A Drill Too Far

force ma·jeure (fôrs mä-zhûr, frs)
1. Superior or overpowering force.
2. An unexpected or uncontrollable event

The Orthodoxy of Corporatism and the Globalization it espouses form of ‘Panopticon’ is a ‘Dead Zone’ – though it knows it not.  It is as dead as ‘Motor City’ is ‘burned out’, as dead as the Brown Pelicans floating in oil slick in the Gulf of Mexico, ‘belly up’ to the still shining sun illuminating such obscenity. It is as dead as the ‘American Dream’ has been a ‘Nightmare’ for some time; as dead as the concept of ‘trickle down’ Economics ossifies social mobility and furthers the arrogation of right to more by the few at the expense of the many.

As Detroit testifies ‘Rust Belt’ to the drill consequent of ‘outsource’ driven by the arbitrage of labor as expression of Globalization by ‘transnational’ Corporation, so the Eastern Seaboard testifies to ‘deepwater drill’ consequent under the drive of transnational Corporation seeking to maximise return on investment?

The Orthodoxy of Corporatism is a ‘dead zone’.

The ‘value’ of such death and destruction wrought as obscenity by Orthodoxy representing a sacrifice beyond measure by mere money, as the World or ‘Gaia’ yet ‘gives it up’.  The ‘outsource’ in such consequence  is above and beyond the ‘free movement’ of Capital, as where ‘arbitrage’ is synonymous with ‘abrogation’ concerning responsibility to Nature, let alone mere Nation?

 For the ‘free market flow’ of Orthodoxy means no more than exploitation as destruction given absence of care for who makes the laws; and entails absence of care for ‘Nature’?

Destruction of individual lives, destruction of communities – and deeper to such ‘Corporatist Drill’ such the Orthodoxy- the abomination which is destruction of ecosystem?

For we know ‘The Drill’ by now, do we not?

Further to  the  man made decay as of Detroit, the ‘outsource’ and ‘externalisation’ in Gulf of Mexico in its ‘man made’ solicitation of ‘Force Majeure’  illustrates through tragedy what a pathetic act of intellectual masturbation ‘Corporatism’ is; that ‘we’ could have come so far by way of the pursuit of Empiricism giving rise to Technology as to yet have such little knowledge of the difference between ‘right’ and ‘wrong’; that we could inflict with such wilful abandon such sufferance on fellow life for which we evidently feel so little; an externalisation which amounts to no more than what at the end of the day is,  as Orwell put it,  a ‘smelly little Orthodoxy’.

An Orthodoxy which exists because it benefits an Oligarchy founded upon greed, and as leads to the pathological pursuit of profit.

To such perversity, the smell of Benzene in the morning must smell like ‘victory’ – such the ‘Apocalypse’ as the Eastern Seaboard now faces.

A ‘victory’ as Pyrrhic as it is immoral.

The ecosystem of the Gulf of Mexico was a living place; it was once North America’s most economically productive body of water – as Detroit was once ‘Motor City’.

But that was before Orthodoxy really began to ‘drill baby’; before the obscene extent of  greed in ‘The Corporatist Manifesto’ made itself known;  as in unpleasant fact that  the poorest, or ‘the Proles’, must suffer most to the cry of ‘enough is never enough!’ by Stateless Bastard.

For to the Orthodoxy of Corporatism, ‘Proles’ are as ‘mere animals’ to be farmed, like chickens in battery cage, or cows in a ‘CAFO’ as ‘concentrated animal feeding operation’. ‘Mere animals’ – such as the many species as were indigenous to the Gulf of Mexico before the melt of illusion by ‘Force Majeure’ – as a devastating ‘Bonfire of the Vanities’.

In such melt to the rage of nature scorned, a revelation of them as rape the environment and as would have ‘man’ and all other life left behind in the wake of their Orthodoxy  as ‘happenstance’ of mere ‘collateral damage’;  them as are so screwed up in their ‘bargaining’ as to have become bought and sold for mere Gold,  as can no longer tell the difference between ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ though the evidence as unpleasant fact stares in the face; them as cannot relate in their pathological pursuit of profit to Life; them as have become but cogs in the machinery  of externalisation,  which as  smelly little Orthodoxy would have it, such the vanity,  is  ‘too big to fail’.

