Globalization Burning

What force or guile could not subdue
Thro’ many warlike ages
Is wrought now by a coward few
For hireling traitor’s wages.

Robert Burns.

This small article seeks to give interpretation political of the ‘disorder’ which will be on the agenda of the G7 meeting in Iqaluit, Nunavut, Canada on February 5-6 2010.

– For the burning issue of our times; control of ‘currency disorder’, is central to a ‘Globalisation scheme’ in best laid play?

That previous G7 meeting was held in London on January 25; the day which Scotland commemorates ‘The Bard’, is apt?

As in extract above concerning ‘coward few’ decried as ‘hireling traitor’,  Burns was familiar with treachery to Nation in the face of material gain; all too familiar with the tragedy of what can be bought and sold for such as mere gold – though in times as when Burns wrote treachery to Nation was not so ‘deep’ or ‘extensive’,  in that the concept of ‘Globalisation’ then but mere ‘glint in the eye’ as expressive of germinal scheme of International Banker such as Mayer Amschel Rothschild ?

‘Parcel of Rogues ’  now much larger in sense of number of Nations as would be betrayed  by treachery than  was case then, as in the source and application of ‘TARP’ funds being part of  best laid scheme concerning ‘global currency’  – as revealed  in details of AIG  bailout?

For there be ‘method in the madness’ of money taken from American Citizen by International Banker going to Institutions such as Deutsche Bank, Société Générale, RBS and Barclays, as there is method in those of independent mind asking ‘Cui Bono’ ?

The ‘Racket of War’ going on in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen and Haiti but part of a full spectrum as would be incorporated in ‘Globalisation’?

‘’Currency disorder’ demands a new currency to be permitted to be issued and controlled’ as but part, sense of maxim, of this ‘New American Century’ as Panopticon in which Citizenry of American Nation knows only loss the likelihood- but yet expected to swallow ‘corporate line’ even under manifest absence of ‘even break’?

Readers this esteemed organ of Democracy as ‘alternative media’ to  ‘corporate line’;  see, for example,  here in context of the importance of same,  may  be aware that this particular ‘CounterPuncher’  not inclined to interpret current Economic Depression  as  ‘happenstance’ – as a phrase of rogue if ever there was – but rather as part of  ‘best laid scheme’; of that variety of Rogue which is Stateless Bastard executing permit ‘given’ to ‘control and issue currency’ by way of   being ‘International Banker’?

‘A rogue is a rogue for a’ that’  being as a loan shark by any other name would still stink of degeneracy?

Even on the ice  as of Iqualit?


So it goes.

Accordant such preamble, permit alternative interpretation of the G7 meeting in London on 25 January 2010 as partial denouement of ‘best laid scheme’ which has been many years in the making?

An interpretation which seeks to ‘join the dots’ by way of ‘following the money’ – and as is reliant upon a certain intimacy with the racketeering of loan sharks – an intimacy growing all the more common as Panopticon become more prevalent by way of  the impoverishment of Citizenry; by way of economic depression as ‘credit crunch’ be extraction of ‘the vig’ as lifeblood of necrotroph be the immiseration of Humanity?

‘Happenstance’  not a concept beholden to the ‘man o’independent mind’?  (See below)

For ‘dots’ are but the remnants of lines as remain, such the guile of rogue as would prevail in the  ‘power of mind over mind’ of Panopticon, or  Brotherhood  denied,  the perversity ironic in that the hegemony prevalent as  ‘Corporatism’   can only occur  given control of media –  and the irony being that ‘corporate line’ is destruction unto ‘dot’; small, scattered and displaced by way of propagation of illusion;  as lie  heaped upon lie, distraction upon distraction, and ‘red herring’  become but ‘plankton’ to  such  ‘whale of a degeneracy’ as abrogation of Humanity  entails-  to  the demand  of ‘Doublethink’;  not least by way of ‘Nation’ being sold for mere gold; such the ‘parcel of rogue’ as ‘ political representation’ become  but   ‘traitorous hireling’ on pay roll of International Banker?

