Will Clinton Roll With Again His Pre-Quake Friends?

Most of the press has actually left. Now the story begins.

People in food lines before the sun comes up. Problems in Petionville with distribution.

Clinton & AID distribution. Who will he work with? A New Day? or
Same ol same ol? Bill’s pre-quake friends were a disaster.

Some say the Petionville Mayor is selling food aid. Petionville Mayor says didn’t receive aid. Bad time for demonstrations. Bad time for corruption.

Billions and Billions in crisis aid every year. Where’s the press? Every
business section in every newspaper should be here. Dollars & Euros.

If Bill rolls with pre-quake friends, then I’ll get into names and details.
Fair enough?

Petionville Club golf course is a Tent City …. No comment.

Crisis AID: Tsunamis, Hurricanes, Earthquakes. Is it the future ofiInternational relations? Press not interested in where money or AID goes…

This earthquake needs a name. I will call it SAMSON, just like Samson who
brought down the pillars in the Bible. Do we learn from our lessons?

Any Woman who has betrayed the Haitian People can be Delilah. I don’t think I need to name names. I could, but i won’t. Not yet.

SAMSON devastation has brought GOOGLE to Haiti: Here to create a real time system for sharing medical resources & needs online.

Pre-SAMSON, Clinton was hanging out with people who like to funnel money into very small close knit groups. No trickle.

Tomorrow I go to the funeral for my stepfather Max D. SAM (1912-2010), son of Demosthenes S. SAM, Grandson of President Tiresias A. S. Sam.

RICHARD MORSE runs the Oloffson Hotel in Port-au-Prince Haiti and the leads the Haitian band RAM.


RICHARD MORSE runs the Oloffson Hotel Port-au-Prince Haiti and the leads the Haitian band RAM.