The Scorched Earth Mindset of the International Banker

The love of money is the root of all evil.

1 Timothy 6:10, KJV

An excellent recent article by Ellen Brown this Newsletter highlights the growing power of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) as ‘saviour to be’ of the International Banking System – and the sense of power being consolidated.

Such ‘catapult’ reflecting strategic machination towards ‘Victory’ and the control of currency attained through Economic War being the proposition of this small article.

‘Comprehension’  being these quarters that such ‘catapulted positioning’ of the IMF is as a financial weapon deployed in the control and issue of currency in form of ‘synthetic drawing rights’ (SDR) represented,  and as is  part of the strategy of an ‘Economic War’ in a ‘Global Theatre’ pursued by a cabal of private interest which controls the Dollar and Washington, such the issue, and which is driving the Dollar wilfully to the point of it’s calculated destruction , as but part of outrageous ‘collateral damage’ accepted in form of Scorched Earth Policy implemented as scheme of Economic Warfare? (As to ‘Washington’ and such control as destructive, Politicians are now cheaper than they have ever been in context of ROI or ‘Return On Investment’ as ‘bets placed’,  as detailed by Andrew Cockburn in article above referenced; such the ‘American Casino’)

Such the ‘best lay’ of plan as ‘rats’ rather than ‘mice’ can give rise to?

‘War’ is polymorphous?

The obscenity of attack in conventional War being not just in the sufferance in ‘far off’ land as bullet and bomb let fly; but paralleled in Economic War by   ‘Scorched Earth’; as in the prevalence of ‘For Sale/To Let’ sign, businesses going under, loss of jobs and widespread poverty and immiseration brought about by the deployment of ‘financial weapons of mass destruction’?

A destruction which would ‘elicit’ the control and issue of a new currency that is as ‘International’ as the Bankers behind it?

Such the color of money be further tainted the solicitation, form of ‘invasion’ seen subsequent to attack, and as debt and hidden taxation be control?

Such the ‘synthetic’ nature of the rights as be ‘drawn’; and as the over arching objective in the scenario, as tactics be subsidiary to strategy in order that ‘Mission’ be accomplished?

Previous articles these small quarters in this Democratic Organ have focused on  tactics of  this Economic War,  waged  through  creation of toxic financial instruments in form of ‘CDO’ and the attack on ‘enemy economy’ through the tactic of ‘pump and dump’; toxicity allowed through lack of effective ‘regulation’ as a strategy, as detailed concerning the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC)  here.

For recognition of the IMF in context of this grand scheme, see here.

Engineered ‘de- regulation’, or ‘free market economics’ allowed creation of the toxic instruments which weakened enemy economies, and occurred in order that these economies may eventually be taken over through the control and issue of  currency?

In the case of conventional warfare such weakening occurring through ‘economic sanction’ – evidence the build up to the Iraq war prior to invasion.

In case of the economic warfare currently raging as ‘Economic Depression’, ‘Credit Crunch’ or ‘Scorched Earth Policy’; weakening occurring through form of confidence trick, essentially the swapping of wilfully created toxic assets and their representation as ‘sound’, or good ‘collateral’, the exchange of ‘good’ money for bad debts ‘bundled’, on basis of the faith to be banked upon, such the ‘egging on’, such system as would be taken over?

-‘Triple -A rating’ no less– and   ‘egg’ thereby unseen being as that of pit viper, such the ‘nest’?

In the case of ‘Collateralized Debt Obligation’ as bundled, toxicity in the ‘sub prime’ nature of debt, and the fact that certain debt nigh on worthless in sense of ‘future revenue stream’ denied – as the debtors should not have been given extension of credit in the first place by rules of ‘honest assessment’ of credit worthiness, or indeed of the artificially inflated value of housing stock as part of the grand scheme?

Thus, toxic weapons of financial mass destruction deliberately created on the back of property market; an artificial ‘boom’ or ‘bubble’ as per Matt Taibbi’s description of the ‘machine’ at work, and being created by an unregulated flow of credit extended on the basis of faith – i.e. greed in the return anticipated by the ‘marks’ – to employ the vernacular of confidence trickster.

Such as ‘short term’ incorporated.

Such greed was indeed realised; evidence the bonuses taken on the back of the ‘false’ profits made in the short term -until the ‘bubble burst’?

Until the end of the short, such the term as goes.

By which time the ‘smart money’ as had led to the ‘bubble’ as to burst was gone.

Take the money and run?

