Why Obama Deserves the Nobel

There’s been a lot of negative yipyap and hoo-hah circulating these last few days over President Obama being awarded the Nobel Prize for Peace. This defeatist propaganda is being promoted by the usual crowd of racist teabaggers, gasbag birthers, and other lunatic fringe elements. These people are not only completely ignorant of history, but unable to perceive that which is happening right in front of their drooling inbred faces, as evidenced by their total blindness to the clearly intentional conjunction of the Nobel announcement with America’s unprecedented bombing of the Moon.

President Obama is not only a champion of peace, he is the epitome of Commander-In-Chief as none before him has ever been: he has chosen to engage in the final and most decisive battle of the Good War, at last to close the book on America’s heroic struggle against the Nazi Menace.

When SS Gen. Hans Kammler gave the command to evacuate the Nazi Base 211 in Neuschwabenland, Antarctica, in the early morning hours of April 21, 1945, he could never have foreseen that the entire grand design would be undone just 64 years later by a silver-tongued African American from Chicago. When the six enormous Andromeda craft released their cargo of Miethe-Schriever Haunebu 3 saucers over the lunar surface and the fleet of Vril-7s arrived for the majestic synchronized landing on the dark side of the Moon, it is certain that no one present had the slightest premonition or inkling that the whole endeavor was destined to be voided by an American son of Africa.

Six Jews have journeyed to the Heavens, four have returned. The Nazis tipped their hand when they blew up the Challenger, killing Judy Resnick. Their “Base 88” on the Moon had gone unseen throughout the American lunar expeditions, and its existence until then was a closely guarded secret among the Nazi-affiliated CIA elite aware of it. Israel got wind of it then, through their DEA stooges, and tried to pressure President Ronald Reagan to take action. They went so far as to threaten exposure of the entire lurid Salo-esque spectacle of sexual debauchery penetrating the Reagan Administration at every level, up to and including the release of footage of Alfred Bloomingdale getting pegged by Vicki Morgan, while Ed Meese looked on from the cage in which he sat dressed as a big baby, lips covered in feces.

The Gipper was adamantine in his refusal to attack the Nazi moonbase. Busy suppressing labor organizers and Catholic priests and nuns in Bananaland, backing Saddam Hussein’s war on Iran, and funding radical Islamacists in Afghanistan, Reagan had no desire to attack potential allies on the Moon. The various temps we’ve had in the Oval Office since then have all found a way to evade Israeli blackmail (except Clinton) and avoid a confrontation with Base 88.

In that time, a few brave Jews have ventured forth into the void and lived to tell about it. David Wolf set the all-time dreidel-spinning record, Gergory Chamitoff and Gary Reisner spent time on the International Space Station, and Jeffrey Hoffman took a Torah with him on the doomed Columbia. The Nazi destruction of Columbia over Palestine, Texas, scattering roasted bits of Israeli hero pilot Ilan Ramon over miles and miles of heathen gentile Texas dirt was the last straw for the Israelis. Pretending to despise Barack Obama for his professed Palestinian sympathies, Islamic-sounding name, and being a schwartze, they applied every resource to his election, propelling him into office to replace the cowardly drunken coke-head closet queen that let Bin Laden escape while vigorously ignoring the Nazi Menace on the Moon.

The Nobel Prize was awarded to President Barack Obama for his courage in confronting the Nazi space threat on the very day that he fired the first salvo in the final battle between good and evil, the last battle of World War Two. Deniers and skeptics, we have room for you, right next to Ernst Zundel. Pack your bag. You only get one.

ALAN CABAL lives in Mountain View, California. He can be reached  at al_cabal@yahoo.com


ALAN CABAL lives in Mountain View, California. He can be reached  at al_cabal@yahoo.com