What Gives Obama the Right to Speak to American School Children?

What right does Barack Obama have to speak to American school children? Who does he think he is—the President of the United States?

What right to suggest that American children send him a letter with suggestions that he might use to help the country? That’s down right un-American, or certainly un-conservative. How dare he suggest that Americans might be concerned about other Americans?

What right to tell American school children to work hard, that the future of the country depends on their success? If they want to drop out of school, that’s their choice.

What chutzpah to talk to our children about values. We all know what family values are—they’re for my family and they don’t extend to yours. Who the hell cares about your family?

And the value of education? Isn’t American education socialism, relinquishing what is best for our children and letting those decisions be made by teachers, administrators, and elected school boards? Where can this possibly lead us—to health coverage for the country’s fifty million deadbeats who don’t have a job?

Why would sane adults want their children to be indoctrinated by the President of the United States?

CHARLES R. LARSON, Professor of Literature at American University, believes that parents who argue their children should not listen to the President of the United States need to be sent back to grade school for a mandatory six years of basic education.



Charles R. Larson is Emeritus Professor of Literature at American University, in Washington, D.C. Email = clarson@american.edu. Twitter @LarsonChuck.