Barack and the Jets

Sometimes, during the 30-minute briefings that Mr. Summers delivers in the Oval Office nearly every day, Mr. Obama addresses him as Professor, as in, “What do you think, Professor Summers?” Sometimes, as he did in the Roosevelt Room one recent afternoon, Mr. Obama tweaks him and his fellow policy wonks, dubbing them “the propeller-heads.”

–NY Times February 16, 2009.

“Professor propeller-head Summers’ is about to meet an ‘Autumn’.
As followed by a ‘Winter’.

We are indeed ‘talking ‘ of  discontent.

Do you think Professor Summers as a ‘propeller- head’ could teach Nero to fiddle – or indeed explain the meaning of ‘no bread’ to Marie Antoinette through spin of his ‘propeller’?

One type of revolution  leading to another type of  revolution being avoided as it were?

The Economy is tanking.

It is a stinking mess resultant of greed unregulated; a putrescent emanation of fowl quarters spiritual-  an abomination of division as abrogation writ large.

Look out the window – see yonder ‘For Sale/To Let sign’?

While striving for restraint of anger by way of turn of phrase in submission to this esteemed organ of American Democracy, at the back of mind a growing sentiment as to ‘having had enough’.

It is time to ‘cut the crap’.

Should one believe that ‘Propeller- heads’ exist in an ‘age of Jets’; that policy wonks have  panacea?

‘Tweak me, for wonder that  I dream – form of nightmare?’.

That is, the neo liberal orthodoxy represented  in  false modesty of aspiration towards ‘instrumentalism’ as opposed to ‘essentialism’,  just  meaning  ‘more of the  same’, and daily the numbers grow as testify to sufferance.

How many angels can dance on the head of a pin, Professor propeller -head?

How many dispossessed and marginalised before fascism the only way?

Save us from the wonks of policy, the corporate larcenists, the Stateless bastards who would profit from misery, and the nightmare of full spectrum dominance as would tightly circumscribe same for gain.
Save us from the ‘think tanks’ as would more accurately be referred to as ‘stink tanks’, such be the odor of intellectual prostitution, form of propeller- head spinning in unison – with purpose  of blowing smoke the way of mirror.

Save us from the ‘propeller- heads’?

Sadly concerning POTUS 44  – it is the same cruel game.

Put knobs on of the bed on which a whore lies down upon, and the end result is unchanged –  as per etymology realised.

A whore being a whore by any other name.

Same old  treachery of screwing.

As of  poor by rich.

Polarisation of Economic Depression meaning more of the former, less of the latter, brought about by wilful deliberation of greed.

It to be a fire sale of assets; with the smart money yet waiting to ‘invade’?

The money as brought about this whole tragedy for such ‘gain’ – the result of ‘scorched earth policy wonk’ propellers spinning in  ‘think tank’?

Does propeller-head ‘theory’ encapsulate, as in paradigm being ‘outdated’., the sufferance of people unable to find work; the desperation of trying to make ends meet, the resurgence of  ‘gangmaster’ as jackal of Capitalism, the rage of those aware of the meaning of ‘outsourcing’ – those who can look at the list of the wealthiest individuals and see ‘Walmart’ as as sign of the times; as being condemned to ‘buy cheap and pay dear’ – sight of ‘vicious cycle’ clear?

Is it indeed an ‘externalisation’  thing?

It; a matter of arbitrage of labor as supports the disparity of wealth and income distribution as is successful – as reflected in the fact that five out of the top ten wealthiest Americans rely upon Walmart as a business model of ‘retailing’?

What do you think of   ‘Walmart’   Professor Summers?

How does thy propeller spin; so accordant?

Is it the way ‘forwards’?

As cried from the rear while front rank dies?

The fly on the wall in Roosevelt room shall in all likelihood never hear such ‘conversation’; or at best such as would be ‘moderated’ to corporate line of media ownership in parallel of   ‘Uncle Sam’ – as founding father of Retail Empire?

Such as care for those as work for them as  to make them reliant upon food stamps indeed; such subsidy by State as yet another form of the bailout of the wealthy?

Such  as ‘forerunner’ or ‘prototype’?

For money does not only talk – it sings and dances – despite as Mr Diamond sang all those years ago.

But the song here is by Mr Taupin, as sung by Mr John.