The vile and degenerate rogues of which this small article writes are political puppeteers, brothel keepers to media whores;  mere schemers who care not for Humanity, nor by extension for ‘Nation’;  them as covet  illusion as the hegemony of   ‘Corporatism’; in the translation where there is, in the vernacular of mere loan shark, ‘vigorish’ abounding as grace extended by Citizenry  to ‘sinners’ that Stateless Bastards are,  way of permit to control and issue currency; expropriation occurring  by way of hidden taxation –  ‘Always  ‘The Vig’!’  – and  such to be extracted from every transaction made,  such the degenerate scheme; in  reduction as would be of  world to concentration camp of Humanity in a ‘Globalisation scheme’ where the cut is deeper, the ‘suckering’  in denial of ‘even break’ wider, and the consequent sufferance of Humanity greater,  as arrogation by Stateless Bastard denies light,  such the ‘Darkness at Noon’ as of  Koestler wrote;  and  ‘live and let die’ the maxim of such abomination as International Banker become  as ‘Big Brother’  – all too clearly evident in the nightmare for humanity resultant in the Racket of War machinating?

For these rogues as would not be called ‘loan shark’ but rather  ‘International Banker’ could put Shylock to shame, such the scale of avarice for ‘ton of flesh’; such the parcel as seeks to contain ‘Globalisation’ ?

Them as shall fill their orifices material such expense; souls sold for mere gold as in ‘hireling traitor’s wage’, in an arrogation that is as ‘construction’ of wall of denial; as would create ‘concentration camp’ in the illusion which division between ‘Untermenschen’ and ‘Ubermenschen’ whatever the ‘basis represents’; such the ‘Thousand Years Reich’ past as irony wrought under will by way of such deception be redux in ‘New American Century’?

Consider Gaza?

War is a Racket Polymorphous?

The bubble machine of ‘Vampire Squid’ as ‘hireling traitor’ working overtime as according to best laid scheme?

This Economic Depression but a confidence trick consequent of the abiding lust of Stateless Bastard for control of the issue of currency in which ‘Globalisation’ is achieved as ‘homogeneity’, or reduction by way of grind of Humanity to ‘object’, by way of ‘externalisation’, such the pathological pursuit  as detailed brilliantly by Bakan;  in a trick of confidence playing out absurd as a ‘parcel of rogue’ writ large in the illusion as to deny ‘Nation’, and tragic as ‘best laid scheme’ of profit maximisation – as humanity testifies through  sufferance consequent?

A  confidence of ‘currency disorder’ demanding further permit to issue and control new currency which is beyond mere ‘Nation’  in  ‘Globalisation’?

‘Evil’; quiet as sly, creeping about in darkness of secrecy , seeking to maintain illusion the way a ‘Brother’ being would be seen as  ‘Big’;  as  ‘knowing best’ and as  must ‘watch all’ purely by way of altruism, and  as to same scheme would turn Humanity in to but ‘lackey’ such the externalisation, as ‘Vampire Squid’ be unseen in the control of ‘bubble’ by way of  the machinery of ‘boom and bust’, or the control and issue of currency  not  be seen as ‘the vig’  of  loan shark as degenerate, or ‘high finance’  but  a  ‘racket’  not perceived  – lest there is collapse of ‘Panopticon’ by way of  iconoclasm as natural conclusion of independent mind  exercised –  as Democracy in the summation of  independence is indeed a ‘Gestalten’  concerning ‘ life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness’?

Here but one alternative interpretation of what is really on the Agenda of the forthcoming G7 meeting, by way of alternative media as ‘Counterpunch’ represents denial of the uniformity of ‘corporate line’, and as First Amendment still alive, such the tentacle of Vampire Squid has not yet grasped by way of ‘choke hold’ in the degeneration of Politics which is Corporatism, such the pathology of these times, perchance as ‘Dark Age’ yet to be seen as per the prescience of Lichtenberg?

The G7 meetings as occurred on Burns Day in London, January 25,  and as will occur in Iqualit on February 5-6 2010,  all about working further towards extraction of ‘The Greater Vig’, such as International Bankers controlling Federal Reserve  would be ‘Global Loan Sharks’  in the prevalence of parcel of rogue denying Nation; and   ‘best laid scheme’ playing out?

