January 2009

The Problem with the Stimulus

In Israel, Detachment From Reality is the Norm

Can Obama’s Shift on Terror Succeed?

The Aftermath of the War on Gaza

The Way Forward

The Freefalling Economy

The Struggle of an Un-People

Voices in the Mirror

Katrina’s Endless Loop

The Audacity of Educated Hope

When Due Diligence is a One-Way Street

It’s Time to Free Leonard Peltier

Fighting for Migrant Justice in the Desert

Our Current Economic Crisis

Reasons for War?

Bowing to the Masters of War?

How to Fix the Banks

Halting the Gitmo Trials

Investing with Madoff

Worse Than an Earthquake

US Intel Nominee Lied About Church Murders

The Democrats on Israel

The First MBA Presidency and the Business Academy

Bolivia Poised for Historic Vote

Another Real Estate Crisis is About to Hit

Understanding Gaza

Killer in Chief

The Peaceful Transfer of Violent Power

Obama and the Muslims

Obama’s Work Ethic

Buying the President

Ready. Aim. Organize.

Starting Over in Gaza

In My Own Bones


Investing with Madoff

A Ten-Point Solar Agenda

This Land Really is Made for You and Me

State Terrorism Against Gaza

Inauguration Ad Nauseum

The EU, Gaza and the Lisbon Treaty

Why I am in Gaza

A Citizen’s Oath of Office

Hosing Obama Israeli Style

Israel’s Doctrine of Destruction

The Strongest Weapon of All

SAG Watches It All Slip Away

Time for a New Divestment Campaign

The Boss Has Gone Mad

Investing with Bernie Madoff