that nobody pays for the truth anymore ? lies are what bring the money, ideally the lies as follow however discretely the Corporate Line as dictated; with whatever degree of ‘subtlety’ by those who own the media. This is why real Journalists are struggling, this is why the line is becoming more uniform, this is why a deluge  of  ‘surprising’ information can be viewed as the equivalent of call to a Nuremberg Rally of ‘accepted posture’.

The arm raised erect and stiff above the head and the failure to apply reasoning power in analysing ‘meta narrative’ both mean ‘Dickhead’?

 When these small quarters use the term ‘real Journalists’ then the term means such as Robert Fisk, John Pilger, Johann Hari, Greg Palast amongst others – but it does not include Julian Assange.

Perchance someday this absence of incorporation may mean for these small quarters  a ‘fessing up’ to being wrong (it most certainly would not be unprecedented), but the fact is as stands subjective as an some approximation to the ‘never give a inch’, such the ‘stamp’ –   these small quarters do not believe Wikileaks is a ‘full blown’ stand against the dominance of Corporate media sense of being untouched by Corporatism itself, that it represents but another stage in the ‘entropy’ of Corporatism as the hand which would rock the cradle, and as to whether by complicit or unconscious ‘stoogedom’  in this instance the question remains.

As in ‘Cui Bono’?

Concerning the title this small article, these small quarters abide by the dictum of ‘not biting the hand as feeds’ ? but they would bite the hand  as would seek to ‘rock the cradle’; sense of filling head with nonsense subject to dictate of ‘pragmatic utility’, such the ‘Cui Bono?’ as would be unasked or answered false in the darkness of the night, as of sleep without dream, and such the rub as of the illusion which would make of Citizen mere ‘rube’ through the killing of hope as in night extended, such the Darkness at Noon as of Koestler.

 For the Wikileaks cables bear the imprint of a dark hand which would rock the cradle; as such a tool for the mechanised, as in going through the motions, ‘justifiable’ imposition of censorship as abhorrence – and a furtherance of the Hegemony concerning the ‘necessity of secrecy’?

‘Big Brother’ knows best, indeed.

-And undoubtedly is watching.

U.S. Cyber Command (CYBERCOM) is now fully operational?

Final words this small article to Joe Quinn in as fine a realisation of ‘Cui Bono?’ as these small quarters have read for a long time, and in same, naturally, a bite at the hand which would cause the cradle to rock?

Our world is run by people who lie for a living, so let’s examine the situation microcosmically and then all you have to do is extract the principle and apply it on a larger scale.

Give that man a cigar, or perhaps a six pack would be more apt?

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