Naked Lunch of American Politics

A paranoid man is a man who knows a little about what’s going on

William S Burroughs

In the realm of Politics particularly, dreams can be dangerous to possess. For example, Martin Luther King had a dream, which he articulated superbly. The last ‘real’ President of the United States, sense of having ‘strength to dream’; John F Kennedy, had a dream which he managed to ‘translate’ to a legislative level.

Political dreams reflect visions which offer an inevitable change to the ‘status quo’, they are touchstone to an eternal gift of strength in seeking to replicate the capacity to make in image of self aspiring to be authentic; through recognition of the ‘shortfall’ which ‘man made’ reality represents, most particularly in context of ‘Justice’ as concerns ‘Economics’.

Political Dreams are at one and the same time ‘solipsistic’ and yet ‘altruistic’ – they deny through affirmation; and in so doing they transcend ‘Dialectic’. To paraphrase Donne: ‘No man with the strength to dream is a ‘Lost Island’’. For most, dreams are circumscribed by a privacy which reflects the dominance of an order ‘internalised’ which is the real ‘status quo’;  because Political ‘balance’ as we know it demands that dreams be constrained on the basis of the material altar which is the requirement for the ‘daily crust’ – had we no material needs, then we would be ‘uncontrollable’; our minds set free from cynical pragmatism founded upon the daily crust as  ‘friction of the finitude’; we would have need to share nothing other than our ideas as ‘dreams’ – and as such would be ‘condemned’ to be free, sense of clarity of vision unrestricted by fear of loss – and the entailed blur of apperception.

In the realm of Politics particularly, Nightmares can be dangerous things to be possessed by. For example, Adolf Hitler was possessed of Nightmares, which illusions articulated to the point of his being accepted as ‘der Führer’, and which involved the distinction between men as to their worth, in illusion way beyond that of the ‘value of labor’ as basis, but the very right to life itself, and on a macroeconomic level the greater rights of a Nation to more resources in form of land expressed as ‘Lebensraum’. History shows that Political Nightmares are divisive, and always involve great sufferance in the violence as expresses such divisiveness in the material arrogations consequent?

For Politics, Justice boils down to the combination of two concepts; that of Morality, and that of Economics. Politics is accordingly the arbitration of who gets what and why, as the regulation of a system of material distribution determines. Part of the genius of Karl Marx was to relate the power of technology as founded upon Empirical methodology to the differentiation of distribution; in essence that a methodology based on classification and the interpretation of the particular as a composite of generalities inevitably replicates itself in terms of economic differentiation through relationship to the technological means of production, in giving rise to ‘class’ as economic reality – and individuals reduced to correlates of possession, as includes ideas; such the ‘objectification’ as  ‘externalisation’ or ‘ Life Inc.’ under the pathological pursuit of profit to the detriment of ‘morphic field’ as derivative more Hegelian than Marxist admittedly.

‘Cloven-hoofed Leeches with Brains’ as peculiar and monstrous creatures of the type to be found in the novel ‘Naked Lunch’ exemplify the pathological pursuit of profit to point of epitome; and where ‘success’ of Nightmare has a price tag attached. The subject of this small article is how America is in the grip of Nightmare, the origins of that Nightmare, and what must be done to transform the situation to one more closely approximating potential consequences latent within the power which Man has to Dream in a Political context. For Nightmares ‘kill’ Dreams; and ‘The American Dream’ is most certainly well on the way to becoming ‘deceased’ under the dominance of Nightmare. A Nation where thirty eight million People are on Food Stamps, the numbers of unemployed approaching one in five of those of working age, and a growing number of those without homes, where large swathes of the Country are ‘Industrial Wasteland’ such as Detroit, with the majority of the 50 States all but ‘bankrupt’ and the Gulf of Mexico waiting to be recognised as a ‘Dead Zone’ despite the best laid scheme  of ‘Corporate line’ as illusion cannot claim to be the reflection of Political Dream, but certainly can be recognised to be  Political Nightmare  reflected in Sufferance; reflected in Injustice;  reflected in Division and the arrogation of rights by a few over the many. A Nightmare imposing the denial of Life, the denial of Liberty, and the denial of the pursuit of Happiness through the dominance of ‘debt’ as the staple diet of Leech –  taken by way of ‘gorge’.

That ‘the debt must be repaid’ is a double edged sword, indeed.

To focus on the few currently enjoying dominance in such Nightmare in America; those to whom we are indebted to as cause of such tragedy by way of the ‘collateral damage’ of gorge.

