Gordon Brown’s Chicken Run at the G20

The creatures outside looked from pig to man, and from man to pig, and from pig to man again; but already it was impossible to say which was which.

–George Orwell, Animal Farm.

Oh what a tangled web we weave,
When first we practise to deceive!

–Sir Walter Scott,  Marmion.

A rich irony betwixt the conjunction of title this small article and  introductory quotation.

Putting aside more insightful interpretations of ‘wealth’  such as  intimated by  genius of ‘tiger burning bright’; not so many years ago a savage  and polemical indictment of ‘free market orthodoxy’ as prevailed in the United Kingdom under Margaret Thatcher as mere ‘reflection’ of the United States under Ronald Reagan, (then as now; such be the spectrum of ‘ wad stuffed full’ – aka ‘take the money and run’ – and as such mirror become the more tarnished?) was written by a ‘man’ with whom I once was proud to share a sense of ‘Statehood’, of Nationality; indeed  of ‘Blood’  as ‘Freedom!’ so seen as oft in cause spilled become against  ‘yoke of oppression’ as would be.

Given ‘prostitute efforts’ recent;  accordant the  ‘blue eyed and  white’ as stated by President of Brazil –  ‘pride’  referred to laurels as humiliation, and question as to ‘fall’  inevitable?

‘Where There’s Greed: Margaret Thatcher and the betrayal of Britain’s future’ is a magnificent polemic penned by the now Prime Minister of the United Kingdom; Gordon Brown.

What I am about to write grieves me, in as much as ‘belief in man’ can be experienced as ‘betrayal double edged’- and as is to be paralleled by ordinary American as body of humanity concerning Barack Obama as fellow countryman – and in which similar hope was placed by way of vote?

‘Hoping’ not – such be the audacity?

‘Elaboration by pragmatism’   occurring in due course –  as  ‘truth will out’?

Lots of water under the bridge (‘troubled’ as per Simon and Garfunkel – ‘reality’ as per ‘experienced’) since Gordon Brown wrote beautiful and wondrous concerning the ways of  the ‘free market’; of the savage injustice of poverty and immiseration in order that few may benefit; of the destruction of communities and the turning of man against man so that the ways of ‘profit inordinately dominant’ may come to prevail as reflection of the primacy of ‘Greed’?

‘No such thing as Society’ as was the statement then as ‘abrogation hegemonious’, or  as ‘mantra of the Stateless’, by Margaret Thatcher,  now indeed ‘Baroness’, such be the honor  as can be given  where there be absence of  ‘Citizen’?

‘Absence of society’   being as abhorrent a concept as that infamous statement made by Madeline Albright concerning half a million children dying being ‘worth it’?

There be ‘Payne’ in the brotherhood as indeed memories standing unto forgiving- as lead to the saying as by that great American author, Kurt Vonnegut, concerning obscenity:
‘So it goes’?

Foremost, Gordon Brown is no longer in opposition, so to speak, being now the leader of the party in power in Britain, aka ‘Prime Minister’.
For many years prior  to assuming such mantle Gordon was  subject to the ‘privy’ of ‘money men’, being  Chancellor of the Exchequer of  Britain; daily his ear being whispered into, as bent unto, by the voices of ‘free trade’ and ‘business’ as pragmatism so founded, whilst nurturing  ambition of being the leader of ‘party’; the big man of little Country; such bend as being of by Henry Paulson unto Nancy Pelosi; whence ‘bailout’ first proposed – and same ‘master’ served apropos of ‘sellout’?

Such the ‘eminence grise’ as would be ‘grey’; such the misnomer of ‘leader’ as would be;  as beyond mere ‘puppet’?

As in the choice made of spinmeister:  ‘This puppet or that puppet’?


In such course as concerns gradualism of Gordon’s metamorphosis from ‘Socialist’ to supporter of ‘private public partnership’ and ‘private finance initiative’; and even self confessed ‘admirer’ of Margaret Thatcher;  as rock must be changed by drip  constant;  or as variant of the Chinese water torture concerning ‘brain’;  ‘change’ being introduced by wilful deliberation of the Stateless; those whom require reference as to Bunyan and  ‘Grace Abounding’ as would  be characterised as constituent of  ‘body of humanity’ – or indeed as  Rabbie Burns put  it: ‘ a Man’s a Man for A’ that’?

The change as Metamorphosis of man into insect;  as written of by Kafka; Gregor Samsa being as Gordon Brown such be the awakening the morn of G20?

