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The Other Side of the Pleasure-Dome


In Xanadu did Kubla Khan
A stately pleasure-dome decree :
Where Alph, the sacred river, ran
Through caverns measureless to man
Down to a sunless sea.

–Samuel Taylor Coleridge : ‘Kubla Khan’ or ‘A Vision in a dream: A fragment’

Now that aint workin, thats the way you do it
Lemme tell ya,  them guys aint dumb…

–Dire Straits. ‘Money for nothing’

Jester does not promise ye herein a ‘Rose Garden’!

This be the take of mere fool on ‘puppetry political’ American.

Ye being of nervous disposition such as should ‘switcheth channel’ – as may yet ecstatic be over results of the Election and which ‘money man’ hath won, and hope herein sincere be that thy hopes, so far as they are for ‘greater good’ are realised; that whatever reality promised turns out to be, not just sugar coat….

Not to melt away, not to  reveal: ‘same old shtick.’?

– Jester wishes ye well – and such ‘shtick’ be gone before appearance!
That such ecstasy may result in all that ye hope for other; for ‘humanity’.

Oh, such is the hoping enjoined!

Reading on as matter of particular election thine own and true – hence ye be possibly from  ‘smart side’; goodness knows ye are  why as such as why this Jester submits to Orwellian fantasy of ‘hope’ for humanity, and put thoughts way of freedom realised idiosyncratic this  organ of Democracy American.

‘Hath the ‘smart money’ won’?

Election 2008  –  above should not be the question!

Writing now, Jester knows result of Election 2008 – also as having knowledge Citizens turned out in droves.

What a mere Jester should know of ‘Democracy’?

Just as in the prayer for a parallel of Roosevelt, and hope found in ‘Ba’ – who may even now, as Jester writes, be as ‘toast’ political; of  bread burned or of the spirit in glass raised as question, while recognising that in the sidelines political, real truth was stated and other toast made – if not to be enacted in the attempt political, courtesy of money rather than people, decree rather than vote, puppet rather than man -and case tragic as may be concerning the ‘bread burned’ when far better it be it that ‘glass be raised’ in honour; fond words uttered thereby….

Standing before thee, smile wide, pretending as to life, while hand up ‘backside’ , voice cast as by the ventriloquism  – indeed as puppet be!
Such as  Mr. Nader  or  Ms. McKinney be not.

As to your belief?

As not to melt away to ‘shtick’?

Few for the life saw even shade of such in ‘Old Macky’ – turning ‘that one’ against as vernacular in petard; lowering of barrier accepted as in – ‘ Spread the wealth, plumbing depths new; dear’ hissing’  John?’

In the ‘backfire or blowback’ thy found thy nemesis – for such spread indeed the desire, if not need…

Thy should have left such jest behind – as Jester advise;  ‘kiddeth not the kidder’ – dear sire!

This small article opened by two quotes; seeming far apart; AD 1798  – thence in the switching,  to AD 1985.

These times, these days; they breed a sense of ‘so far apart’.
Deliberation by way of Zeitgeist delineation, apropos of dynamic eternal; folly and wisdom as sayeth ‘Will’?

Not that years all that much; so much can happen in the interval; the ‘interregnum’ as it were in the being…

For particular sins this Jester; condemned to study ‘Metaphysics’ – alongside other, much more practical discipline.

Such ‘mind fuck’ as can be sitting round a table discussing whether or not such exists with others – who may themselves be as product ‘solipsistic’!

‘Promethean’ baptism concerning the belief that money be, and of the ‘wisdom’ of Cheney –   that be ‘Dick’ in the abbreviation, and  concerning impossibility of sexual act in the utterance uncouth.

– Damn if the spellchecker be not broken by that pertaining to sole sentient being – metaphysical jargon tending towards such these days!

Anyway, Jester hath no desire to rain on ‘parade’, far let alone to ‘piss’ on same…

But having ‘pipe to rip’ as it were, not the least being that, unfortunately, from the mouth of ‘Sam’ – nothing good coming from Opium dream?

Jardine Matheson corporate entity included, days of yore, and as of Empire passed -small jest yet to play there may be concerning the screwing of as in the turning eternal.

A challenge to power prevailing – expression of your grace!

Not that the concept of ‘Dire Straits’ either be admired, as lived, such time of meltdown as is getting better in the knowing by number, in the intimacy of the material, the Citizen thereof, as  learning ‘the Blues’ musical in the singing..

