The Heart of Corporate Darkness

‘Mistah Kurtz, he dead’

Joseph Conrad, Heart of Darkness.

It really is so very difficult to attempt to understand what is going on in the World today, though perhaps the point as made by Karl Marx; that the priority is not to understand the World but to change it is valid – and we certainly live in time of change – sense of ‘Sic Transit Gloria Mundi’?

This small article seeks to examine what amounts to Political horror; that horror which is Corporatism become synonymous with ‘Ecocide’, and describable as ‘Heart of Darkness’.

These small quarters write as a ‘Prole’, sense of George Orwell’s abbreviation of ‘Proletariat’; and it is certainly the case that Orwell had a sublime consciousness. His concept of ‘Inner Party, Outer Party and Prole’ holds approximate sense of Gini Co-efficient today in most parts of the Western World – as does his vision of ‘Geopolitical Power Block’ as ‘supra National’; sense of ‘Eastasia, Eurasia and Oceania’, express prescience?

The Proletariat, and indeed the ‘Lumpenproletariat’ or ‘Proletariat in rags’, are  growing in number daily in the Western World given the shrinkage of the middle classes under the onslaught of Economic Depression – and are  increasingly liable to be viewed as  ‘superfluous’  accordant  the growth of power of ‘Inner Party’ as ‘Masters of the Universe’ or ‘?bermenschen’?

‘Population Control’ is a euphemism as can be employed by ‘Philanthropists’ who see themselves as ‘?bermenschen’, and to whom ‘Genocide’ concerning the elimination of ‘Prole’ as ‘?ntermenschen’ is but  only a further step along the Corporate line in an Orthodoxy demanding seeing others as less worthy of Life – and as to be so ‘constrained’?

So it goes.

It is a questionable proposition that the engineering of an Economic Depression constitutes Population Control?

The horror!

These small quarters write expressive of a psychophysical consciousness which is reflective of a neurophysiological integration, involving an ‘anamnesis’ as put by Socrates, and within context of a ‘Paradigm’ as would be determined by Empiricism. It is ultimately through Empiricism that Corporatism as an Orthodoxy has been spawned, much along the lines of ‘Dialectic’ as enumerated by Marx concerning relationship to means of Production determined by Science as a fruit of Empiricism – as it is also through same Empiricism as paradigm Corporate that a mere Prole is not ‘meant’ to use words such as ‘psychophysical’ or ‘neurophysiological’ – as Orwell in his concept of ‘Newspeak’ acknowledged?

The point being made is that the ‘Heart of Darkness’ is not only ‘out there’ in Cartesian  sense of particular best laid scheme being played with ‘matter’, but is also ‘in here’ sense of  best laid scheme being played with ‘mind’?

The point is also that  the ‘Inner Party’ as Stateless Bastards imposing Orthodoxy for gain ‘Utilitarian’ have a variety of ways of ‘grinding’ Man down through the imposition of illusion directed at destroying Hope; or at the very least rendering it capable of being described as ‘audacious’?

Asking the ‘right questions’  in a Panopticon comes with the risk of being ‘unintelligible’ or labelled ‘derogatory’ – such the control as they who would have wrong questions asked have attained – never mind the truth that ‘hope springs eternal in the human breast’ as Pope stated?

The pragmatism of the Corporatist Age in which we currently ‘live’ will surely be viewed in the future as being ‘Dark’ as Lichtenberg proposed; and in such illumination the Horror of the Age as illusion imposed will necessarily be faced and recognised for the denial it was?

‘Grundrisse’ as outlines critique of Political Economy is Marx’s prescience concerning the inevitable effects of concentration of wealth as a polarisation of power- and the degeneration of Capitalist Democracy to Corporatism?

That ‘History is written by the ‘Victorious’ was illustrated through alternative interpretation expressing a transcendence of such ‘paradigm’ by Howard Zinn – as an iconoclast concerning Orthodox American History?

For as there are certain Men as cannot be ‘ground down’ sense of Illegitimum non carborundum, and who retainthe right to have own opinions, idiosyncratic or offensive as they may be, but whose consciousness constitutes the attempt at ‘CounterPunch’ against Corporatist illusion in the denial of denial; so there is orthodox propaganda founded in a cynical pragmatic of the materialism which Corporatism has come to represent at the level of hegemony?

Squeezed out to the margins through technologically enhanced Hegemony of Orthodoxy; the narrative of those as are able to refuse reduction to the cynicism of pragmatism and deny imprisonment within the paradigm of illusion yet remains a vital sign of ‘Political Life on the Planet’ -though there exists an ongoing effort to render such not only ‘illegitimate’ but ‘unintelligible’? Corporatism ‘works’ by means of invisible restraint as of ‘unwritten rule’ concerning what is palatable, what is acceptable, what will be ‘rewarded’  – and in the final analysis what is comprehensible?