‘Signs’ of being ‘plugged in to the faithless’ (unranked almost, such be the stench; I mean what is ‘worse’; a turd in a swimming pool or the full blown belly of dead rat in a sewer – and questions ‘of such ilk’ as liable to cause smidgen of disgust, ‘think tank’ contemplated as ‘stink tank’) or of this bloody awful mess worsening; that the propellers aren’t spinning fast enough in this ‘age of  jet engine’ – with it’s own variety of  pollution pernicious?

Spin faster, spin deeper, spin higher, spin further– just keep  on spinning, keep on ‘plugging into the faithlessness’?

Forget about the Jets as you think Propellers?

This sucker going down the plug hole as a vicious cycle; as best laid plan of low quarters of ‘humanity’ going agley.

Things are out of control –  it may even be time to ‘bring on the Panopticon’.

Being the further destruction of lives systematic; the casting aside of pretence towards civility,  breach of ‘social contract’ – otherwise known as  ‘fortified playground’ for the Stateless aka ‘out of sight rich’, the world become as one large concentration camp as realisation of ‘maximisation of profit’?

A  ‘theoretical concept’ worthy of propeller- head?

Where marginal costs equal marginal revenues do propeller- heads sink to Onanism over such conjectures restrained, as per Jeremy Bentham over ‘Panopticon’. (See below)?

So to  the ‘signs’.

The progressive ‘plugging in to the faithless’ as it were.

As in: ‘Screw you-  I’m plugged in!’?

No 1. You know somebody who has lost their job; who has had their livelihood ‘removed’, who has worked for years for the same company which has ‘folded’. You may know this person as a spouse or near relative – it may even be you as you look in the mirror, to shave or check application of cosmetics.

No 2. You are in fear of losing your job – this realisation of frailty strikes a resonance of empathic dimension commonly expressed as ‘Oh, shit!’ in the contemplation – moderated by the attempt to seek distraction.

Not worth thinking about, indeed.

– Leave it to ‘the propeller heads’?

No. 3.  The ramifications of fear are manifold and diverse dependant upon the ‘baseline’.

To some people this ‘recession’, in reality a ‘depression’, amount to no more than the same old crap – there is no more downhill for such to run and pour upon same.

So buried as to be ‘silenced’;  as in the ‘silent majority’ – and as in growing.

Where the  same old shit just means even less as ‘subsistence’.

Chalk them up:

Per Capita imprisoned ;and then proportion as per race representative.

Childhood poverty.

Per Capita ‘American unseen’; buried under a floodtide of crap with  nowhere else to go.

It is becoming more difficult for this to remain; the trailer parks are overflowing and people living in autos are better off than the homeless.

This  as the shining of the beacon of Democracy in the free world, that even as burns so dimly such as  may yet be seen so clearly?

Spin – propeller-head!

No. 4. We ‘tighten the belt’. We give up, as according to our  former privilege, some of the ‘little luxuries.’ We start to ask questions of the previously unquestionable. The rich irony of this seam is that most of the garbage we have we don’t really need anyway. This is really bad news for a lot of people who make their livelihoods on the basis of purveying same. ‘newspapers’ as travesty of truth, magazines with their glossy ads for products which fewer and fewer can afford, sports utility vehicles, transatlantic flights, organic skin restoration creams, floral arrangements – the list could go on and on. As will the tragedy.  Somewhere near the end of the line is the rationalisation that in so doing without, ‘ the planet’ is being helped – but perversity transcends limitations when on is designing such as ‘ The Titanic’ – once the World’s biggest Ocean going liner don’t you know – and promoted as  unsinkable, till those particular propellers drove ‘The Titanic’  headlong against an iceberg.

– Who mentioned propellers?

No. 5.  Incidental aside – ever noticed how bulleted lists abbreviated by number are in the ‘negative’ (As in No)?

‘Wanted to say ‘Yes’ – but the world is an abbreviated bullet list as per agenda item’?

Leading to:

‘Ain’t on the agenda no more because of such desire as to affirm’?

‘Its life Jim’ – and just as we know it – as made by parasite?

The tightening of belt accelerates the process as ‘lock in’ to the sinking of the unsinkable;  the floral arranger loses job; the writer as for the ‘free press’ is laid off , as floral design artist variant, the person who works the machine that  puts the organic cucumber in the facial restoration cream (‘anti-aging’ don’t you know) ceases to be ‘economically participative’.