For it is by the very same criteria as ‘petard’ which Gordon Brown deployed in polemic against ‘free market regime’ concerning the distribution of wealth and the absence of ‘Social Justice’ prevailing under the ramifications of ideology implemented pragmatically as ‘Moral Economics’ aka  ‘Politics’,  as that Gordon himself could be hoisted, or  ‘indicted’ now?- Or should that be ‘inducted’?

The particularities of such open to debate – what is being expressed here is opinion.

One may look from ‘Thatcher to Brown’ indeed, and, but for gender, find it difficult to say ‘which is which’ – on the ‘farm of animals political’?

This, despite  ‘massage of the media’ as message, wilful distortion  by way of ‘corporate line’ in what goes by way of ‘news’ these days; as ‘words speak louder than actions’ – and  ‘form transcends substance’?

‘Things can only get better’, indeed.

Part of the greatness of Democracy is that; in allowing for ‘voice of humanity’ as rich as variant; there is thereby ‘allowance’ for the potential for substance to be represented despite form as would be cast? – As in: ‘Stick it to ‘the man’, Counterpunch!’?

But :  ‘digression’!

The subject of this small article: ‘deconstruction’ of the G20 meeting and Gordon Brown’s role in same as stands to ‘voice in wilderness’, as wolf howling may state ‘Truth’, or ‘out of the mouth of babes’ as may be and within which Democracy as yet lives and breathes and as aspiration in the respiration – and as ‘Only in America’ can yet  be allowed the expression thereof?

First. A  small ‘confession’.

Goodness knows there is enough ‘bad news’ around concerning the consequences of human depravity without adding another ‘two cents worth’ – but  this as must be measured against the freedom of expression and interpretation,  which  ‘Democracy’  as understood to be; and as which such as  this  Organ stands as to ‘liberate’?

Not so much the ‘fifth amendment’ – as  first?

Being said –  let’s get down to ‘brass tack’ by way of exercise of human rights -as has propensity to precipitate label of ‘paranoia’ in the joining of the dots made and  ‘Payneful’ as  can be seen to form?

When ‘Hail to the Chief!’ stated herein, it meaning thanks be for the ability to speculate metaphysical and political, and to ‘air’ same?
‘Chief’’ in the synonymy  being as without the extra ‘l’ as to proclamation of the ‘Stateless’; real belief of humanity being in ‘God’ as expression of humility humane – and knowing  where the Stateless put the ‘l’  thereby? Humanity  ‘eternal’,  Stateless ‘ephemeral’ –  as ‘dynamic’ being ‘worked out’ form of Dialectic?

The point being ‘change’ indeed.

This G20 meeting  the ‘logical’, i.e. cold and heartless ‘ reality’; as of sentential or propositional calculus;  result of  ‘dark event detailed’ through investigation by an as yet unrecognised American brilliant as humane; G. Edward Griffin?

For we so contemplate a  ‘bitch’ in the beholding a beast of proportion of Brecht –  and ‘Jekyll’ as would be in nature turned to ‘Hyde’ as per tale of Stevenson from such Island of Treasure  as ‘Federal Reserve’ originates?

The reality as ‘nightmare’ we are living within  that of the title of this small article-  for greed  indeed present’ as ‘wherein’, as  when  ‘l’   be placed within word of ‘God’,  such that depravity can prevail?

Stateless Bastards worshipping ‘gold’ with best laid plans;  ‘given a inch’ – they have ‘taken a yard.’ – in their ‘sometime’ as ‘great notion’ –  as one ‘Wolfe’ American so howled?

‘Men’ being to such bastards –  as  mere ‘ mice on the farm’ – when ‘Eric Arthur’ meets ‘John’?

‘Great notion’ being that of the ‘feeding off’ of all humanity in the expropriation of energy deemed as ‘surplus’ and categorised within scheme as profit;  rationale being as Jefferson so acutely perceptive detailed concerning ‘hazardous moral pursuit’?
( see here  for a  ‘deconstruction’?).

Plus ca change?

– The curious thing being that the dog did not bark.

Dogs as would now howl at  G20 – say nought of jackal?

As  Mr Griffin details concerning origins of ‘Federal Reserve’ , the strategy  to gain ‘control’ – but not to be seen to do so?

Also as per Mr Griffin, the Federal Reserve a  ‘Cartel’ – but operated in the ‘Public Interest’?

In colloquial vernacular, ‘put your trust in a Banker – and you will be ‘screwed’’?