As Orwell put sublimely in 1984:

“Don’t you see that the whole aim of Newspeak is to narrow the range of thought?… Has it ever occurred to your, Winston, that by the year 2050, at the very latest, not a single human being will be alive who could understand such a conversation as we are having now?…The whole climate of thought will be different. In fact, there will be no thought, as we understand it now. Orthodoxy means not thinking—not needing to think. Orthodoxy is unconsciousness.”

For we all exist in a ‘cage’ do we not,  such as ‘Yellow Submarine’ as song sung of represents ‘imprisonment’ of sensibilities, and for some such a  ‘tubular cage’ is more constraining, and not just in the singularity of ‘One Dimensional Man’, as Marcuse put, but also by way of multiplicity; as in the context of ‘Realpolitik’ the imperative exists of division, as of by way of the Roman maxim which has rationale of ‘conquering’, by way of illusion become as between ‘Republican’ or ‘Democrat’ concerning the power of ‘Inner Party’ – and as there can be ‘cages within  a cage’?

The Corporatist Orthodoxy demands a uniformity which has the inevitable developmental line of marginalising Humanity through abrogation of Life as denial of Truth in the propagation of Death  – as the acceptance of Lie as an unconsciousness; as in  ‘no need to think’?

The tragedy of such Darkness’ as would be even at ‘Noon’ sense of Koestler, is that such cage will become ever more confining but yet would be ‘unseen’ under the illusion which is expressive of  ‘power of mind over mind’.

The tragedy of America contemporaneous is of the Darkness of a Panopticon, such as the Heart of Corporatism would ‘pump up the volume’ to point of incapacitating level; as in where Man cannot hear himself or herself think – and so gives up the ghost’ concerning the imperative of consciousness?

Concerning Politics as ‘moral economics’, there is a Manichean aspect; given the acknowledgement of ‘morality’?

These small quarters seeing the trend contemporaneous in Western World as being primarily evil, as evident in the infliction of sufferance epitomised by Corporatism.

At present these small quarters can only speak as a ‘mushroom’ kept in a particular darkness the intent of power of mind over mind. In such darkness there exists as ‘foodstuff’ a certain kind of ‘shit’ which defines the demanded illusion of  ‘geopolitical power block’. The unity of such power block is expressed in the currency, or money which is believed in, and controlled as of the exercise of a hidden taxation – to the ‘wetting of the beak’ in Mafia parlance by the ‘Inner Party’ as International Financier?

That ‘The Heart of Corporate Darkness’ is to be found within a ‘Continuity of Memoranda’ relating to identifiable horrors is the proposition of this small article.

In mind here is the ‘Ford Pinto Memo’ as real and demonstrable – and a Memorandum as must exist somewhere concerning the ‘Gulf of Mexico’, which summates the mechanics of deliberation concerning disaster as a series of  pragmatic calculations within an obscene and warped Orthodoxy,  realised in the denial of Life?

Increasingly mere ‘Proles’  such as these small quarters are being ‘asked’ to ‘suspend disbelief’ in the face of a crafted illusion which is wreaking ‘havoc!’, given ‘unleashing’ of the Corporatist ‘Dogs of War’; where ‘War’, as in the multiplicity concerning context of restraint apropos ‘cage’ above, is a polymorphous horror: ranging from a wrought Economic Depression with its ‘collateral damage’ of millions impoverished, to the abuse of military force against Nation with its ‘collateral damage’ of millions killed, to the destruction of Ecosystem with its ‘collateral damage’ of millions of lives lost – as considered across a wondrous diversity of species.

America, Iraq and the Gulf of Mexico exemplify respectively.

The horror!, the horror!, the horror!

Yet the manifold forms of Warfare as ‘Racket’ are not just for Mind, they are ultimately for Soul, such the ‘what it is all about’ concerning the pump of the Heart of Darkness – as every beat of dark bastard heart leads to further sufferance reflecting breakdown of ‘Life’; which in the case of America means making a mockery, to point of tragedy, of the best Political  Constitution which the World has yet seen, through the destruction of ‘Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness’ evident through impoverishment of the Citizenry – and the diversion, under Orthodoxy, of precious resources to a Military Industrial Complex which projects ‘Empire’ fearful to point of ‘shock and awe’ under such pitifully perverse illusion as the imposition of Democracy by force in an Irony far from sublime as the grubby racket it represents by way of expropriation?

The horror!

Americans need not look far to see what such horror as irony means; for every American Citizen reliant on Food Stamp to survive, every American Citizen under threat of foreclosure and homelessness, every American Citizen living in fear of losing livelihood, is a testimony to the Obscenity of the Orthodoxy of Corporatism which would continue to propagate cruel illusion denying the horror of such actuality?

Welcome to the ‘Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave’ – such the ‘Doublethink’?