How cometh it to be?

‘Joe six pack’ as become ‘Joe no pack’ or indeed ‘Joe oweth a few packs’?

Something wondrous about ‘belief’ is there not?

That thine ‘interest’ be raised, such further turn of screw?

Do not question on which such screw turneth –   as of in puppet show political?

Where ‘we’ are now; midst of ‘metaphysical nightmare’ for some – and ‘pipe dream’ for other, expression of such belief?

There; in the twisted scowl of ‘Dick’, ‘heart’ still beating courtesy of machine,  skeletal grim form of ‘Don’, rubber stamper of deaths (retired) Condoleeza Rice, of musical accomplishment better than as of Nero mere fiddler to much smaller burning, and George W as kleptocratic heir; idiocy – in the power bequeathed as contempt for humanity in the ‘representation’ thereof?

There; in ‘Colon’ on world stage, uttering such as contained within anatomy part, to drumbeat of war, no less…

Mine blade is double scythed!

There; in whispering hiss ‘Old Macky’; in the ‘pit-bull with lipstick’ sidekick; of female equivalent ‘George W’ concerning vacuity – and antonym of transigence the making thereof?

If ‘they’ have ‘won’ – in even deeper trouble than is known?

As per yourself, perchance?

Questioning such ‘toll of bell’?

Or ‘turn of screw’?

That by such toll screwed indeed?

It falling by way of Jester to be the bearer of such tiding?

Unqualified thereby – as expression lack of  knowledge, but that can almost weep in the watching of Citizen loyal and true in the queue waiting to vote American Election 2008, and see game as played, some sense of history, of proverb French, and language of Fascism – apropos of  ‘cheese eating surrender monkey’ – or ‘Untermenschen’ perchance?

As can see flea riding elephant,  power of AIPAC, make or break, and in the downing on bended knee before; such selling out as hand in puppet

‘Plus ca change’ ?

As trying to reconcile Coleridge with Dire Straits; such times we live – happy for most they not be.

– But worry not, for Jester is here, a smile in the wry to raise –  that it be caught – in the getting of it, or getting it not!

What become clear; that America as a beauty wondrous and true in such times a dynamic between that of ‘State’ and ‘Individual’ – and that ‘life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness’  be not so  nurtured now?

This; seen in queue to vote; of ‘turnout’ as belief – and hope for ‘change’ concerning growing numbers of unemployed?

Nestling such nurture, heart of American Dream, something going back, demanding ‘rebirth’; and such as would prevent Roosevelt parallel as is desperate in the requirement for a truly great country – in the Constitution realised; as in the articulation can put Magna Carta ‘neath shade – something which in openness of embrace as cannot help but be admired, even by Jester?

Something glorious, within this America, as beat of heart; as not found in puppet?

But such also giving meaning to ‘money men’ in Political ‘reality’ – more be the tragedy?

The margins between ‘Old Macky’   and  ‘Ba’  so slim?

In the ‘squeeze’ to be of same is hope for the future of America that such realises in the re-establishment of balance, or progress towards?
That the vote as queued for by Citizen as heart be realised in the head; that there be pullback from the brink, that it be not the case that who counts the vote transcends in the desire the will of those who casteth same, form of decree far from the pleasure as found such dome?

Once again.

Let there be truth – proclaimeth the Jester!

Money for  nothing?

Pleasure dome decreed?

What be the ‘something’ –  and whom it to be for?

What be  the pleasure  of being American if it is ‘all’ as lie;  no more than ‘re-hash’ of such as George W Bush as empty, transient vehicle as per drift, hollow as per blow of wind dominant by fortune; rule by expression of money through puppet; moral or charismatic,  contempt in the imposition as of rule by vote counter rather than by voter as Citizen – be the former  as ‘ruler’ technological invention, bringing home as ‘delivery’, to ‘scheme’ black in the box as in the ‘heart’  there from  – if  indeed, possessed?

There is already too much tragedy, this world, for such as Jester?

Or in such – a ‘beckoning hence’ there be?

No ‘money for nothing’; no ‘stately pleasure- dome’ as in decree? Never has been – but as of pipe dream?

But what there can be – America resurgent; conscious realisation result of ‘Nationhood expressed’, Constitution alive yet that there be will of the people, of Citizenry, that can reconstruct dynamic;  re-establishment of balance harmonious of State and Individual, as can render poverty all but obsolete through compassion, reach out in rise above; making of huddled masses yearning to breathe free…  a power of humanity in the desiring?