Or should that last word, in light of ‘Gaussian Copula Function’ as underlying CDS ‘pump and dump’,  be  ‘copulated?’

(Note: author of same function applied as ‘misinterpreted’ now back in China, working for ‘investment corporation’)

– Could have been as of ‘Mossad’, such the inscrutability?

For we all ‘live’ now in the shadow of   ‘hazardous moral pursuit’;  as in ‘of  Capital having been withdrawn?

Say nought of flea riding elephant?

Where has all the money gone – indeed where is it going?

Silly, not  to say stupid, question.

– From the poor to the rich!

Reading Griffin’s brilliant investigative work is as cataract being surgically removed from eye.

The dark secrecy all those years ago peeled back as layer of onion; the comprehension of the transition, as of leverage from gold standard to fiat; from regulation to de regulation, the understanding that ‘paper money’ is only as to ‘belief unfounded’  – as per the value of  such ‘leverage’  rated as ‘triple A’ can be;  ‘first wave’ being handled by Roosevelt and second wave ‘yet to come’ – it’s all there.

The ‘Bitch as bore Bastard’ being back in ‘heat’ – and hoping to give birth at the G20  in a  ‘Yo!’   to ‘Herr. Brecht’s prescience?

The ‘redux’- such be the cunning,  that Gold standard once more again be adopted, only this time around the currency  to be ‘Global’;  same power base prevailing now as all transferred to same dark party – courtesy of whore as would be humane?

Before ‘let’s go round again’?

All that remains being the names?

All done  bar the ‘carving’?

All that remains the ’shuffle of soft shoe’- because Federal Reserve control subsumes IMF and World Bank?

(Ask not of ‘Comex Securities’ such context,  lest a tower  such as WTC7 fall upon your head, or you be pissed upon from great height; ‘paranoid’ as label being but mild form of ‘repression?’)

This; an economic war name of ‘Globalisation’ and the future, of ‘you and yours’ being ‘turned over’ – as in gates of concentration camp economic being opened?

Abandoning hope – being as ‘work shall set you free’?

What bankers American realised years ago, in a railway carriage named ‘Greed’; whence trust put in stranger,  is that real money is substance;  it is ‘Gold’ or similar  ‘precious metal’, mere paper, as mere ‘promise; and that ‘the game’, as of domination, full spectrum, can become ‘really dirty’ thereby?

Currency as  ‘toilet paper’  indeed…

Tell it to the Chinese as about to be ‘stiffed’?

Irony as in they serve also, i.e., the God with an extra ‘l’ – and hell for the rest of us?

So here one ‘take’ on what is going down at the G20.
‘Some folks are born, made to wave the flag’, indeed.

That is ‘some’, not ‘all’,  Nota bene.

Cannons of Economic Warfare as pointing at you,   as about to go off?
– Give this interpretation any chance of ‘credence’,   and find ‘revival’ in the ‘water’ as ‘aqua vita’ seen ‘clear’ – you ‘fortunate son’?

At least  one party to the Global Economic War being played out sitting on a mountain of gold, truth be told.

The very same standard as whence removed from, as in when currency became ‘fiat’, about to be ‘reintroduced’. After the ‘fiat’ has been ‘leveraged’ of course –  after everyone else has bought into  illusion of ‘too big to fail’.

As in when  all the credit is taken up; as a belief of others given, thence become..

Want to know what the G20 is all about?

It is about the dollar being ‘too big to fail’, or rather those bankers and financiers behind it who have leveraged it ‘to the max’ as a fiat currency, aka hidden from of taxation as expropriation, being ‘too big to fail’ as irony rich.

It is about the ‘negotiation’ of  ‘globalisation’ in which the IMF and World Bank serves the interest of small coterie of bankers who have taken over America, lock stock and barrel, who care not a jot about the suffering of ordinary Americans in this Depression- as wilfully and with calculating cunning scheme of greed unrestrained and rampant brought about.

It is about the financial ‘lebensraum’ of this small coterie of corrupt Bankers as despised by Jefferson, who have used ‘credit’ as in belief given to machinate situation where there can be ‘takeover’ by way of ‘Economic Warfare;  in a  ‘Theatre Global’  as would be ‘The New American Century’ of ‘Full Spectrum Dominance’.

This time  around not just ‘America’, but ‘ The World’!

Now being as these scheming bastards financial are ‘American’ in the pretension, and yourself as an American in the reality, you may think this could be good for ‘America’– ‘could ’ being the operative term..

These bastards Stateless are inhumane, callous psychopaths whose only allegiance is to profit; form of gold.