It is indeed tragic that the most apt analogy to be given concerning the body of Humanity which is America and the few separate from such body currently enjoying dominance in Nightmare detailed above is that they are as leeches. The circulation of money in the Economy being as the lifeblood of a Nation, what leeches do is gorge upon such lifeblood, removing it from circulation of the ‘host body’ and expropriating it for purposes of own accumulation. Such leeches are not part of the body as of ‘Nation’; they are separate from it as they are only attached to it for purposes of parasitic expropriation. These small quarters refer to such leeches as ‘Stateless Bastards’; for their only loyalty is to money as profit form of usurious parasitic expropriation, regardless of the particular body of Humanity it is removed from sense of ‘Nation’. The tragedy, extending biological analogy, is that these leeches have ‘brains’ as exist for one purpose; to express pragmatic as utilitarian the ‘power of mind over mind’ through ‘con’ and ‘spin’, as the subsequent illusion they generate is to prevent clarity as to ‘what exactly is going on’ to paraphrase Burroughs (William S.), while the walls of the Prison for Man grow larger and closer; such the ‘Panopticon’  as the suck of ‘blood’ from a living body leads to the glee of leech as become swollen by gorge.

 The key, or seminal quote to comprehending the ‘mechanics’ of how such ‘leeches with brains’ apropos of  Burroughs’s Naked Lunch , are able to wreak such parasitical havoc upon the body of a Nation expressing Nightmare was given in the Eighteenth Century:

‘Permit me to control and issue the money of a Nation, and I care not who makes its laws’

Mayer Amschel Rothschild

What leeches do is take control or ‘govern’ the ‘mint’ or issue of money, and through such are able to exert a hidden form of taxation on all in the body of that Nation, in line with the observation by John Maynard Keynes:

By a continuing process of inflation, governments can confiscate, secretly and unobserved, an important part of the wealth of their citizens.  By this method, they not only confiscate, but they confiscate arbitrarily; and, while the process impoverishes many, it actually enriches some

The origins of the Nightmare which America is in the grip of are meant to be, as in quote by Keynes, ‘secret and unobserved’. This certainly is the case when it comes to consideration of ‘mass media’ and ‘political representation’. The Corporate line has no room for dissidence; and it is in such sense that one can talk of the ‘brains’ which leeches have as denying reality through the spin of illusion. For within  ‘care not who makes the laws’ given the permit to be  a parasite,  there is an insight as to the corruptive potential inherent to the accumulation of great wealth; that such wealth can manipulate and control.

‘Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely’, as first Baron Acton put; and as ‘puppets’ can be placed in positions of political power through corruption of Democracy, as  ‘whores’ can be made of those who subsequently hack out Corporate line in  Mass Media; so can the absence of ‘care for who makes the laws’ be as the expression of the power of the ‘mind’ of leech, based on brain possessed, such the ‘International Finance’ as can be worked by way of secret and unobserved arbitrary confiscation to consequence of further great enrichment, by way of gorge parasitic upon the lifeblood of the body of Humanity of a Nation – and ‘Nations’ to become so conquered; such the motion precipitate by way of Globalization as entailing  ‘Universal Currency’? The brain of cloven hoofed  leech supporting ‘mind’ is of quintessence immoral -taking all while giving naught back- exempt thereby even from Carnegie’s defense based on ‘bees’, and as contains pretense to ‘mutualism’ concerning mere ‘millionaires’, such the gorge. The fact that Carnegie’s wealth was accumulated on the back of Industry rather than Finance states much, as also it is the case that while ‘Wall St.’ gorges in the Naked Lunch of American Nightmare, so does ‘Main St.’ suffer.

That in such ‘Naked Lunch of American Politics’ as ‘Nightmare’ parasites have taken over the body of Humanity in America there is parallel to Lunatics taking over the ‘Armed Madhouse’, with reference to Greg Palast’s excellent work detailing the mechanics of such ‘takeover’. But yet these cloven-hoofed leeches with brains have aspirations upon a ‘banquet parasitic’; to feed not only on the body of a Nation, but the body of all Nations as they ‘enshrine’ within ‘Globalization’ as ‘spin’. The legs of such leeches are cloven-hoofed apropos the fact that they are the spawn of satan; and bear the ‘mark of the beast’ accordant – in ‘The Interpretation of Nightmares’?

So to attempt to  look in to the ‘minds’ of these leeches with brains, for they have been around for a  long , long year sense of the First Bank of the United States having ‘evolved’ into the ‘Federal Reserve’ such the ‘roll of the stone’- not that these small quarters have any sympathy for the devil. They are ‘one trick’ leeches, but the trick is a very persuasive one. Last time America was in the grip of such Nightmare; the Depression of the Thirties, they ‘rolled out’ Roosevelt to ‘repressively de-sublimate’ with some magnificent rhetoric – as they rolled out War, spun at the time as being the one to being to ‘end all Wars’.

 For Leeches thrive on War, be it a racket Economic or Military, and their brains are ‘terminally wired in’ to the profit from War by way of the gorge upon the lifeblood of Humanity it represents.

 Anyone not predisposed to acknowledge such fact is advised of an experiment where a leech was stuck on a man to observe the results. Reasoning does not work. Nor does pleading. Nor the despair of cursing.  Leeches as bastards exist to suck blood and weaken if not destroy life.  Think of the scene in ‘The African Queen’ where Humphrey Bogart and Audrey Hepburn both are shivered by the vision of leech. Only in American Nightmare  today the Leeches have brains and cloven hoofs, such the ‘Naked Lunch’ of Wall St. be as the withdrawal of money from a Nation, and they would  be ‘unseen’ as before the peel off of ‘ clothes’, such  as would be ‘ New Emperors’.

