January 2009

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An Obama Nightmare

Seven Years of Guantánamo

Our Collapsing Economy

A Plea From a Teen in Gaza

From Vietnam to Gaza

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Blowback From a Tragic Error

Israel’s Moral and Political Insanity

Oakland on Fire

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A Day in Gaza

The Ceasefire in Gaza

Israel Ponders the Third Stage

Gaza and the Goon Squad Meet the Wizard

Israel’s Onslaught on Gaza: Criminal, for Sure; But Also Stupid

To Gotham City with Dexter Gordon

Wal-Mart Caught Stealing

Outcry Over Israel’s War Crimes

The Ceasefire Plan

The Horror, the Horror

In the Jaws of a Depression

Livni’s Big Lie

Tunnel Vision

Gaza: History Matters

Drowning in a Toxic River

Haiti’s Gas Gang

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