Panoticon Blues

The Panopticon – a new mode of obtaining power of mind over mind, in a quantity hitherto without example.

Jeremy Bentham

Full spectrum dominance includes the physical battlespace; air, surface and sub-surface as well as the electromagnetic spectrum and information space. Control implies that freedom of opposition force assets to exploit the battlespace is wholly constrained.


This small article is based on the ‘definitions’ above;  the first arising from a Utilitarian Philosopher in the 19th Century;  the second arising from  the  ‘Project for  a New American Century’

–  Both definitions are obscene, both lack completion, both are absurd?

Yet such the tragedy of recent  World History as  ‘denouement’ of financial larceny on a grand scale, otherwise seen as ‘Economic War’ declared on humanity, as form of ‘Panopticon’ or ‘Full Spectrum Dominance’ –  these definitions become ‘seminal’ as cause of sufferance to an extent as thereby demands attention?

As a little man asks that you listen?

For ‘larceny’ is encapsulated in both definitions above, in form as is primary determinant of the ‘Zeitgeist’ or ‘spirit of the times’ in which we now live –  or more likely as to the effects of Economic War ongoing – ‘subsist’?

The ultimate objective of ‘financial larcenists’ or ‘Corporatists Supreme’ aka  ‘Stateless Bastards’  is to be able to say to all humanity, such ‘interest’ as would be taken from rather than in:

‘You are in my debt;  you owe me money, now pay up!’?

This;  the true ‘agenda’ of ‘Globalisation’?

By way of the sufferance that is life so become through the adoption of illusion?

– Primarily ‘American’ – in that it is from the ‘people’ who brought you the ‘Federal Reserve’?

The order of consideration of the aspects of the definitions given above: ‘obscenity’ first: then ‘lack of completion’, then ‘absurdity’.

Such the freedom of ‘opposition force asset’ in the ‘battlespace’  as would be wholly unconstrained; such the  Panopticon transcended?

‘Watch this information space’ as they say?

The obscenity of ‘power of mind over mind’   as something to be ‘obtained’ does not rear  ‘ugly head’  until the reason for such ‘lust for power’   is considered?

When a parent seeks to so influence his or her child as being someone who is worth while listening to; who has much to pass on by way of knowledge of the ways of the world; when he or she is so motivated by paternal of maternal consideration, and as such benevolent,  this is not the kind of ‘power of  mind over mind’ that we tend to think of Jeremy Bentham as meaning with his concept of ‘Panopticon’ –  and certainly not what is meant by control of ‘information space’ in the definition  of ‘Full Spectrum Dominance’ as concept of ‘War’?

Nor is it obscene to such extent as seeking to nurture human development rather than stifle it; or manipulate it to the ends of gain by manipulator at expense of  loss by that of the manipulated?

Thus something much more sinister or  Svengali like lies within  the connotation of  ‘Panopticon’ and ‘Full Spectrum Dominance’ – such that W.C. Fields put it ‘there’s one born every minute’ be  more apt the illusion prevailing concerning the ‘power of mind over mind’  such as the Spectrum of Dominance be ‘full’?

This New American Century would have it as there is ‘one born every second’?

The obscenity of ‘mind over mind’ lies in the nature of the purpose of manipulation and control; in the division between ‘ubermenschen’ and ‘untermenschen’ as once lay within concept of   ‘Thousand Year Reich’ as last Century’s illusion; in the subjugation of consciousness, such that there can be expropriation and arrogation, form as expressed in colloquial vernacular as ‘shafting’ or ‘screwing’ or ‘fucking over’?

That such obscenity be by the ‘natural extension of  politics’ as in the contention of Clausewitz – only adds to the degeneracy in sense of ‘lowering the bar’ concerning ‘what must be done’?

This ‘New American Century’   would have it as there is much ‘shafting, screwing and fucking over’ concerning ‘mind over mind’, let alone the dominance of the racket that is war, such sense as spectrum concerns dominance?

So  to  ‘lack of completion’ as paraphrase of  Pepys,  concerning laying down, but not to sleep, sense of silver mist descending, or of trust given to reptile,  or as the song goes:

‘Trust in me’?

Not that the ‘control and issue of such currency’ were within the lyrics?

Such be ‘the diary’; as ‘harsh reality’ of life that ‘one cannot have one’s cake and eat it’ ;  as  that the bigger the share of the cake as one can have the less there is for anyone else?

Such the   ‘friction of the finitude’?

The latter aspect of such proposition that the ‘sinister side’, as of the manipulation and control of ‘Panopticon’ at the least,  when ‘Full Spectrum Dominance’ as lacking any such grace of life humane concerning force,   is born; as a bastard such sense , such the bitch as ‘ever in heat’ as Brecht could put?

Do not rejoice you men?

The lack of completion concerning  ‘physical battleplace’ as yet  most admirably put in context by a great American;  Smedley Butler?

It was such lack; as illusion would prevail in not being seen; ‘then’ as ‘now’, that ‘racket’ as befits no more than gangster, rather than as the illusion would have it;  ‘Defence of Freedom,  spreading of Democracy, or upholding of the ‘Rights of Man’’, and that there so be  the ‘benevolently motivated’ application or ‘deployment’  of bomb, bullet or missile –  that  human development be furthered?

To such, the truth of Goering yet stands, for even such a degenerate may yet add missing element as would lead towards further completion, such the mix of spin as be the puzzle as enigma, such the loss, as question as to’ how to bring about war?’  answered:

‘That is easy. All you have to do is to tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same in any country.”

