Full-Spectrum Dominance of the Big Lie

‘Everything I say is a lie’

–The Cretan Paradox.

It’s never good to take pleasure in the misfortune of others, especially when there are charities involved, and to that extent any decline in the mitigation of human sufferance, however warped the motivation, as in sycophantic token gesture in the demonstration of suitability for Palm Beach Club membership; readies aside and absence of ‘blackball’ included, is yet to be grieved over.

But consider Bernard L Madoff and his confession of  ‘all’  being as big lie; such  seen here as illusion borne of perverse, dwarf mentality; psychotic in extent of psychopathology – as represented in babblings inane about ‘Full Spectrum’ and megalomaniacal delusion over ‘easy money’ in the ‘free market’.

The real potential cause of schadenfreude,  or  rejoice ‘Freudian’, way of reading lips and subjugation to ‘truth’ concerning ‘das id’  as outed in this small instance of shaft financial,  being by way of the ‘At last; truth!’ sentiment,  not to say catharsis, concerning the system of ‘smoke and mirrors’ as we most of us currently live and suffer under – is that the ‘house of cards’  be seen as it is.  This alongside the pantomime of ‘presentation of self in everyday life’ in American Dream as  stolen by free market parasite being revealed ‘fait accomplis’;  under pretentious term ‘all’ –  and to ‘footlight’ of zeitgeist prevailing temporary in the enantiodromiatic transition  – as Jung could put it.

Life it be but a stage indeed.

Or as Dylan sang: ‘The times they are a changing’.

The fall of Bernard L Madoff as entailing ‘confession’ out of mouth of septuagenarian  (yet mere babe compared with ‘Old Nick’ himself)  ‘poster boy’  of the free market being a reflection of truth –  as in ‘no whore like an old whore’?

Eat your heart out ‘Yoda’ concerning darkness and light in the force; such war of the Henries as being of ‘stars’.  From volte- face to outright confession; the tide going out and who has been swimming nude seen in all the ‘glory’ of nakedness, as put in  paraphrase of  Mr Buffet.

We are living in ‘interesting times’; courtesy of the likes of Bernard L Madoff as lying, cheating, ‘bastard’ of free market Capitalism being discovered, as Ponzi Mark Two; way of marketing the ‘get even richer even quicker’ dream by way of no risk return should one be in the club as of Palm Beach; and time of masks being ripped from villain.

Discovery –  by way of failure to maintain illusion.

Henry Paulson too knows about such things – though his be more towards the further maintenance; way of propping up?

No need.

Your ass Mr Paulson; it be in a sling which reality, way of humanity,  is about kick into touch – as inevitability of ‘force majeure’ – plea of such as Donald Trump, way of welch?

Marx’s quote as to membership of ‘club’, and that be Groucho as opposed to Karl, wisdom of ‘Grundrisse’ aside;  I have to admit to no direct involvement with the investment plans of Bernard L Madoff Investment Securities LLC; devil being in the detail  and as denouement following.

‘Indirect’ involvement, yes,  by way of suffering as common humanity in the ‘tailgate’ unravelling of nightmare sold as dream;  or ‘buy in’ to zeitgeist financial ‘passive’ courtesy of being alive and in the Western World as ‘accident of birth’  such juncture- and the tragedy thus far that to be poor is to be at the foot of the hill down which such excrement flows consequent to Master of the Universe come unstuck; bowels of such as would be ‘ubermenschen’ loosened in the ‘meltdown’, and sphincters of the top percentage remaining twitching at thought of  further inevitable such revelation as to the badness of their faith; context of Sartre and existentialist philosophy; and ‘credit crunch’ being as euphemism for misery widespread in the concentrate.

‘Them as rich as cannot defecate’ shall soon learn- so it going to birth pangs of new order?

Green hill to be reached by way of brown hill first?

If there is any hope, as Orwell wrote, it is in the proles – and ‘we’ are vast majority proles these days to such unfolding; not to say ‘lumpen’ in the making, if not  the huddle- and as yearning to be free of being  so dumped upon.

That be: ‘proletariat’ as the Spanish say; and depression as Economists utter reluctant –  given grasp of Psychology and self fulfilling prophecy.

Jest aside of misattribution of etymology, sticking with the Spanish theme, and way of Monty Python –

‘Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!

Well thank you Bernard L Madoff!

Does the L stand for ‘Liar’ perchance?

Must say  the confession admired; the grandiose illusion of pretension to humanity, way of acknowledging it ‘all’ being as lie-  hath  one not thought such ‘all’ was so for many a year – and now you have spilled ‘the beans’ as to world view dominant this juncture. Spilled by way of tearing asunder;  own small way.

But that thine philanthropy were born of wisdom of age as in fear of death, rather than the knowledge of game being up.

Awoken  from slumber to puzzle no more.

Here was a fan of Horatio Alger, thinking as was all fault mine own way of lack of ‘enterprise’ (trouble with the French; got no word for ‘entrepreneur’); resigned reluctantly to life of debt peonage apropos of punishment for ideological failing – when Bernie L  up and drew massive bite upon backside of pillar of establishment, hitting where it really hurts; way of Van Helsing and stake to Vampire.

