The Fog of Economic War

’Freedom is the right to tell people what they do not want to hear.’

–George Orwell.

When the State does not want Citizens to ‘hear’ numerous ‘mechanisms’ exist?

One aspect of the genius of George Orwell was to explain in depth how the mechanisms work; to provide thorough outline of the means of repression of humanity embracing not only State, but also ‘supranational’ or ‘geo strategic power block’ as ‘zone of influence’ – as in concept of ‘Oceania, Eurasia and Eastasia’, and  as anticipated  works by such as Zbigniew Brzezinski ?

What is ‘unique’ about George Orwell is the span of his grasp of Politics, and  ability commensurate to realise ‘Freedom’ as the right exercised to tell people what they ‘do not want to hear’; oft in form of ‘satire’ constructed on such grasp as enables enunciation of the principles of  ‘control and manipulation’?

His well known quote:

‘If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face – forever.’

Demands the detailing of ‘human face’ as once was, such the State as we find ourselves to be in; such the stomp of boot?

Or indeed, as one writer recently put it concerning Goldman Sachs and as so interpreted; such be  the ‘blood funnel gorging’ of ‘vampire squid’?

‘Freedom in Oceania’ as the right to tell what Goldman Sachs does not want to be heard?

Ongoing ‘stomping’ of boot or ‘blood funnel gorging’ of vampire squid as relates to the struggle for control and issue of currency; morality thereby totally abrogated such be the conjunction political, and concerning ‘War’ as ‘Racket’ meaning that ‘Oceania’ easily seen as a ‘geo strategic power block’ which encompasses America and Britain (or Airstrip One) –   give or take most of Europe the racket playing out?

A ‘little bit here, a little bit there’ indeed – as the war as waged by Boot/Vampire Squid masquerading as International Banker in Oceania continues?

‘Oceania was at war with Eurasia; therefore Oceania had always been at war with Eurasia’ ?

So stands the ‘chessboard’ Orwellian?

The distortion by ‘stomp’ of human face by boot, or ‘blood funnel gorging’ by squid in ‘Oceania’   having clear and definable roots in Corporatism?

As the lesson of the Stateless as ‘Master of Universe’ would be taught; loyalty is not to be to fellow humanity as ‘Brother’ or to ‘Nation’ or to ‘State’, but to ‘Corporation’; to ‘private money’?

As ‘Big Brother’ as peerless can so ‘arise’ when the State so shrunken as to cease to represent the people; when it is no longer a mechanism of  moral restraint,  as when taken over by a small minority composing a body as Stateless as a giant ‘vampire squid’;  who trade ‘the remainder’ like some commodity in the peddling of influence,  such that thieves pretend to be ‘regulating’ ; when the Stateless Bastards of  ‘Oceania’ would so gorge ‘Global’ in the extension of ‘geo strategic power block’, or ‘zone of influence’  by way of the control and issue of currency as ‘blood funnel extended’ given smell of money?

When illusion prevails over reality; not peace, but war, not freedom, but slavery, not the dominance of the truly strong, but of the truly ignorant?

When Federal Reserve controls ‘Oceania’ such the ‘Economic War’ as would engulf the World, as would turn same into a giant Gaza?

‘Big Brother’ in such interpretation of Orwellian prescience is an ‘oligarchical collective’ of   International Banker?

The boot on human face stomping or the vampire squid with blood funnel gorging, both precipitate of sufferance,  as the life of humanity  drained away?

– ‘Big Brother’ so become a ‘clipper’ of notes; a ‘middleman’ who shall have ‘cut’ as blood funnelled by vampire every transaction, as would be unseen in the exercise of  such prerogative,  taking arrogated share as  hidden expropriation – as stomp of  boot  be as suck of  blood funnel?

‘Big Brother’ become as master of the ‘pump and dump’, the sly degeneracy of the transfer of wealth from the many of the ‘State’ to the few as ‘Stateless’; ‘Private’ in such fog, as permits  manipulation of markets and economies such that obscene polarisation of wealth be  accepted as the norm – as the way things are – and have always been?

Such the ‘newspeak’ of Corporate controlled media and the ‘doublethink’ of spin in ‘Oceania’?

As money be stolen – to be lent back to real owners at usurious rate of interest?

Such  the illusion as forms basis of the control and manipulation?

As now stands; whether seen as boot stamping, or great vampire squid wrapped around the face of humanity; tragedy evident in the ‘shock and awe’ of ‘economic meltdown’; as in the ‘inversion of logic that is ‘spin’?

As in:

‘War is peace, freedom is slavery,   ignorance  is strength!’?

War with Iraq/Afghanistan/ Pakistan/Iran to ‘liberate’, to spread Democracy by bullet and bomb from ‘peaceful zone of influence’ as oxymoron  – but that ‘they’ attacked ‘us’?

Or ‘harboured  intent’   indeed.

Herman Goering ‘spilled the beans’ on that little play.

