December 2009

Clarifying the Tester Bill

The Politics of Cynicism

The "Ethical Interrogation"?

The People Speak

America Crashes the White House

On Obama’s Peace Prize

Obama and Black America

The Baucus 8 Are Free

Being Jay Bybee

Wall Street Snaps Its Fingers

The Baghdad Bombings

Yes, This Health Care Bill Really is Worse Than Nothing

Obama’s Shameful War

Washington’s New Lebanon Policy

Through the State Department Looking Glass

The Buying and Selling of Jared Diamond

The Speed of Change in Bolivia

The Man Who Wasn’t There

The Double Standard is Alive and Well

Obama’s "We Got No Money" Rap

Burqa Committees and Minaret Referenda

The Taliban – Al Qaeda Schism

The March of Folly

The Problem is Lack of Jobs, Not Lack of Resources

Obama’s Mother and Mine

Even If Obama Passed Single Payer, Primary Care Doctors Still Wouldn’t Get It

In Praise of Gate-Crashing

The March of Folly

Ax Max

What the U.S. Elite Really Thinks About Israel

Showdown in Athens

Israel’s Bedouins Denied Right to Elections

Conspiracy, Blood and Filth

The Trail of Broken Promises

A Mighty Fortress is Our Bach

The Twin Frauds of Obama

Filming the Imagination

Are Americans Too Broken for the Truth to Set Us Free?

Top Sports Sex Scandals

The Rape of Irish Children

Juvenile Injustice in a Philly Suburb

Barbarians at the Schoolhouse

Obsession With Objects

Pakistan Creates Its Own Enemy

The Selling of "Precious"

From MySpace to the Billboard Charts

Run, Ralph, Run

Lebanon: an End to Sectarian Politics?

Slim Turnout at World Peace March

Children Afraid of the Night