Statelessness: the Final Frontier


‘We were somewhere around an 18% unemployment rate on the edge of Fascism when reality began to take hold.  I remember saying something like ‘These Stateless Bastards want it all, nothing is never enough for their greed…’

Thus paraphrased, and with no apologies whatsoever to the late, great Hunter S Thomson, does one of my favorite ‘reads’ begin.

This small article seeking to follow the spirit of ‘Gonzo!’; nothing being sacrosanct – or exempt from conscious, unacknowledged  outright plagiarism.

It will be a marvel if it ever makes it into ‘print’ indeed.

‘You either get it or you don’t’ as they say – and these days, if the schemes of Stateless Bastards go anywhere else other than agley, a lot more people are to get it in part of anatomy best associated with the forceful imposition of unwanted  attention by major pervert warranting incarceration,  and bringing in to consideration the merits of execution to more serious minded, though hardly as nubile demanded; form of  ‘Bring ‘em on! as The Stranglers sang, and ‘Dubya’ realised – ‘unwitting’ as ever, poorest bastard as Stateless thus far to wave flag red white and blue on world stage as  ‘Fortunate Son’?

‘Rape intellectual’ being a polymorphous thing, and ‘thus far’  being aspect of  ephemeral?

Warning to protect the the naïve: should you be easily offended then look away now.

Shut this page down by clicking on the nearest available hyperlink.

Read no further lest you be willing to expose yourself to  ‘unspeakable ugliness’.

Be thankful indeed you are not ‘on’ what the author of such ‘solipsistic masochistic’ material consumes; such as to make ether addiction look like mere beginning,  and as leads towards unusual turn of phrase in the integration of neurophysiology commensurate seen as ‘Warp factor’ in continuation of the play which ‘frontier’ so characterises?

‘Fear and loathing’ so known intimate as real orifice of ‘rape intellectual’  better appreciated as man in grip of ether binge be seen as rat in cage room 101(?),  and  ‘No Sir’, we do not talk scatological, but of ‘eye’ and ‘ear’, as in consideration of Stateless Bastard held up by short and curlies after being found under overturned stone in dark quarters recognised clear in such light as leading towards exclamation:

‘Lookee,  lookee, listen,  listen-  to what we got here!’

By the time finished, should the disposition of the ‘nervous’ so allow alongside that curious propensity of morbidity as to result in such statement as:

‘Mister, you realise there is a broken bone sticking out your arm?’

Repeated so as to prevail through the shock of intended audience so suffering, then hopefully as according to  phrase of ‘the man with no eyes’:

‘What we got here is a failure to communicate ’

will not be apposite.

Or even appropriate.

Never can remember as to which one reflects being on knees the question – or is that ‘supplication’?

Give me a minute to squeeze my hand on a sharp object and it will be okay…..

Nothing clears the mind like pain, as is given as method of resistance of interrogation many a manual such as demanding to be read.

A lot of minds being so cleared these days…

Anyway, where ‘were’ we?

If you haven’t gathered it by now, author of these ramblings as would be not quite like the others; to be ‘trusted’ accordant?

‘In an  age of weirdness, the weird turning pro’?

So it goes.

Keep on ‘setting them up’, as would be ‘ripping them off’, as could Tom Waits sing, or was that ‘knockin’ ‘em  down’?

‘Statelessness: the Final Frontier’ as Gene Roddenberry could have written, were the main objective not to have been ‘pap’,  unmitigated as to not even demand ‘ repressive de-sublimation’ , fed to the masses in form of ‘chewing gum for eyes’, aka mainlining on the old ‘soma’; communal apropos of  reduction and constraint of capacity for wonderment virtue of  ‘medium being massage’.

Let me see you Marshall your troops against that one as representing Mr. Macluhan – to Galaxy Gutenbergian.

As said nothing sacrocanct; spirit of  Gonzo – did you know that a cannon can fire ashes?

‘Dust to dust’?

‘That there Vulcan got pointed ears and funny eyebrows, them Romulans got bulging foreheads…’

‘Star Trek’ – we cannot even ‘walk’ on our own planet as exploring the rich diversity of potentiality with head held level, let alone high, in form of obscenities such as War and Famine, or human sufferance being as of the past.?