Just as a spoonful of sugar supports illusion, when ‘medicine’ would be as ‘going down’?

As ‘false flag’ now flutters – face of such ill wind as blows of ‘full spectrum dominance’ – and  as no more than stomp of boot – or gorge of vampire squid be funnelled?

The Orwellian vision of ‘Oceania’ in context of   ‘prescience’ is truly disturbing.

An ‘Inner Party’ of some 2% at the top, with a further 13% as ‘Outer Party’, and 85% as   ‘Prole’.

It is relatively easy to find parallel of ‘Inner Party’ in context  of such as ‘ Goldman Sachs Alumni’ concerning ‘Oceania’ and ‘Gini Coefficient’; also to see such on a broader, geostrategic scale as relates to such as ‘Bank for International Settlements’ or ‘Bilderberg  Group’ – them such as Wolfe described as ‘Masters of the Universe’ – and who have a  firm grip upon the ‘economical’ if not the ‘moral’ in  the conjunction as defines ‘politics’ as  stands now?

If, and it is a big contingency; there is a ‘weakness’ in the prescience of Orwell, it is not concerning ‘Morality’  when it comes to Politics – but ‘Economics’?

The ‘rat’ for last man as Winston Smith in room 101 is a lucid exposition of what the Stateless can carry out for gain as seen – as the sufferance brought about by Economic Warfare in the scorched earth policy as engineered economic meltdown is a lucid exposition of what International Banker as Stateless Bastard will do to further control, the shock and awe consequent as torture paralleling Torquemada in Spanish Inquisition?

‘Do it to Julia!’ indeed.

– For no one expects the Orwellian Inquisition!

The theft which Orwell elected to focus so lucidly upon was of ‘identity’;  form of ‘psycho political expropriation’ of the primary aspects of Freedom by ‘Totalitarian’, ‘Fascist’, or more accurately, as per insight of ‘Il Duce’; ‘Corporatist’  regime:

Of  information.

Of  speech.

Of movement.

Of  assembly?

The order as given above not without deliberation ; the premise ‘existentialist’ in so far as ‘existence prior to essence’, and recognised within the concept of ‘Newspeak’ and ‘doublethink’?

Truly vicious psychopathology is ‘discreet’ – ‘psychopolitical’ rather than ‘psychobiological’?

The Orwellian Chessboard of psychology and politics is larger than that of biology and politics which Aldous Huxley detailed?

Yet, the ‘iron fist’ as covered by ‘velvet glove’ remains?

As ‘note’ be ‘clipped’?

As blood funnel be extended by ‘vampire squid’ after the tentacles grasp?

A marvellous recent article by Matt Taibbi in ‘Rolling Stone’ on the manipulation and control by ‘Goldman Sachs’ lucidly details what amounts to a coup d’état in the United States of America?

‘Marvellous’ in the sense that truth sees war, reveals slavery, denies ignorance?

As when the eye of Stateless Bastard be spit into by humanity in the rejection – as albeit ironic?

The article ‘predictive’ in detailing future plans set in context as scheme concerning ‘carbon capping’ and ‘global warming’ as another ‘grand pump and dump’ scheme?

– As would have Stateless Bastard ‘headed off at the pass’ ?

Heard’ in the ‘crunch’ as layer of such ‘onion’ peeled and as would cause tears far from the reptilian,  so announced  such the ‘stage’ as all life be, the  ‘ Free Market of Oceania ’ –  which a complete fiction as demands ongoing ‘fog of war’ to perpetuate itself; and as would prevent the ‘clear light of day’ from descending; as demands the perspicacity of  ‘luminance auditory’ as ‘clairaudient’ (as of many a Counterpunch author) to detail the gory mess of corruption boundless so resultant of perversity as would be cast as normal; of the sufferance of the body humane as thereby precipitate accepted as the ‘way things have always been’?

Of ‘truth’ as would be heard, midst such  fog?

As such ‘the horn’ be rounded ?

Spin; and revolutions per minute accelerated?

Of that seen by Bram Stoker, as of parasite metaphorical – and as to political?

Form of vampire squid, and blood funnel gorge, such the clarity, such the journalistic excellence, of Matt Taibbi  as an  escapee of the tentacles?

Irony, tragedy, hypocrisy; all but as ‘corruption polymorphous’ – as would mask reality under ephemeral veil of illusion?

The quiet draining away of life; to ‘whimper’ as opposed to ‘bang’?

For this is the way ‘it’ ends?

As in ‘fog of war’ round ‘mulberry bush’?

‘Let’s go round again’ – such the spin denied?

‘Worthy’ such sense as rationalisation be delusion; as can feed ‘merchant’ as belongs to ‘Outer Party’ ,  such as Horatio Algier or Karl Rove-   and as ‘blossom’ can grow on turd?

Such be the pragmatism in the question concerning ‘Oceania’:

(Whatever happened to the ‘wit and wisdom unconscious’ of the village idiot ‘elected’ as was POTUS 43?