For ‘smart’ read: ‘knowledge of which CDO and which not toxic’, and as such ‘weapons of financial mass destruction’ seen as Warren Buffet put it.

The longer term results schemed as the short term results were known, as were the consequences of when the bubble burst seen as ‘profit’ taken?

So it goes.

Thus the ‘Blitzkrieg’ stage of an Economic War leading to Scorched Earth as schemed – but not by ‘American’ other than in sense of mere ‘geography of location’? (See later.)

‘Humpty Dumpty’, as the banking systems of ‘enemy economies’ seen, did not so much fall off  wall as was pushed, headlong after Lehman Bros such the ‘egg on’; and whence such ‘fall’ there be ‘ catapulted frying pan’ waiting, such the Economic War as there be deliberation, ‘IMF’ as to be, such the flame of ‘love’ as underlies ‘efficacy’ as contended herein,  and as thorny root named ‘economic war’ be grasped as ‘evil’ –  in the ‘love’ of money reflected?

The ‘real Globalisation Agenda’; as per the ‘dream scheme’ of such International Banker as .Mayer Amschel Rothschild, concerns the issue and control of currency?

As per the sufferance of other be but part of the price, the spectrum as should not permit the seeing, such the ‘fullness’ be as ‘dominance’?

As the dreams of   Stateless Bastards implemented as ‘scheme’ becomes nightmare for Humanity?

The ‘catapult’ being as of ‘propaganda’ as per ‘Dubya’ spoke as spinmeister instruction repeated verbatim in attempt at extempore remark?

This ‘New American Century’ at the root of Economic Warfare ongoing; the control and issue of currency; essentially the manipulation of belief concerning ‘debt’, the exaction of ‘return’ being the interest, or ‘vigorish’  as Gangsters put it,  and as mere loan shark sees ‘hood’  as ‘Global’?

Such the control; such the issue?

‘International Bankers’ like Mayer Amschel Rothschild have known where ‘real power’ resides for a long time – a large part of ‘History’ since the Eighteenth Century being the attempted restraint of such Stateless Bastards and what they will do to Humanity given their love of money, and their understanding of it in form of economics of  ‘High Finance’ as oxymoron?

Those who talk of ‘military coup’ failing to observe the distinction made by  Smedley Butler; that the military primarily serves the interests of business, and ‘primarily’ being in sense of ‘primus inter pares’ that of ‘Finance’ in form of International Banker?

The return on capital employed is all – as Manuel Zelaya could so testify?

As Zen Buddhist could put it: ‘look not at the finger but at where the finger points’; in sense of the funding thereof: them as Finance, and as can ‘withdraw Capital’ – as Thomas Jefferson warned against all those years ago.

Them as can stage ‘coup d’état’ as nourishment of their idleness.

Any time?

Any place?

Any where?

The supreme parasites are International Bankers as the ‘love’ of money ‘goes’; such the root of the evil, as ‘nourishment of idleness’ can occur?

In terms as of Dante, there should be a special circle reserved for such Stateless Bastard, in as much as the sufferance of humanity precipitated be revealed, in as much as evil at the root be joined willingly in the cunning of the calculus as abandonment of the balance between head and heart as ‘soul’ cast aside, such the feast of the body corporate on the humongous sufferance of humanity in the injustice precipitate?

Such the ‘Inferno’ as leads to ‘Scorched Earth’, as ‘War’ be subjugate to ‘Policy’?

Getting in to the ‘mindset’ of ‘International Banker’ is difficult.

There is a wilful ‘abstruseness’ to the Mechanics of Finance as currency control and issue which few manage to transcend; personally these small quarters Ellen Brown , G. Edward Griffin and F. William Engdahl much admired concerning the ‘de construction’ of such  deceit as transcendence of confidence trick; the detailing of the form which  ‘love’  takes as directed at money and the machinations in the darkness resultant, such the brightness of the light as shines  from ‘outside’ takes as to reveal?

The filthiest of parasite as ‘beast’ operating the darkest quarters; the trail as ‘mark so murky’ as would not be followed such the obfuscation; such the ‘spin’, but that the maxim of ‘Cui Bono?’ embraced , as  money be followed, such the ability as set against the power in such darkness as ‘held’ to co-opt.?

For them as are ‘International Bankers’ are nought but Vampires as would feed upon the lifeblood of humanity, destroying natural joy as gift of life through ‘artificial’ or ‘synthetic’ debt, exacting ever more through concealed taxation as expropriation?