Say nought of ‘lowest common denominator, or  ‘Las Vegas’?

‘In our Dreams’ ,  indeed, as would ‘nightmares’ be yet found?

Meanwhile; ‘back at the ranch’,  Stateless Bastards have been busy…

Everything as an ’orifice’ must be opened up, ‘forceful’ if necessary, to ‘privatisation’.

This a ‘fire sale’ where all must go, the incorporation of the store as Emporium being such as indeed as could have strap line:

‘From sunglasses for the continent to rubber pants for the incontinent’

Are you not so cognisant contemporaneous as to be full of fear yet as cannot ‘shit’ will soon learn –  for ‘fearing up’ is a ‘laxative intellectual’, as the ‘best’ exponents of ‘shock and awe’ in interrogation technique are so taught; way of ‘doctrine’?

No other country can ‘export fear’ like America –  they even have ‘special schools’ in it.

‘So good  they had to change the name’, indeed.

‘Fear’ going by many names, for example ‘laissez faire’, ‘neoliberal’, ‘free market system’,  ‘IMF’ or ‘World Bank’?

Life is ‘funny’, is it not, but for the genuine, unmitigated tragedy of such  genetic mutation as variant of sufferance particularly obscene precipitated by Depleted Uranium affecting gene pool of people in far off land as expression of warfare, or the extent of homelessness brought about by Economic Depression, or the distance of blood from hands in the machination as to perception of cleanliness of hygienic attire form of suit befitting Corporatist, or how  people suffer that through War ‘profit’ may be attained, and things so spun as ‘elbow being unable to be distinguished from arse’, and hope given as audacious act to stooge of the Stateless – as  in form of turkey voting for early Thanksgiving?

Or indeed, the mass suicide of farmers in India, as  ‘death by money lender’?

Not so much a mere ‘pound of flesh’ as the whole body?

Never promised you a rose garden?

Is it so funny as when you are so fearful as every dollar is prisoner; as when such fear is the key of  Stateless Bastard as would in the turn be seen as ‘screw’, in  having you and yours in ‘concentration camp privatised’, as when the ‘State’ you ‘live’ in as ‘United’  be shrunk as 401; as when ‘Welfare’ means nought should you not have the requisite insurance as to be ‘dumped’ such the ‘pump’; as when foxes get in charge of chicken run  feathers begin to fly – and there is the quiet disappearance of truth to dominance of lie?

Is it so funny as when you fear to speak up lest the screw be turned further, when you think of what could be done not only to yourself, but to yours as progeny?

Is it indeed so funny as when, under 1st Amendment, such as this is allowed to be published only in so far as to lead to the belief that there is yet Democracy?

‘Paranoia elaborate’ form of delusion?

– Well let’s push the envelope Brother and Sister.

The system in America is inhumane, born in sense of being taken over by small minority as would be be ‘Masters of the Universe’.

The stench of corruption of ideals being twisted by the reality of pragmatism is such as ‘stinks on ice’.

The lies are unbearable, the depravity boundless.

The profiteers of War have taken over, and matters engineered such as that the greater the pain of the division of humanity, the greater the profit.

It is all about ‘squeeze’, and we are as the pips as would so ‘squeak’ thereby, as obscene sound of sufferance?

Are there none but millionaires who would so represent the majority who are so far from same in sufferance seen?

Life is more than dollar and dime.

These are the dying days of epoch of Stateless Bastard ultimate; those who would indeed block our ‘trek through the stars’ as expression of ‘onwards and upwards’!

‘Per adua ad astra’  : destiny as would be aborted’ as form of  denial of life?

Let me be so bold as to attempt to delineate the ‘etymology’ of  mine  loathing; only fear being as that  Stateless bastard would delay further the inevitability of their losing in the furtherance of their inhumane scheming.

For lose they will, as they already have, but know it not.

‘Statelessness’ is no matter as to geography, as place of birth, or nurture, or even sense of belonging as in looking out on planet wondrous as ‘home’ felt such profound and mysterious resonance as ‘spiritual’.

There is no such aspiration as resonance to the spiritual possible for those whom abandon themselves to quantifiable status as possession ‘of’ – though  ‘by’ more apt? – of gold as would have their lives as lie be not seen  -as part of illusion as hegemony ;  such be the ‘spin’?