Them as once had ‘Hegemony’ as ‘power of mind over mind’; them as once controlled and issued money, and as yet still care not for who makes the laws.

Them as are Stateless Bastards.

But that the flow of ‘Corexit 9500’ as ‘spin’ would still go on as ‘dispersal’ of the ‘evidence’, as though the obscenity of the consequences of Orthodoxy for the environment in such magnitude could be denied through ‘disguise’ –  and as the ‘cure’ be worse than the illness.

As there are certain things which should not be done, even by ‘Masters of the Universe’.

For there is a ‘Bonfire of the Vanities’ now burning in the Gulf of Mexico, and it is questionable as to how much of a ‘pyre’ it is to be; apropos the Funeral of the Obscene Orthodoxy which was Corporatism; apropos of the ‘dead zone’ which the Eastern Seaboard is possibly to become, as a new paradigm to exceed even ‘Chernobyl’ as ‘disaster man made’?

For  when forces of nature which would make ‘fool persisting in folly wise’  go into ‘overdrive’ – ‘Baby you ain’t seen nothing yet!’  – and the hope being that such sung by other than ‘The Fat Lady’?

Corporatist Orthodoxy in America will not come back from this one – but it is to be at such tragic ‘expense’.

In naiveté these small quarters attempted a ‘PESTEL’ analysis of the worst man-made disaster yet. The acronym ‘PESTEL’ being: ‘Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Environmental and Legislative’.

‘Environmental’ is the key, as much as one never misses the water until the well runs dry.  Over one mile down, in Deepwater Horizon, a well of oil running dry could mean the death of the Eastern Seaboard; ‘Ground Zero’ as of ‘shock and awe’ consequence; a drill too far as ‘Drill Baby Drill!’  come to echo: ‘War is Peace. Freedom is Slavery. Ignorance is Strength!’

A drill too far for spin to deny, such the ‘Force Majeure’ as the ‘rationale’ of Insurance Policy ‘forced’ to acknowledge; as indeed Corporatist Media will be dragged reluctant to ‘mutant of truth variant’ as best as can be ‘spawned’ by ‘hack’ or ‘talking head’ by way of acknowledging extent of disaster in the Gulf of Mexico – given the sheer scale of the devastation unfolding.

You cannot fool the People with this one; clever qualifications relating to time and the differentiation of the body aside.

As to the loss; it is as to make one weep.

 Biodiversity as a wondrous beauty of nature – but that the destruction in the Gulf of Mexico is not of such proportion as constitutes ‘Ecocide’?

 For one suspects the presence of a Court which is truly International, truly ‘Global’ concerning such dastardly Criminality of despoliation, and in such Unorthodox Court ‘Judgements’ are not susceptible to Political Influence or Corruption; it is a Court where the sentence carried out is as  irrevocable as ‘Force Majeure’ is undeniable, where ‘sentence’ is as devastating as the elements can be when ‘Mother Nature’ pronounces, as the truth remains that ‘two plus two equals four’ despite the power of mind over mind as would have it otherwise through the prevalence of illusion, as  Corporatist Orthodoxy would yet remain as hegemony.  Regardless of the individual party as could be ‘hung out to dry’ in attempted ‘defuse’ by spin, it is the Corporatist machine as a totality of system that is at fault; it is Corporatism itself which has failed Humanity through corruption and its destruction of Life by way of the obscene Orthodoxy it imposes as Hegemony, and the sufferance it thereby inflicts on all Life, not just Man- such ‘reductionism’ of Orthodoxy revealed as but part of the illusion propagated.

 A revelation through tragedy.

The ‘culpability’ for the tragedy which is ‘Deepwater Horizon’ rests across a spectrum as full as it was dominant though the pretension of Corporatist to being ‘Master of the Universe’.

It is a tragedy as of which we should all be thoroughly ashamed, as of the permit we granted.

The ‘judgement’ of Mother Nature as makes the laws however, does not seek to follow an ‘audit trail’ of failure; for in what is happening in the Gulf of Mexico many innocent are  suffering, and to the meaning of ‘full spectrum’ such ‘dominance’ expressed in  ‘blowback’ is truly tragic.

– What did so many species do to deserve this?

