December 2009

Repackaging Copenhagen

The Assault on Campaign Finance Reform

Milwaukee League Comes to the Defense of Public Schools

The Epicenter of Mendacity

Escalation and Exit in Afghanistan

War Cries From a Defeated Man

Turning Activists Into Voters in Uruguay

What are We Fighting for in Afghanistan?

Innocent Dead Men Walking

Helping Dictators Look Good

Hezbollah’s New Manifesto

Envisioning an Exit Strategy?

All-Too-Familiar Line on Afghanistan

Obama’s Unjust Iran Policy

Brazil vs. Washington

Obama’s Tortured Rationale

Native Orientalists at the Daily Times

Obama and the Dying Empire

The Power Struggle Behind Obama’s Speech

Is Tiger Woods Black Enemy Number One?

African Realities in the Wake of World AIDS Day

Afghanistan: the Roach Motel of Empires

The Path to Full Employment

The Escalation Begins

Caught in the Cross Fire

The Obama Puppet

Condoms, Hunks and the AIDS Celebrity Circus

Human Terrain Systems, Anthropologists and the War in Afghanistan

Is "Helping Homeowners" Washingtonspeak for Bailing Out the Banks?

America’s Failing Sexual Health

Bush-Style Military Spending Not Over Yet

Global Connections and the Arc of War

Rejecting Westocentrism


Labor’s Beating Heart

The Dubai Disaster