Another loss –  another euphemism?

What says the propeller- head as the vicious cycle turns as of Economy going down plughole?

Give him or her a ‘tweak’ ?

As of Democracy become Fascism such propulsion –  just a little ‘tweak’  here and there all as required?

No.6.   The snake begins to sing –Ka’n you dig it?

Somewhere between ‘five’ and ‘six’ as far as ‘ten’ goes is the ‘tipping point’; kind of like a cruel indictment of the failures of Democracy as a ‘garden of earthly delight’, in failure to recognise the ‘hybrid vigour’ of weeds. The world shrinks by way of ‘reality’. The ‘message’ becomes as ‘massage’ let alone the ‘medium’, dimensions of constraint cause blurring  – Comedian becoming Politician, and vice versa.

The focus is a lot of effort; perchance too much.

There is a calculation of fear in such as to lead one to refer to oneself as  ‘ditto head’ voluntary. Subsidy as dominance of media by Corporate interest prevails. The collective summation of the weakness becomes ‘strength’ fascistic.

– Is this how ‘willing executioners are made’?

Not so much by a ‘bang’ – as collective summation of ‘whimper’?

Bottom line; how the individual accommodates to the lie on grounds of survival?

The  daily crust  being one of pragmatism.

No 7.  The boot begins the stomp.

There is some residual sense as ‘innate’ of truth remaining?

Voices of protest ‘exist’ – but they are readily reduced to being as ‘wolves howling in wilderness’.

The summation is the small huddle of privacy – but fear not,  such as ‘propeller-head’ have the answer, apropos of ‘Panopticon’ as ‘power of mind over mind’. Jeremy Bentham as old whore intellectual, epitome of‘ ‘Propeller-head’ with ‘felicific calculus’ no less; as attempt to reduce things that cannot be reduced without tragedy, as archetypical

Empiricist as would be ‘conscious’.

Make that omelette – break those eggs?

Support of the  abomination of ‘power of mind over mind’, for such the Panopticon seen -as  an onanist poring over pornography ‘sees’?

But, now ‘the quietness’ has begun, now we cannot speak, as the fear has gripped by larynx,  mere  ‘by  product’ of  hold on throat?

The ‘short and curlies’ next indeed.

As heart and mind follows…

No 8. The division is cast out, such the ‘music of dance’.

Fancy  gloves though has old MacHeath, dear …

Reading between  the lines.

The ‘round up’ has begun, such the fear palpable as for the kicking into action of ‘list’ as built up contingent in the taking down.

Not that you will learn of it through the media.

The medium is the massage become, such as the perversity of rape of humanity by ‘the man’; and much as to the bleeding consequent despite attempted ‘lubrication by spin’.

As of propeller- head.?

Euphemism lives through such, as per reality imitated .

The ‘Krystal’ of the ‘Nacht’ has been well and truly shattered; apropos of ‘awe kicking in’.

It is indeed the music of the night. Boot stomping stuff.

As  such darkness has fallen at ‘noon’ – apropos of Koestler.

No. 9.  The Disappearances.

Whatever happened to Leon Trotsky – as ‘The Stranglers’ sang?
An ice pick through the head was the reality of Leon as dissident . Dissident, subversive – the euphemisms could go on and on.

But the ice pick ‘lives’ –  to be applied to cranium!

‘Whenever I hear the word ‘Trotskyite’ I reach for my ice pick’?

Five will get you nine dear, Old Macky is back in town?

Those who ‘actively dislike’ POTUS 43 – see here mine best effort concerning eulogy – should yet have appreciation of his being tool .

So long Posse Comitatus,  hello cattle prod, meet me in ‘Guantanamo on the Hudson’ – after ‘extraordinary rendition’ ?

– And the euphemisms  just keep on coming.

No 10.  The ‘inescapable lightness of being’.

See here, it says in the small print as best laid plans.

Says about love being ever victorious over hate as contains within seed of own destruction. Says here about never darker as when light is about to dawn. Says about how ‘emissary of the dark one’ will hold up an outdated paradigm in popular phraseology aka colloquial vernacular while knowing what is to go down in the intention.

What does that mean exactly; ‘in the intention’?

Any answers ‘Professor Propeller-Head’?

Hey kids, plug into the faithless
Maybe they’re blinded
But Barack makes them ageless?

– As could be sung in ‘Barack and the Jets’.

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