It is more than glib remark to state that this is Barack Obama’s ‘Katrina’ and that the tragedy is that what happened to New Orleans is to be eclipsed by the scale of the failure which Deep Water Horizon represents. For another levee has been broken  such as  Corporatism has kept on ‘reigning’, and the rain which is to fall further, as the winds, not to say hurricanes,  which are to blow, may well physically reflect the ideological toxicity of the ‘Corruption of Mind’ which has become endemic as Orthodoxy in a Panopticon, and a Political Constitution rendered a travesty thereby; President Obama’s slick read from autocue as part of ‘La Grand Illusion’  evidencing that the Corporatist machine would yet continue to express itself through mere puppet?

 The Political dimension, as in response to Deepwater Horizon, reflects no more than the attempt to perpetuate illusion. With the growing disparity between reality and illusion which ‘Force Majeure’ in the Gulf of Mexico will reveal Environmentally, Corporatism as a system shall be forced as a ‘sine qua non’ to reveal its ‘nature’ across Political, Social, Technological and Legislative dimension.  It is a ‘nature’ of denial, and ‘Martial’ to the extent it furthers the ‘War on Life’ which Corporatism undoubtedly is; such the ‘care not for who makes the laws’ as Life destroyed can be seen as mere ‘collateral damage’; whether it be Brown Pelican choked to death by Oil slick, or child in Afghanistan blown limb from limb by Hellfire Missile, the Obscenity of Corporatism as an Orthodoxy is that it is a ‘racket’ – and as such sadness, is condemned to destroy Life as expression of its hegemony.

But that it were not so.

 As an ever growing awareness of reality tarnishes illusion, the velvet stripped from the glove of Orthodoxy shall reveal the iron fist of Corporatism.

The point being that Man cannot permit mere Stateless Bastards to have control; for illusion has a price which is other than that of ‘Gini Coefficient’ in the exploitation which is Economic – and the pretence being as this concerns only Man in furtherance of such illusion; the point being that Stateless Bastards will extend Economic permit to the rape of every exploitable aspect of the Environment as an expression of the pathology of greed.

It is not only Man which suffers from such abrogation entailed by Corporatist Orthodoxy, but all Life, as the Gulf of Mexico testifies Obscenity.

For the Stateless cannot help themselves as they help themselves as they see it; as their bodies feast while their spirits fast,  and  to such ‘Realpolitik’  as Orthodoxy,  there is no room for morality.

The ‘holism’ of the Gulf of Mexico disaster rises above such reductionist analysis as ‘PESTEL’ – evil is destructive, and the illusion which ‘restrains’ the recognition of this reality can be dispelled in what amounts to no more than an instant, and in no uncertain terms,  by ‘Force Majeure’.

 The tragedy is, as ever, the sufferance of the innocent, where such embraces ‘Full Spectrum’ – as of Species in an ecosystem.

We must care who makes the laws, as we must care who controls the money, we must revoke the permit granted to Stateless Bastards, as we must dispel the illusion which arises from its exercise.

If we fail to do so, then we face extinction – though Earth shall abide.

The obscene Orthodoxy of Corporatism is an unsustainable illusion.

Look at Detroit.

Look at Iraq.

Look at Gaza.

Look at the ‘Gulf’ represented between reality and illusion.

Then look upon, if you are permitted, another Gulf – at the undeniable reality of   ‘Deepwater Horizon’ as a tragic reflection of an obscene Orthodoxy which nature, let alone civilization cannot tolerate, as in the following concerning the obscenity of Holocaust, and given contemplation of Genocide become Ecocide; such the ‘drill too far’  be as a ’ lowering of the bar’:

The wrongs which we seek to condemn and punish have been so calculated, so malignant, and so devastating, that civilization cannot tolerate their being ignored, because it cannot survive their being repeated.

Justice Robert H Jackson.

God Bless the Gulf of Mexico, that the sufferance of all Life thereon may be alleviated, that civilization may survive, and that such wrongs may never be repeated. May the obscenity of Corporatist Orthodoxy disappear from the face of the Earth in the Peace such alleviation will permit – through real ‘Force Majeure’ being benign in nature.

In other words, ‘Life does not have to be like this. We have other options’. Such the beauty – as ‘Politics’ can include ‘Morality’ as part of the gift divine?

This small article these small quarters ending apposite:

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.




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