Such are ‘bastards’ because of  their illegitimacy in the selling out of life; the rich irony indeed being as that which should remain private become public – ‘ironic’ because these very same bastards would have public become private, in sense of the wilful and deliberate undermining of ‘State’ as capacity to share,  the summation of  such shrinking as greater part ‘taking’ rather than  ‘giving’, expropriating rather than sacrificing being the norm for small minority as ‘oligarchy’ so content to do and to ever greater extent accordant their degenerate greed as illegitimate of the Humane, regardless of the misery and sufferance thereby engendered?

Stateless bastards have forfeited their lives such sense, as can no longer love, as can no longer feel, as can no longer see light glorious in the wondrous diversity of the creation as is life.

They have enjoined death in such absence, as become as object.

There is to come a Time, a Glory indeed, when all Humanity shall rise up against these Stateless Bastards as would turn man against man, destroying as they would communities, looting  and plundering in the ‘triumph’ of lie over illusion, bringing hate and division; misery and sufferance,   a Time to come soon when  Love as Truth shall be more closely cleaved unto as the body of Humanity so seen.

There will be a time when Stateless bastard is ‘named and shamed’ by way of history; as when the price of ‘success’ so seen as illusion, as when infamy be so realised.

Truth will out.

This is true hope, as is in no way ‘audacious’.

It is real and transcends illusion in the manner that substance transcends form, in the way ontological as existence precedes essence.

Humanity is a brotherhood eternal and real such sense regardless of race, creed, color or religion as means of division, or illusion.

All else as to realisation, seen historic,  is mere ‘interregnum’.

For a long time now in the personal sense, I’ve wondered why it is that when man is basically Benign, or ‘Good’, or ‘Functional’, how is it that the world is so full of acts of inhumanity, or evil, or dysfunctional.

The answer is the ruthless cunning of Stateless Bastards; those who make of dream as scheme the triumph over Humanity;  will do what it takes to so ‘triumph’, by way of lying and cheating, by way of propagating  illusion over truth for mere gain of gold.

They as would sink to the depths of depravity to find their ‘heights so twisted and perversely distorted their ‘vision’’; whom play a different game, by different rules as give unfair advantage, as life ‘abandoned’.

In such shadows they ‘live’ and ‘take’ but enough is as never enough – and thus is to be brought about their own further destruction to point of ‘terminal’.

For such Stateless Bastards are nought but parasites who demand a host of Humanity, in getting man to accept the saddle of their illusion pecuniary as cynical, – confidence trick played  seen  as ‘successful’ and ‘measured’?

There shall be a roll call of shame to parallel that of the roll call of glory..

It ‘stops’ one sense for Stateless Bastard the moment Humanity realises such ontogeny of illusion; of belief misplaced; whence there is a  waking up to the smell of  sulfur.

Man does not worship the boot as would stomp his face when all around the blood and flesh scattered of life so disfigured, cannot believe any more in ‘the lie’ as would be told by Stateless when so evident the reality of sufferance?

The ‘American Free Market experiment’ has been a salutary lesson such sense; as final frontier of the Stateless denied, as Heraclitean flux of the transition to opposite, as enantodromiata as caste psychological by Jung – indeed ‘as never darker as just before light to dawn’ in colloquial vernacular or homily.

Or when as answer to proposition of Stateless Bastard – be they politician, businessman or merchant of spin:

As would be dogma accepted unquestioned, as would be in hope as audacious so spun as by mere confidence trickster as ‘same game, different name’ would go on:

‘You can trust me, I’m not like the others’

Hunter S. Thompson.

Answer being:

‘Yes,  indeed you are, and we are having no more of it, for enough is enough. You are more to be pitied than scorned’

The Emperor has no clothes as so seen, as Stateless Bastard be revealed as mere profiteer from war and sufferance; and so reviled.

Thence can our ‘Star Trek’ be so furthered –  as to really begin?

Thence indeed:

‘Per adua ad astra’?

STEPHEN MARTIN can be reached at: stephenmarti@yahoo.com





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Stephen Martin can be reached at: stephenmarti@yahoo.com

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