It is not without meaning that the last two published articles by these small quarters this exemplary Journal of Democracy have ended with one particular extract from the Political Constitution of the United States of America as an understanding of what Corporatism represents way of what it can deny – and what is held to be self evident.

For what is held as self evident these small quarters is the destruction of America by an enemy within as would be unseen; the takeover of power to issue money as a ‘permit’ being as a fatal blow to Democracy, as cannot be hidden despite the truly expensive efforts of Corporatist illusion to deny what is become so clear as it is so tragic, – and given awareness of the concept of ‘opportunity cost’?

It is become inevitable, such the Dialectic as reflecting the mechanics of deliberation  as can be epitomised in a Memorandum; and as continuity demands consideration of Memoranda, that in America today there is a tragedy of homelessness, a tragedy of businesses closing, a tragedy of immiseration through impoverishment as unemployment and dependency upon food stamp represents; a tragedy which is of the ‘cages within cage’ of Corporatism – given the prevalence of fear, almost Universal such context as the beat of a ‘Heart of Darkness’ inevitably pumps out sufferance form of the destruction of Constitution by way of a Panopticon  condemned to destroy Truth?

The horror!

It is a tragedy as would be unseen, unmentionable to the pathological state of ‘mind’ become dominant which is as Corporatism representing the ‘ascendancy’ of an Orthodoxy through which an Oligarchic Collective ‘survives’, as within such ‘Gutenbergian Galaxy’ become digitised, as per McLuhan, such medium contains a message indeed, and it is fearful as it arises from ‘Darkness’ – as of ‘enough never being enough’, such the greed as driven maniacal as abrogative of Humanity – or as Satanic as would destroy the Joy which the ‘Gift of Life’ represents?

‘Less than Zero’ such the ‘Luciferian Burn’ as the avoidable death of People in a Ford Pinto become magnified in the avoidable death of Life in the Gulf of Mexico as vehicle of the ‘buy in’ to illusion – form of trust extended or as permit granted?   It is a tragedy of continuity as in a denouement expressive of the degeneration of ‘Citizenry’ and ‘Democracy’ by  a ‘Coterie’ as constitutes Oligarchic Collective; it is a tragedy of the slow but sure strangulation of the breath of Life to the point beyond whimper whence last gasp of despair concerning materialism exists; at the end of the ‘day’ sense of the termination of the period of sunlight direct, such tragedy is of ‘cide’ can be summative; as in the ascending scale of obscenity represented by, ‘sui, ethno, geno, eco’ to such suffix.

Rather than ‘side’ as within humane context of debate as prefix of ‘for’ or ‘against’, the ubiquity of ‘cide’ as a suffix context of inhumane Warfare is a tragedy of expropriation, arrogation and abrogation, such the sadness that mere Corporatism can eliminate Democracy in the marginalisation of Humanity to point of ‘hollow man’ become dominant –  such the ‘patter of rat’s feet over broken glass’. -T.S. Eliot was in his own way above and beyond the mechanics of deliberation?

Corporatism is a tragedy because it is unnecessary; because it is an avoidable abrogation of potentiality, because as simply put in colloquial vernacular: ‘it don’t have to be this way’?

The challenge for Corporatism is to sustain and perpetuate a life denying illusion which calls into ever greater question the ability of Man to refuse to believe the evidence of his or her own eyes. The dynamic or dialectic is of the suspension of disbelief given a growing disparity between the illusion as would be imposed, and the day to day reality for the ever growing Majority as truly suffer ‘impoverishment Utilitarian’. Orwell saw within such challenge a form of illusion he described as ‘Doublethink’, encapsulated within the slogans:

 ‘War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, andIgnorance is Strength.’

The motivation for adoption of life denying illusion is as simple as the biological ‘rationale’ for the diversity of parasitical life; it is material gain and the occupation of a comfortable niche with minimal expenditure of effort and provision of return. It is ‘survival’ as an imperative experienced as ‘superseding’ the need to speak up, sense of as Neimöller wrote – for all those who give up the right to ‘speak up’ experience an inevitable execution through joining the ‘chorus’ of a Moritaten, or ‘Ballad of Death’ concerning ‘consciousness’?

 If humble parasites such as leeches could speak and dream, such would tell of Corporatism as a ‘rise’ above mere hematophagy and the feed upon lifeblood of an individual host; such would tell of money and power and corruption, and control and manipulation towards the end of ever greater expropriation from a greater diversity – as of all other life become as ‘host’?

Such a horror of the Necrotrophy as has destroyed the American Dream?

