May 2009

The Follower as Leader

Handel’s Ghost … Again

King Abdullah’s 57-State Solution

Sgt. Northcutt’s Homecoming

No Military Commissions; No Preventive Detentions

Morphing Dick Cheney

A Quarrel on the Titanic

A Corporate Crime Wave of Labor Law Violations

The Politics of Bait-and-Switch

Life and Death in the Qandil Mountains

Obama and the Hustler

Out of Guantánamo

In Defense of George W. Bush

Two Funerals and a Wedding

The Afghanistan Escalation

The End of the Tamil Tigers?

Tortured Reasoning; Tortured Results

Work is Hell

The World Doesn’t Have a Pakistan Nukes Problem … It Has a David Albright Problem

Courting Hekmatyar

Eulogizing Lawyers

Why Women Need Single Payer

Torture, Shrinks and a Groundhog’s Day Moment

Netanyahu Adviser Steps Out of the Shadows

The Toll Booth Economy

Check Point Iraq

The Indian Elections: a Game Changer?

How Colin Powell Got Duped by the CIA

Britain’s Speaker Crisis

A Prison Built on Lies

Is Obama Up to the Challenge of Dealing with Netanyahu?

John Kerry vs. Single-Payer

The Real Lesson of the Financial Crisis

Alcohol as Metaphor

Intimidation and Interrogation in Tel Aviv

The U.S. is Using White Phosphorous in Afghanistan

War and Torture

Thirty Years of Tragedy in Afghanistan

Psychologist Bryce Lefever Clarifies Defense of Torture

Thirty Years of Tragedy in Afghanistan

They Want It All

On the Devaluation of Labor

How Many Secret Prisons Does Israel Have?

Cheney’s Magical Mystery Media Tour

These Killings Will Only Strengthen the Taliban

How Many Kicks to the Head Does It Take?

Politics and American Idol

King of the Hate Business

Killer Virtues

Lapel Pins, Arugula and Mustard