December 2009

Love in an Inhumane Country

Paying the Price for Europe’s Identity Crisis

Read, Then Act

Jimmy Carter’s Yuletide Apology

Where the Holidays are a Cruel Hoax

When Prosperity Comes to Bad Men

Interest and Profit

Obama, Progressives and the Press

Reform in Name Only

A Visit From St. Barack

Cooing With Cash

The Afghan Escalation and Women’s Rights

Christmas Eve Freedom Fighters

New Year’s Resolutions for the Drug Industry

The Jailing of Jamal Juma

Chase Bank Says F-You to Students at Holiday Time

More Than a Sportswriter

What Really Happened in Copenhagen?

The Afghan Four

The Calender Girl Conspiracy

Beware the Progressive Democrat

Breaking Palestine’s Peaceful Protests

Et Tu, Barack?

Can Migrants Save the Global Economy?

Bernanke and the Corruption of Washington Culture

Hollywood’s Human Terrain Avatars

Obama in the Shark Tank

Flares in the Darkness

Sexual Politics in the Age of Obama

The Best Way to Stop a War

Relocating Guantánamo

The Death of the Grand Ayatollah Montazeri

Palestine’s Gift of Christmas

Woodstock’s Dirty Secret

Insurance Reform, in Brief

A Longer, Deeper Recession Looms

The Conservative Dissident

Destroying the Everglades at 25 Cents Per Ton

Why I Climbed the Flagpole

Whose Euthanasia Is It, Anyway?

Why the Af/Pak War is Illegal

Law & Order in Pennsylvania

Now, I’m Really Getting Pissed Off

The Fate of California’s Forests

Bordering on the Ridiculous

Bernanke Tightens the Noose

The Medicare Murder Mystery

That Nauseating Peace Concert

Race to the Slop

It Takes a Conscience