The Ford Pinto Memorandum is a testimony to the mechanics of deliberation which epitomises Corporatism as Orthodoxy. ‘ It is ‘Life’, Jim, and just as we have come to know it’’ more the horror, such as a ‘Trek amongst the Stars’ it is not; but closer  to the scatological ravings of  perverse degenerates such as coprophagiacs become as Hegemony; such the ‘existence’ for Man  when lunatics take over an asylum. Because the reduction of any life to mere dollars and cents in concept of ‘worth’ is obscene, and reflects a level of perversity to which the sadness of Coprophagia as a state of perverse degeneracy could represent ‘improvement’?

The irony being that Corporatists exist on the premise of People ‘eating’ the shit of Propaganda; sense of illusion being swallowed as Orthodoxy accepted  – and evidence of  Man as has own eyes denied?

The Ford Pinto Memorandum concerned Corporate product as designed, built, marketed and branded which had a design flaw which meant an increased risk of the product bursting in to flames in a collision. Given recognition of this flaw, some sad bastard of Corporatist Orthodoxy sat down and ran calculations of contingency within margins of levels of confidence, ultimately expressed in levels of ‘bottom line’ of dollars and cents reaching a conclusion in terms of ‘EMV’ or ‘Expected Monetary Value’ concerning ‘recall and replace’ or ‘recompense for fatality/injury’ as part of a ‘decision tree’. The answer being as History demonstrates, such the discovery of what ‘life’ can mean in a paradigm of Obscene Orthodoxy.

Every person burned to death – or lucky enough to escape with ‘degree of burn’ – in such a product of Corporatism contributed to a profit as would be maximised under costs minimised – so the Orthodoxy goes.

The hypothetical ‘Gulf of Mexico Memorandum’ posits a development of the above horrific obscenity, written by an even sadder bastard than the author of the Ford Pinto Memorandum.

Why sadder?

Because the calculations concerning the ongoing tragedy of ‘Deepwater Horizon’  would have to reflect an even greater ‘incorporation’ of diversity of life denied, evidenced  in bigger figures concerning dollars and cents, such the scale of obscenity as ‘Homicide’ can be represented as ‘mere’ when it comes to ‘Ecocide’; such the failure, such the Denial. We are not just talking of children as passengers or drivers as parents burned alive as the Ford Pinto Memorandum ‘incorporated’; we are talking of the diversity of species encompassed by an ecosystem ‘incorporated’ as a cost, sense of dollars and cents, and as can determine the choice between a number of courses of action -where ‘denial’ is the inevitable outcome of obscene Orthodoxy.

The hypothetical Gulf of Mexico Memorandum represents the ‘Big League’ of Corporatist Orthodoxy; commensurate with resonance of the illusion as to ‘Where has all the money gone?’ realising Genocide in an Economic Depression as disastrous illusion become ‘Where has all the Oil gone? in an Environmental Catastrophe of Ecocide as illusion would seek to deny – such the ‘Too big to fail’ premise as the illusion of Corporatism demands the inevitable imposition of sufferance and denial, variant only the prefix of the ‘cide’, such the obscenity.

But yet the failure of Corporatist Orthodoxy is all too evident, sense of the loss of life, sense of the magnification of expenditure of resources gone in to the support of illusion, sense of the Depression being as denial of Life – and of the Joy which it is as a wondrous gift.

The horror!

To reiterate a point made in a recent article by these small quarters, the drill of Corporatism as an Orthodoxy died in the Gulf of Mexico, and that is not tragic, but long overdue. What is truly tragic is the horror of the sacrifice it has taken to bring about the death of such Orthodoxy as an assassin of consciousness; for it is a sacrifice which many lives, and not just of Man, have yet to   ‘enumerate’ – sense of acknowledgement of Truth as the absence of denial?

Citizens as People of America, particularly in the Gulf of Mexico, are beginning to open their eyes to what this current ‘evolutionary trajectory’ represents – as they are beginning to see the illusion of Corporatism for what it represents as the denial of Life?

At a pragmatic level given sense of horror reflected in ability to hypothesize, concerning the continuity as of ‘Memoranda’, what this means  for Orthodoxy is that People have to be eliminated – and for People read  Citizenry; read Majority;  read ‘Prole’?

To parallel of a journey to the Heart of Darkness, way of the river of the Mississippi rather than the Congo as in Conrad’s Novella, and as in a Memorandum as somewhere exists as parallels ‘Ford Pinto Memorandum’:

‘The Gulf of Mexico. It Dead’

-How such horror expressive of an Obscene Orthodoxy such as Corporatism has come to prevail in a Nation which has a Constitution enshrining:

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

is  a right question, as ‘they’, sense of Inner Party,  would have not asked – as they indeed would not have the consequences of such truths as above find meaning in  ‘Right to Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness’?

As a fact becoming increasingly self evident, such the horror of the pump of the Heart of Corporate Darkness.

The horror! The horror!

-Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness is available here,  superb example of consciousness concerning horror still unfolding as ‘slow violence’ of Orthodoxy revealed concerning the Gulf of Mexico is to be found here.

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