Way of teaching rich to sing the blues; of millions lost in the cessation of the ‘easy money’  flowing on back of sufferance humanity as ‘untermenschen’ ever growing in the number.

Copulation sideways in Palm Beach; you old devil Henry; as done ripped guts out of ‘dream cheerleader’, and that be as of ‘champagne unit’, Texas Guard style, as protected from any real danger time of war; ‘fortunate sons’ indeed, learning to fly planes designated never to see further ‘active service’ time of war.

But not protected from Bernie L’s particular variety of danger, this new time of war apropos of ‘Full Spectrum Dominance’?

Not done, but dug –   and then the postulate metaphysical as to ‘all’?

I’ll take a piece of that ‘action’ Bernard.

Even to the moaning and the groaning, the wailing and the gnashing, of billionaires in background, or even, and let’s be ‘petty’ here in such schadenfreude; of  millionaires  learning to sing the blues.

What Bernard L Madoff has done, is no more or less to reveal further the illusion way of smoke and mirror this system;  being thereby as ‘Torquemada’ way of holding candle to feet of wealthy most part; it also being benign to tell humanity of the lie as made in the ‘all’ as conceived. Admittedly  pitifully circumscribed; as but in the greed desirous of examination;  little bonfire lit to vanity by  way of double ‘agent’ – to say nothing of entendre,  and laughter in the aisles of ‘untermenschen’ caused by the singing of the blues by Palm Beach Club ex members? One out of every four such ‘cats’ preferring – and the other three waiting with sphincter twitching the next manifestation of nail banger to the coffin of ‘dream’ parasitic held in  such ‘bad faith’?

Bernie, old devil that he be, hath peeled back another layer of the onion as the ‘all’?
Here’s to the death of the ‘greed is good’ perversity as espoused by Gecko – and not before time?

Here’s to tears of joy rather than sadness.

Your big lie; Bernard L Madoff, is as lie endemic; your ‘all’ it be as material and as nightmare of dream American expropriated same extent?

It be as such ‘rub’ to solicit genie from lamp?

Concerning ‘all’; yours may not be the only nail in such coffin; but that it have such echo in the bang as knocked down as cause pause for thought ‘humanity’ – so no real condemnation here; not such as found for Dick Fuld, asked only as was fair – and truth in the face as be told; sequestration being the real demand.

Sequestration – being to wealthy as stake to vampire?

‘You are excused. Sir’, as said; way of apology concerning truth if not repentance by way of confession as to lie?

Why no take it all the way and tell it like it really is, Bernie L – in singing like the proverbial canary?

Do us all a favour?

‘In for a cent, in for a dollar’ or ‘hung for a sheep as a lamb’?

Direct eyes on bigger things; way of Moby, and ‘thar she blows!’

Growing pains of Humanity,   way of maturity – and that there be not such pain for same in the harpooning, as to join in the turning,  the taking down, way of  Captain Ahab?

Lions laying with lambs indeed, as blues song of the ex- wealthy goes in repentance such march reluctant to Bowery flophouse; now all that poverty of such spirit contains to be revealed in the acrimony, as mendicant cup held out to the poor yet still – and Barack to play such tune as is called by such payer of piper to no avail; house of cards as sucker to go down under such determinism concerning perversity as desperate grasp upon illusion?

‘Masters of the Universe’?

‘Full Spectrum Dominance’?

– Evil contains within it the seeds of its own destruction?

‘Bring ‘em on’ as said ‘Dubya the wise’ (another oxymoron) – to such little cost to self but much to American son (and daughter) true – only this time it be to those as more fortunate, credence revived in the clear waters of such seen as going belly up; dead eye of such world view staring thereby though so difficult to discern – as to permit village missing such idiot to claim found, and  ‘Wanted Dead or Alive’ posters being torn down;  real enemy visible at long last.

‘Bernie, meet Bernie’ as introduction of different kinds of Socialist to each other?

You couldn’t make it up – the truth being stranger than fiction.

The ways of Justice being many and wondrous, and will be done; way of same, Wild  West accordant to perversity such interpretation meeting nemesis.

Truth comes out; and humanity prevails.

The sun has got his hat on – and he’s coming out to play?

So sing, Bernard L, sing – such as to put ‘fat lady’ to shame.

Then we’ll really know that it is all over, and a new show to start, on a new stage.

Here’s to the passing of bad faith, and the ending of such sufferance as is caused by living under the illusion it represents.

Respected financier says: ‘It’s all a big lie’ – is this the cretin paradox?

As ‘enunciated’ by Bernard L Madoff;  after ‘fat lady’ has sung for concerning dreams and the making thereof, context zeitgeist American free market, leveraged after the fashion of derivative financial, to Global pretense – and RIP ‘Full Spectrum’?

STEPHEN MARTIN can be reached at: stephenmarti@yahoo.com




Stephen Martin can be reached at: stephenmarti@yahoo.com