To such demand for ‘More!’ in the arrogation of ‘synthetic rights’, the drawing being as in picture painting a thousand words;  Politics must become ‘Corporate’ as externalisation; as sufferance consequent be unseen in the quietness; in the darkness as would be yet at ‘noon’, in the synthetic nature of the drawing as of  ‘catapult to power’ being,  in the pretension, expression of ‘force majeure’; irresistible in the coldness of logic,  as pragmatism circumscribes the ‘all’ – as ‘Realpolitik’ be control the issue, such the ‘currency’?

Darkness comes in many forms, as ‘giant vampire squid’ as makes ‘bubble economic’ evidences?

Where ‘we’ are now the result of the abrogation of humanity primarily by International Banker as ‘resides’ in America and as have expropriated and arrogated, form of Military Industrial Complex included as of warning by President Eisenhower?

The danger become as of another great President American warned, of the withdrawal of Capital; that it may be reinvested to give greater control?

The control of debt as pillar of illusion ‘Panopticonic’; as expression of the ‘power of mind over mind’; as the Orwellian prescience of small percentage concerning expropriation material and ideological reflected in the form political as Corporatist as would be ‘Global’; such the megalomania.

Such the bloodbath resultant, as when shark feeds on shark – under the watch of killer whale in anticipation.

‘We’ as per Zamyatin as  pre cursor to Orwell, are all ‘indigenous’ now, sense as would  be herded into reservation of controlled currency exacting heavier taxation, such the pragmatism  realised in form political as Corporatism?

Welcome to ‘Global Tribalism’, courtesy of the illusory unity brought by the Stateless?

Nations to be illusory such the synthetic nature as of that they draw upon by way of the currency as circulates within as ‘right’, and whom controls, and as by such strings can make puppet dance; and the voices of Politicians be as wind in dry grass, such the hollowness as when priceless gift sold, such the ‘Wasteland’ as for mere ‘baubles, bangles or beads’ would be ‘created’?

This strategy of Economic War waged sees ‘invasion’ after the weakening as the controlled issue of new currency?

The toxic ‘financial weapons of mass destruction’ deliberately created and deployed against enemy financial institutions as deadly trick of confidence?

Initial returns on the ‘buy in’ were high as evident in the bonus frenzy which reflected the artificially created ‘boom’ or ‘bubble’ of the property market, as  ‘marks’ took the bait.

Sharks bled in the water to a frenzy of cannibalism while killer whale watches on, the switch being yet to be, such the economic war as waged.

When the ‘bubble’ burst, as those who had created it knew it would, the enemy financial institutions, as  ‘marks’,  left struggling for survival. Aided by ‘short selling’ as an attack using part of the currency withdrawn, enemy financial institutions  forced to be rescued by the State of their origins; their ‘home economy’?

The ‘American Model’ as example set for such rescue was to be one of ‘Bailout’ by transfer of resources from State to private hands,  this had to be changed in light of the European decision that State should take equity in the banks; resultant in the

‘Volte-face’ of Henry Paulson.

‘Alumni’, indeed.

But yet, the war it goes on form of   ‘Plan B’?

In war of aggression, the objective is to conquer the enemy, and then to take over their territory as expression thereof.

The objective of the ‘scorched earth policy’ above carefully calculated in the Economic War waged to be the destruction of enemy financial institutions, and enemy currencies.

In such calculation, the Dollar ‘hung out to dry’ – as the economic consequences for ordinary American Citizen viewed as but ‘collateral damage’.

The Dollar’s ‘utility’ as a ‘fiat currency’ in the exaction of hidden taxation has already been served.

Such the ‘Panopticon’ as when philosophical origins are illuminated Utilitarian?

The real , or  ‘over arching objective’ of this Economic War is the putting back into effect of the ‘capital withdrawn’ from the American States and from  enemy economies through the creation of a ‘supra national’ or ‘global’ currency.  The ‘scorched earth’ as it were to be ‘re-cultivated’, only this time under new control – as in the issue of new currency?

‘Meet the new boss, same as the old boss’, only worse – such the even greater debt as would be imposed, such the taxation, such the darkness as in the absence of compassion commensurate the expropriation as ‘arrogation’, such the numbers incorporated increased as of size of herd of sheep fleeced, skin and all, such the ‘terms’, as blood be the real lust – and as more than pound of flesh taken?

‘Motor City’ is burning, as ‘Z’ is dead, such the kick into ‘life’, baby, as in ‘Ain’t seen nothing yet’?

So as ‘cremation’ goes on?