Threat: from Terrorists,  from Al Qauida, from Weapons of Mass Destruction. Yellow cake, color alert status, homeland defence,  swine flu, drones, 45 minutes launch,  towers coming down, under attack, Bin Laden, ‘with us or against us’. Afghanistan. Iraq. Pakistan. Iran. Under attack.

Loss of job,  loss of home.  Way of life threatened. Attack the best form of defence. Smoking gun as mushroom cloud

. We must attack to preserve our way of life!

We have to destroy to save!

‘Just tell us who the enemy is!’

So as the madness would go on, as the illusion be unrecognised, such as the power of mind over mind be unrecognised?

What follows on from Goering’s maxim of the Panopticon concerning bringing about War, as demonstrated by ‘Rogue State’  as would become, such as the following, and with acknowledgement to William Blum as ranks as American alongside Howard Zinn?:

The discontented from the invaded State must be found, and offered money that they so serve the invader.

The ‘Quisling’  as ‘power of mind over mind’, and as a traitor to his own people.

The divisions amongst the discontented must be maximised, new divisions created through fomenting discontent and rivalry focused within.

The ‘Balkanisation’ of conquered state as implementation of the maxim that ‘when they are fighting one another, they are not focused on the invader’

And the horror, such the horror as in the heart of darkness, goes on; such as ‘Empire of the Stateless’ be furthered.

‘Divide and conquer’ the maxim of the Stateless such the Panopticon, such the Spectrum?

Such the ‘New American Century’?

But that humanity is as cannot read between such lines as to further progress towards completion, but that such truth as be so realised be transformed into something that is to cause fear, such the illusion, such the crushing reality of Corporatism as would support no more than lie?

There; it is said, and not ‘up the chimney’ as yet?

Such being as elephant in the room, or drumbeat continual in the background, beating out the rhythm of fear  – yet  ignored as illusion?

As ‘willing executioner’ be absent amongst the vast majority that is the humane, despite the illusion as would prevail as expression of the power of the mind of the Stateless?

The incompletion of power of mind over mind is that it be for such expropriation as arrogation, as that there be something to be ‘had’?

‘Operation Iraqi Liberation’ indeed, such the New American Century as ‘Operation Barbarossa’  once stood for Thouisand Year Reich? (There be oil in them Caspian fields?)

So to the absurdity.

Here be ‘jester’ as but variety of ‘clown’?

One may think of an ‘American true’ yet as body of humanity , and not as would be the expression of the power of mind as subjugate to the illusion of Stateless Bastard, as would feed off the humanity by way of the polymorphous diversity such degeneracy?

As ‘Constitution’ be subverted, as ‘Economy hi-jacked’ , as ‘Military Industrial Complex’ be formed, as ‘Democracy be but illusion’ ;  as ‘Old Macky is back in town’?

For the trail of money leads back, as dots may be joined in the despicable pragmatism  delineated through comprehension as would pierce through the fog of war, as humanity be truly dominant, such sense as within grasp – despite the power of ‘mind over mind’?

As there be ‘Counterpunch’?

The absurdity thereby seen is of flea as would ride elephant, or tail as would wag dog, or as money be created from nothing such the control and issue as can be stolen, and ‘lent’ back to real owner; such the debt as would be enslavement?

And if such ‘game’ not be played in the adoption of illusion by those as not condemned to worship filth then there is  always ‘war’ as a ‘racket’ – and ‘full spectrum’ such the dominance as to express the narrowness of  ‘mind’ –   such the cynicism ?

Stateless Bastards, stuff thy orifices full while ye may, for thy time is limited –  as shall be after the ‘day of the Chinese’?

Such be as of dog, as of war, and havoc be reined in by way of having had it’s day?

Such  the real power of mind, as would not be over, but amongst?


The term ‘Stateless Bastard United’ has reference mainly to America. But it is not the America that the true American knows, as is constituent of body of humanity; as suffers just like the rest of humanity given ephemeral aspect of  ‘Geography’; as  from this ‘economic meltdown’  brought about by the Stateless, as had to happen somewhere.

The term refers to a ‘breakaway cabal’ of ‘International Banker’ who have abused the American Constitution and American People to engineer a situation where they have global dominance in sight.

Given an inch the Federal Reserve have taken a yard.

They have lowered the barriers of parasitism such sense as would indeed be ‘necrotrophic’ in their waging of war against humanity.

True Americans such as Thomas Jefferson made clear the mechanisms of such  ‘power’.

It is indeed as ‘mind over mind’, or indeed as ‘Web of Deceit’ –  as arising from a beast, as of Jekyll Island.

Marx detailed the absurdity of   ‘United’ as can be amongst the Stateless concerning the polarisation of Capital.

Evil contains within it the seeds of it’s own destruction.

Humanity shall prevail regardless of the ephemeral geography of the Stateless?

They are bastards as would live by such sword and are as would die from such sword the inevitability?

‘Sequestration of the Stateless’  is as yet within the lexicon, and arsenal, such sense as ‘information space’ in the ‘battle’ be as free as humanity; the pen being mightier than the sword –  in that it can make mark on ballot; sign legislation into effect?

– Americans are not to be blamed for the ‘origins’ of such Statelessness, as indeed they themselves suffer in the vast majority for it.

They too shall have such ‘Bastille’ as shall be ‘stormed’; they too shall have parallel to cry:

‘Liberté, égalité, fraternité’

Such as shall realise ‘Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness’?

And different Spectrum be dominant – so much the fuller thereby?

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