As could repeat verbatim the inculcation of the principle by ‘mentor’ of spin as deeper within the mire of abrogation, such the lacking of wit realised; as was ‘wooden’ in the acting upon the stage as all life be, in front of autocue, such the lack of talent as would be consummate as but  required ‘earpiece’ and plain instruction of :

‘repeat after me as you hear (in your right ear!)?

‘You gotta catapult the propaganda!’?

How missed the gentility so transparent of   such ‘Kleptocracy Dynastic’;   as ‘lacking the fog’?

Now as ‘Oceania’  has more articulate puppet, such be the disguise ‘Presidential’?)

But,  digression.

The fog which would prevent the seeing is useless against the hearing – when we get down to ‘sense’?

The horn blasts Orwellian – and ‘ships’ do not so much pass in  the night so much  as in the  fog?

The war; such the racket as sound of horn in the fog prevailing wilful; such the theft as gain seen in the deliberation by Stateless as   from the deliverance of humanity unto ‘scheme; as announced by Orwell in geostrategic vision – is as would occur in broad daylight?

‘The prescience, the prescience’  as paraphrase; and ‘Heart of Darkness’ heard beating?

‘Oceania, Eastasia, Eurasia’?

Such as would be the unholy trinity as scheme ‘gan agley’?

Kid you not – as would not piss on your leg and tell you it is rain – and that it is not  from  ‘inside the tent’?

But that Stateless Bastards play for ‘real’, such the illusion as would stand?

The reality is of the sufferance.

It is of your life and mine.

‘Gini Coefficient’ as percentage ‘Inner Party’ reflected in the expropriation, in the deprivation, in the degeneration?

As  them as would be ‘Masters of the Universe’ know?

But that for you, as me, there be but ‘scraps at the table’, so rationalised as ‘spin supreme’?

Yet there be ‘Goldstein’?

Such as  Ellen Brown or G.  Edward  Griffin concerning the mechanics of the illusion?

On the ‘trail lonesome’, concerning body of humanity-  and   form of ‘pine’ concerning truth as humanity realised?

Voices destined for the ‘memory hole’, such be the mechanism of the Stateless Bastard exercised, as do not want such to be heard – as do not want such right of Freedom to be exercised?

While, suffering in such mess of the ephemeral as would be made; in trailer park, in car as home, in cardboard city of Hooverville redux, such the sucking of the blood funnel or stomp of the boot,   such as of the ground where humanity ‘endures’ the  play out of power, this coup d’etat by the ‘Federal Reserve’ in the ‘United States’ would yet still masquerade as Democracy?

In such, the complexity as be contained many another?

It is difficult to ‘steal the world’ in broad daylight, though that has never stopped those so degenerate in their greed and lust for power from trying to do so.

Thus the fog.

So it goes.

It was perhaps once possible to see ‘Oceania’ as benign – in the second World War it was the ‘Anglo American axis’ that could be seen as against the particular Corporatism which the Nazis represented, though the contribution by way of sufferance of Russia must be acknowledged .

As must as the activities of Prescott Bush be so acknowledged in sense of ‘memory hole’ be denied;  as it is a warped and sickly world as would the Stateless preside over, as bought and sold for little more than gold – and the sufferance of  ‘brother’ be damned?

On the Orwellian Chessboard right now: ‘Oceania’  seeking to incorporate more of Europe; the ‘bridgehead’ that of 51st State as ‘Airstrip One’ (As once was Master in the pretence now but servant, as once taught lessons now in receipt?)

‘Eastasia’ is become as Sino Soviet alliance – as per the meeting in Yekaterinburg detailed this journal, by Michael Hudson.

‘Eurasia’ is as the remainder?

For it has always been so, has it not, that Oceania is at war with Eastasia – or should that  be Eurasia?

As ‘Oceania’; not born of ‘Command Economy’ as per the basis of Orwell’s geostrategic vision as Economic, but of the Capitalist free market as hijacked by International Banker, in the subtleties of finance as expropriation; as hidden taxation?

End note.

This small article inspired by reading of Goldman Sach as Vampire Squid in ‘The Great American Bubble Machine’.

Matt Taibbi should be given an ‘award’ – as befits opening quote this small article, as he tells people not so much as what they want to hear, as need to hear.

An award Orwellian perchance?

Say nought of  ‘Wenner Media’   as sponsor of such anti-Corporatism.

There is a vampire squid about.

It is attached to the face of humanity.

Feed not the gorge of the funnel – break free from the grasp of the tentacle?

‘Freedom!’ the cry eternal, over such the ephemeral, as reality evermore transcends the illusory?

– If there was hope, it lies in the proles?

One  thing for sure.

It never was with those vampire squids as ‘Goldman Sachs Alumni’ – as are destined to be a memory, as part of the ‘whole’ so realised.

-Ain’t that a ‘kick in the funnel’ as would gorge?

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