It has long been recognised in certain quarters that the IMF and the World Bank are agents of American Financial Control and manipulation, their strings being pulled by the same ‘people’ or ‘cabal’ which controls the Dollar, and controls the Military Industrial Complex which the United States of America represents in it’s arrogated role as ‘Superpower’ or ‘Global Policeman’ (i.e. Global Bully).

For what is a gangster without ‘muscle’ that a ‘brother’ cannot be seen as ‘big’?

Those who control the Dollar now are not Americans; evidence the sufferance of American people brought about through their actions this Economic War waged. This in addition to the sufferance brought about throughout the World as a result of the abuse of trust which enabled the  creation of toxic weapons of financial mass destruction, and deliverance of them on an unsuspecting, albeit greedy, ‘enemy’.

Those who now control and issue the Dollar are Stateless Bastards who show no care or loyalty to any particular Constitution,  Country or Nation, their only loyalty is to money in the sense of it’s control and issue in an International context – where  greed is, as always, to cry of ‘More!’?

‘America’ is no more to be identified with the ‘Federal Reserve’ to the same extent that the actions of the Federal Reserve are separate from the Health and Welfare of the American People?

For evidence such case, look about you?

Feel the fear as would grow, such the Kingdom as would be made?

The polarisation of wealth and political power commensurate in America thus ‘conquered’ no more benefits the ordinary American than it does the ordinary European, or African, or Russian.

The Chinese are a different matter, such the trade deficit as to lead to being ‘stiffed’ in collapse of the Dollar as but another aspect of ‘collateral damage’ –  as this Economic War will go?

As nought but best laid scheme which will ‘gang agley’?

The corruption which the control of America by these ‘International Bankers’ as Stateless Bastards represents makes a mockery of the American Constitution, and commensurately of ‘Democracy’ in the United States, and threatens to do the same to Democratic institutions throughout greater part of the world should the ‘invasion stage’ of the Economic War they staged at cost of so much human sufferance be ‘successful’ through the acceptance of a new currency under the auspices of the IMF which they would control.

An Economic War waged with money as taken from the pockets of every American.

The Stateless Bastards who control the currency of America are no more than mere confidence tricksters?

Their filthy lucre corrupts everything it comes into contact with, including the Politicians who see themselves in its debt, such the cheapness of the sell out in form of personal gain, such the costliness of it for the Citizenry whom they supposedly represent in terms of the sufferance engendered?

There is no ‘happenstance’ in the fact that Barack Obama’s Presidential Campaign was the most expensive in the History of America,  and Wall St. financing it in large part – just as there has been no real change in the ‘transition’ from George W Bush to Barack Obama in sense of the nature of the individuals who run the Administration?

‘Happenstance’ as a concept in such context is for such as Donald Rumsfeld to parlay.

The Wars have been extended, the Civil Rights more curtailed, the fear ‘ratcheted up’.

The same ‘people’ are in charge, playing the same confidence trick upon Americans, and upon the World.

Though now with slicker, more articulate puppet as front ‘man’ as Nobel Peace Prize Winner?

Should these Stateless Bastards be victorious in their Economic War, should they gain control over larger part of the ‘Global Economy’ through the ‘control and issue of currency’ as at the root of their nefarious scheme, then America and the World can look forward to Corporatism, and the death of Democracy.

These particular International Bankers as subset of Stateless Bastard who would claim to be ‘American’ know no boundaries when it comes to Treason, as Treachery against Humanity?

Nothing is beneath them as most of hell is above them.

That they lie, and that the truth will out is eternal, that they are not of Humanity but amongst same but part of the infernal nature of their presence?

Evil contains within it the seeds of its own destruction, such the blessing – but that there has to be such sufferance, such darkness before the light?

As God be, as light will be, so there will be a reckoning.

The truth will out, and the ‘Brotherhood’ realised will be far above that of ‘Alumni’ in the power and extent?

Such the ‘Burning’ as would scorch man to man the world over; this Earth, such the Policy.

For the ‘victory’ in such Economic War will be ‘who’ exactly takes the money, and as to come under the control of the conditions attached?

Certain parties are cognisant of ‘Policy’.

Put ‘Kurt’ as ‘Man without a Country’ – in action of Stateless Bastard disclaimed.

– ‘No part of this was I, other than in the sufferance experienced’?

So it goes; as ‘Dresden’ still stands abominable, such the Scorched Earth as is expression of Policy, and testimony yet made will ever be – such as best laid scheme gang agley?

As Scorched Earth ‘Burns’ indeed at present;  around  the issue of control of currency, and ‘American Casino’ become ‘Global’; such the ‘Economic War’?

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