If you are not one of the ‘two percent or thereabouts’ of ‘inner party fascistic’ as benefit from this Depression as transfer of wealth from poor to rich then the bad news is yet set to get worse; such be the scheme as ‘best laid plan’.

What these Stateless Bastards have in mind is as much good for America as is ‘Guantanamo’, to be re named as  ‘ School of the Americas’ was;  as benign as  the ‘philanthropic altruism’ of the IMF as experienced by countries such as Chile and Brazil  – and was good for them as seen then.

The mechanics of the G20 ‘shakedown’ being:

Move away from the gold standard, expand the credit.

Leverage the fiat.

‘Suck them in’

‘Too big to fail’.

Destroy through ‘pump and dump’.

Move back to the gold standard having ensured transition of all the wealth by ‘bailout’  – and ‘globalise currency’.
Expand the power base through takeover.

For ‘American Coterie of Bankers’ read ‘IMF and World Bank’ ; and the same ‘proscriptions’ apply as build power in reflection of  the dominance of free market ideology….

Bailout of the wealthy,    the poor to pay.

The foxes as in charge of   ‘chicken run American’ seeking to be in charge of  ‘chicken run Global’

Well here’s the news for Stateless Bastard: Life ain’t no ‘chicken run’.

Humanity  no ‘chicken’ to fowl play , as Democracy no ‘sham’; as the Constitution of the United States  not to be shredded – and pissed upon.
As life ain’t no illusion ‘babe’, albeit   ‘pigs in the city’  have snouts buried deep at the  trough at the moment.

Mine own sadness this debacle – other than greatest being one of the ‘screwed’ alongside progeny – there is old Gordon Brown, running like a stooge  around the world as ‘Statesman’  or  ‘Scatman’ as would be, ‘cap in hand’ as some variant of Quisling, preaching the gospel of the Stateless as would claim not to be ‘American’ such spectrum seen as Global in aspiration.

No prejudice here!

A stateless bastard is a stateless bastard  – as it matters not whether  ‘Vampire’ as per Stoker  comes from Transylvania , Kentucky or Katmandu,  or indeed whether he or she  be blue or brown eyed. Or  indeed a fellow countryman.

A Vampire will suck the life out of you if you let it.

The fact is indeed as Gordon wrote;  all about ‘Where There’s  Greed’, and the things that will be done to satisfy same,  regardless of the consequences to humanity.

And that is the division of the much greater unity as would please God?

What would be going down at the G20  ‘prolegomena’ to the vision of the future, whether as the way American as has become under deception; with no health care or welfare for ‘the poor’ as vast majority, with no caring or compassion evident in  triumph of the Stateless, or as to another way; where there are the seeds of compassion; where life isn’t all ‘dollar and dime’ to new global currency as become, or indeed abandoned as concept unworthy;  whence there become some meaning to the word ‘State’ – as in ‘United States of America’?

What would be going down at the G20 is ‘Statelessness’ – when the people know it as a lie – as Gordon Brown once knew truth afore ‘metamorphosis’ when he wrote ‘Where There’s Greed’?

‘Angry American’ still playing resonant mine small world – as indeed  is ‘Fortunate Son’.

The only answer being ‘ more, more!’ –  where there’s Greed?

It ain’t me – I ain’t no fortunate one?

But that the G20 be the point, such the discord. as refusal to ‘sing from same hymn sheet’;  and  as ‘enough is enough’ is stated? ‘Where There’s Greed’?

Read those words you wrote not so many years ago and weep Gordon- as others have cried a river over belief misplaced?

As in hope be audacity..


‘Too big to fail’  as illusion – ‘Too small to succeed’ as reality.

So it goes.

And there Gordon Brown went;  more the pity as is the scorn befitting  ‘Quisling’ as collaborator to the Stateless, traitor to humanity.

This small article no pleasure to write.

Pleasure is a personal freedom such as business would take away; and as would be removed  by ‘extraordinary rendition’

My Hero as once was Countryman, or ‘Brother in Arms’ concerning the struggle of humanity, bade ‘fare thee well’.

The audacity of mine hope concerning those  who  believe in ‘gold’ rather than ‘God’ being so ‘strangled’ as to lead unto: ‘No more Heroes’?

– Maybe Barack  Obama has the answer – such indeed, be the audacity of hope body of humanity as State American?

STEPHEN MARTIN can be reached at: stephenmarti@yahoo.com

Stephen Martin can be reached at: stephenmarti@yahoo.com