September 2009

The Plight of the Bumblebee

Three Faces and a Homeland

It’s Time to be Impolite About Afghanistan

Ted Kennedy’s Changing Take on Israel

The Utility of Boycotts

Watergate and Modern Scandals

Wind Turbines and Bird Kills

How to Fight Deflation

I Am Barack Obama’s Political Prisoner Now

Disgraceful Democrats

Pryor’s Judgment

Trumka Takes Over AFL-CIO



The Patient as Profit Center

Tall Buildings: the Sound and the Silence

Welcome to the Business-Friendly Carpenter’s Union

Obama’s Big Speech: Math Trumps Rhetoric

In Search of Antonello

The Battle Over Discriminatory Housing Laws in New Orleans

Linda Gradstein Has Done It Again on Gaza

An Exercise in Economic Realism

Throwing Bullets at Failed Polices

Defenders of the Classroom

In Defense of the One Hit Wonder

No Escape From Guantánamo

An Open Letter to John Mackey and Whole Foods

The State of U.S. National Security

The Conservative Case for Health Care Reform

Samantha Power and the Weaponization of Human Rights

A Solution to the Health Care Dilemma

Health Care, Obama and the System

A Tale of Two Slums

Bernanke’s Bad Money

Portrait of an Afghan Firefight

Inside Hanford’s B Reactor

Will Demented Geezers Wreck the Economy?

Hatchery Horrors

Pollan, Mackey, Whole Foods and Single Payer

Settling for … Settlements?

Israeli Arabs Call for General Strike

The Stakes at the Supreme Court

Trigger-Happy in Afghanistan

Double Jeopardy: Carbon Offsets and Human Rights Abuses

The Photo and the Secretary

Obama’s Imperative in Afghanistan

The Axis of Evil and the Great Satan

The Corporate Stranglehold on Education

What Gives Obama the Right to Speak to American School Children?

Psychologist Accused of War Crimes Opposes Investigations