Call it idealism, call it ‘pipe dream’, call it ‘money for nothing’ – but do not doubt  earnest hope herein as from mere Jester realised for the Citizen of America; that  ‘Champion of the People’ be found, that the balance recognises ‘pleasure true’ , that all such  ‘currency’  be for ‘something’!

On such grounds the hopes of Citizens true, body of Humanity American, rest?

America in ‘hubris?

China in ‘ascendance’?

Do not shoot the messenger –  he mere Jester be!

China hath troubles, and can but America shift emphasis from Wall Street to Main Street accordant ‘balance’; can but manage ‘power’ humanely to Citizen parochial as to Citizen worldly, then there may be hope; may yet be other than insularity of Fascism, welcome in such transcendence; avoidance of ‘prying of gun from dead hand’  mentality?
The ‘barbed wire snare’ which  dear ‘Ike’ warned grown in ‘strength’ – but only by usurpation of vote, corruption  of  American Way; constraint of freedom of Citizen and corruption of Democracy as in  Constitution writ?

I speak of you, dear Citizen, and to you – no less!

This vote may see reverse of trend; may see ‘something’, may see real pleasure as not of decree – but by way of will?

In this that there be the maturity of seeing that a large part of something is better than all of nothing – that giving is exceeded in the receiving reciprocated, that   ‘jaw, jaw’ is indeed better than ‘war, war’; that control can be way of soft talk and big stick – and ever the better such as stick caste aside in maturity and spirit entered  –  indeed that the voice of citizen as body of humanity attain power.

Oh let it be – when I turn on my t.v.–  that Jester doth see…
America  t’is of thee.

Jester: a clown or buffoon who is employed by a noble or royal for entertainment; also called fool. In societies where freedom of speech was not recognized as a right, the court Jester – precisely because anything he said was by definition “a jest” and “the uttering of a fool” – could speak frankly on controversial issues in a way in which anyone else would have been severely punished for, and monarchs understood the usefulness of having such a person at their side. Still, even the Jester was not entirely immune from punishment, and he needed to walk a thin line and exercise careful judgment in how far he might go – which required him to be far from a “fool” in the modern sense.
America after ‘election’ 2008 requires Jesters?

– Dost thou think all that money was spent on mere puppet show, same hands disguised ‘neath same?

– ‘Only kidding!’  – as Jesters say when knuckle transgressed; too close to the bone as for there to ‘comfort be’.

Nor ‘be’eth’ I from Connecticut – such as but part of jest, mere device as of heuristic, as are manifold and multiple up Jester’s sleeves  – the ‘Twain’ as be admired, not the case thy can see mine humor therein?

Is laughter not indeed the ‘best’ of medicines – and such in the Freedom realised despised  – only as by Darkness visible?

Or indeed by that behind hand as works puppet, mouth as throws voice? – regardless of race, color, creed or religion – ‘Egalitarian’  – subsumed by ‘Nicc’?

Explicandum; way of ‘CP’ and ‘ naming the names’:

Ba: An abbreviation of Barack, with play on sound, as of sheep bleating in Nursery Ryhme.  As of the Obama?

Will: An abbreviation of William, as play upon aspect of élan vitale separating man from mere puppet, and persistence leading to the optimistic. As of the Blake.

Dick: An abbreviation of Richard, as play upon penile appendage. As of the Cheney.

Ike: an abbreviation found in name of POTUS 34, play upon truth poetic Sylvia Plath concerning barb wire snare – as ‘Military Industrial Complex’ representational.  As of the Eisenhower.

Colon: A play upon the pronunciation idiosyncratic of Colin as insisted upon, reference to anatomy intestinal as full of waste matter to be expelled through peristalsis.  In front of United Nations.  As of the Powell.

Nicc: An abbreviation of Niccolo, as play upon Nick as in the Old, concerning the Devil, and as of way the world works – and how puppets political are made. As of the Macchiavelli.

‘Don’: An abbreviation of Donald, as play upon the Gangster nomenclature, apropos of Smedley Butler gift concerning ‘racket’. As  of the Rumsfeld.

CP: abbreviation for a political newsletter, and of the ‘Only in America’ as telling of facts. As of the Counterpunch.

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