The wilful inflation of property value through ‘CDO’ bundled as ‘CDS’;  the toxic asset bubble as per machine like operation of Vampire Squid realising scheme of ‘International Banker’,   the calculation over gain of such  ‘Scorched Earth’ policy, as ‘rip off’ of assets of Nation or States United by way of ‘TARP’ – to the drum beat of ‘too big to fail’ and threat of ‘martial law’ behind locked door; the secrecy as against which Bloomberg fights being as to the revelation concerning  such as AIG  ‘bailout’ as  to where the money went exactly, and the expropriation of wealth of American Citizen applied to Europe; to  Société Générale,  Deutsche Bank, to Barclays, to RBS – such being but the ‘generosity’ of ‘loan shark’ – which in process of being ‘called in’ at such meetings as at G7; to a ‘hidden agenda of  taxation’ which amounts to  no more than expression of demand for the further control and issue of the currency of ‘Nations’, such the parcel of rogue as has  subverted Democratic political representation;  as ‘Omerta’ prevailing in the pocket of  International Banker as ‘Capo di Tutto Capo’,  or as ‘King of  the Vampire Squids’ has largest and widest reaching blood sucking funnel?

This surely no more than ‘Corporatism’ as Mussolini defined Fascism in similar sense as prostitute revealing intimate details of ‘John’, and ‘Cap and Trade’ yet to come, such the cut as further increase of the taxation as Panopticon be ‘tithe of the mind’  furthered by way of the degeneracy which would be ‘Globalisation’ warming up;  and ‘currency’ a matter of belief as  much  as ‘bad faith’  become debt a product of manipulation and deceit, such illumination  by Humanity as ‘The Combine’ per Ken Kesey,  or ‘Web’ per Ellen Brown?

For them as run the Federal Reserve have expropriated like Vampires from Citizen of American Nation to further their control; given inch have taken yard, them as would have ‘Globalisation’ have the muscle of ‘MIC’ or ‘Military Industrial Complex’, as against ‘Ike’ warned; have the deception of ‘IMF’ being unseen as ‘Corporatist Bagman’; such the control of the media by way of line propagated?

To which:  add Bank for International Settlements, World Health Organisation and other ‘Global’ Institutions as work ‘for the good of Humanity’ – such the expression of ‘power of mind over mind’  as ‘corporate line’ be contributory to the hegemony of  ‘parcel of rogues in a Globalisation’?

These Stateless Bastards will not rest until they have sucked lifeblood to point where all Humanity but ‘droid’ in joy taxed unto misery; by way of coward few gaining that so many should suffer, so much being clarification of ‘evil’ by way of etymology of ‘Utilitarian’- pragmatic as the refuge of the coward become ‘Patriotism’, such the ‘Doublethink’ as Corporatism be seen by Citizen as Democracy, or ‘Fortunate Son’ waves flag of red, white and blue?

By way of deception is war wrought upon humanity?

In closing this small article, some words which ‘burn’ concerning illumination enshrined within Humanity- and which deny infernal, ephemeral illusion propagated by deception as  the  basis of any ‘ best laid scheme’ of Stateless Bastard be seen inevitable as light at end of tunnel?

Words which ‘tear down the pillars of Panopticon’ ,  as this small article would emulate in detailing ‘International Banker’ as no more than mere loan shark racketed in to Gangster, and as would  acknowledge the importance of ‘alternative media’ when it comes to independent mind exercised; being that which is as welcome within Democracy as is anathema to Corporatism?

Ye see yon birkie ca’d a lord
Wha struts an’ stares an’ a’ that
Tho’ hundreds worship at his word
He’s but a coof for a’ that
For a’ that, an’ a’ that
His ribband, star and a’ that
The man o’ independent mind
He looks an’ laughs at a’ that

–Robert Burns.

True ‘Globalisation’ being to resonance spiritual in such denial of illusion, as is evermore beyond the parcel of rogue?

Or as  Burns in the put:

It’s coming yet for a’ that,
That Man to Man, the world o’er,
Shall brothers be for a’ that.

‘Long live Democracy!’  as permits the expression of independent mind, such capacity as man be gifted of by Grace of God – and down with the permit to Stateless Bastard concerning issue and control currency; such as Nation be cared for, International Banker seen as but mere loan shark writ large in the criminality,  and pillar of Panopticon destroyed in the iconoclasm Democracy prevalent represents to illusion;  the peace consequential  being emancipation from the ‘power of mind over mind’  –  as occurs midst the sound of laughter which is Brotherhood  become joyous and triumphant, free from parasite such as Vampire in the absence of Panopticon of international Banker!

And Barack Obama a birkie, indeed, as the ribband, star and a’that is seen as ‘Presidential’ – to the man o’ independent mind.

The devil cannot bear scorn as Martin Luther proposed?


Birkie: A spirited or energetic (especially young) man.

Coot: [Scottish] An idiot, or fool


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