September 2010

Intolerance at Jerusalem’s Museum of Tolerance

The Rest Should be Silence

It’s Time for Helicopter Ben to Drop Some Money on Main Street

Peace Process Déjà Vu

Single Payer Later

Militarizing Space

Republic of Fear

Re-Thinking the Local

Bernanke’s Trifecta of Errors

"Viva Mexico! Let’s Go Kill Some Gachupines!"

Munir’s Story

Hunting for Courageous Legislators

Show Me Your Papers, New York!

The Punishment of Gaza

The Myth of the Founding Fathers

Washing Away Labor’s War Stain

The Crime of Union Carbide

Behind the Scenes of the 2009 Iranian Elections

The Case Against Corporate Responsibility

Damage Control

Why Have School?

European Banks Still on the Brink

Footnotes for Nancy Scheper-Hughes, The Body of the TerroristCounterPunch newsletter, Vol 17, no. 15 September 1-15, 2010

Losing the Base

Incompetents at the IMF

Call of the Grisly

Labor Day: It’s No Picnic

When We Come to Bury Caesar

The Kaiser Permanente Elections and the Fight for Democracy

Wikileaks and Shield Laws

Turning Iraq Into a "Good War"

Another School Year, Another War Year

Victory for the Carwasheros

The Misery of Mass Unemployment

Our Long National Nightmare Isn’t Over … It’s Just Beginning

The Value of Labor

Behind the Israeli Wall

The Fire This Time

Litigation-Free Zones?

Owning the Game


Welfare and Warrantless Searches

Labor Day in a Time of Recession

Restoring the Gulf the Right Way

A Uniquely Dangerous Border

The Surge in Defense Spending

Looking for a Straight Answer

Does Our Economy Really Have to Run on Fraud?

Monarchy v. Democracy

"The Muslims Are Coming!"