So what is to be done?

Nothing positive by way of the transformation of Nightmare back to Dream can be achieved until the control and issue of the money changes from being by ‘Leech with brains’ to Man; nothing positive can be achieved until the moneylenders are driven out of the temple; nothing positive can be achieved until the example of North Dakota is followed – and thanks for highlighting that one goes to Ellen Brown. Nothing positive can be achieved until Economists such as Michael Hudson have impact upon Political Policy. Nothing positive can happen until the Legislation promoted by John F Kennedy, as the last real President of the United States of America sense of actually managing to have dream rather than being a puppet, is enacted sense of the permit to control and issue the money of the Nation being returned to the People of The United States of America.

Hope these small quarters is that such can be done Peaceful and Democratic, the lifeblood taken back by such means as ‘sequestration of assets arising from criminal proceeds’ as under RICO – but then ‘leeches with brains’ are condemned, such the Economic War they wage as living by sword,  to die by sword?

For the tragic fact is that the body of Humanity represented by American Citizen is being drained of life, evident in an Economic Depression which has been engineered by Leeches with Brains, such the ‘Naked Lunch’ of American Politics; the fact is that as these leeches care not for who makes the laws, they also care not for Humanity itself. To such leeches with brains and cloven-hoof, Humanity is merely a ‘host’; something to be destroyed by gorge. Their ‘Lunch is Naked’ through the ruinous debt which they use as control; evident in the growing lines of Americans unemployed, evident in the ‘For Sale/To Let’ signs, evident in the growing numbers of Americans reliant upon Food Stamp, evident in the expansion of War, evident in their control of the Political process, evident in their control of ‘mass media’, evident in their destruction of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

The norm for ‘Haemophagic Leech’ is that they will remain on the body of the host until they become full, at which point they will fall off, to digest. But leeches with brains and cloven-hoofs are necrotrophic in addition to haemophagic – such the covenant as they are spawn of satan; they do not realize the distinction as when ‘enough is enough’ to point of ‘fullness of stolen lifeblood’; their dominant instinct is to continue gorge as expression of care not for the life of the host.

They are bastards to life in as much as they are entered into a covenant with evil.

They must be removed from the body of humanity as they feed upon.

This from

Proper removal begins with identifying the anterior sucker. This is the small end of the leech. Place a fingernail on your skin directly adjacent to the anterior sucker and gently, but firmly slide your finger toward where the leech is feeding. The aim is to push the sucker away sideways. Once this movement breaks the seal, the leech will stop feeding. It will also seek to re-attach itself so continue to flick the anterior sucker.

The next step involves pushing or picking at the large end of the leech to break its seal. While doing this you may find that the short end has reattached itself possibly to your finger. No worries as it will be easy to remove at this point. Once the leech has been completely removed, put salt or insect repellent on it to keep it from attaching again.

The ‘anterior sucker’ of the cloven- hoofed Leech with brain is the ‘Federal Reserve’. Pushing that sucker away sideways involves re-gaining control of the control and issue of the money of the Nation, along lines of enactment of President Kennedy’s legislation. The next step is to put salt on the leeches with brains by ‘sequestrating their assets’ as under application of RICO, such the racket as they have engineered and operated.

But be under no illusion as the expression of knowledge by a little man about what is going on, such the ‘Paranoia’; the body of Humanity faces an epidemic of cloven -hoofed leeches with brains which threatens to become ‘pandemic’; where puppets run as bum steers in the illusion as expression of control and issue such the permit; such the ‘spin’; such the ‘power of mind over mind’, such the ‘Panopticon’ for Man as would under such destiny be  made manifest.

These small quarters should write further, but due to onset of paranoia find that the keyboard has transformed itself into a giant cockroach…

Given contempt these small quarters for Stateless Bastards and in fairness to leeches, it is acknowledged that Medicinal leeches are now making a comeback in microsurgery. They provide an effective means to reduce blood coagulation, relieve venous pressure from pooling blood (venous insufficiency), and in reconstructive surgery to stimulate circulation in reattachment operations for organs with critical blood flow, such as eye lids, fingers, and ears.

Penultimate words this small article to ‘William S’, these small quarters acknowledging as to that he could really see, and write; such the freeze as what was on the end of the fork – and thence to dream.

You know, they ask me if I were on a desert island and I knew nobody would ever see what I wrote, would I go on writing. My answer is most emphatically yes. I would go on writing for company. Because I’m creating an imaginary — it’s always imaginary — world in which I would like to live.

Politics should be a platform for such strength to dream about the world as to make the imaginary a more closer approximation to reality, and not a platform for the weakness of nightmare of mere parasites who seek through illusion and con to determine by ‘debt’ how man shall be made to live, to their gain and to the loss of Democracy?

The ‘strength to dream in American Politics’ being reflected within the ‘alpha and the omega’ as seminal, and ineluctable in the beauty, as in the ‘salt of the Earth’ being in abundance the immortal words:

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

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