Giving It Up to the Combine

 “Yes. This is what I know. The ward is a factory for the Combine. It’s for fixing up mistakes made in the neighborhoods and in the schools and in the churches, the hospital is. When a completed product goes back out into society, all fixed up good as new, better than new sometimes, it brings joy to the Big Nurse’s heart.”

-Ken Kesey

There is a wondrous truth in the extract above.

A deliberation from far outside.

Truth within apt setting – the ward of psychiatric institution.

But this small article is to be no exercise in literary criticism; rather a rage against such factory as  representing body Politic degenerate, and a financial crisis caused by wilful deliberation as part of attempt at Global Financial Dominance – as act of madness.

Against the Combine as Political Form, and Military Metaphysic as world view.  As attempt to delineate psycho politics in a knowing of the enemy as Fascism – and the power of fear. The fear that we most of us now know so well as disruptive of psyche; in the questioning of assumptions made and as in threat to  daily routine of lives – such the effects of shakedown of the Economy as Meltdown caused.
Such , as consequent of Combine seeking to grasp more power in the shakedown.

It is of Political origin  – and demands Political remedy.

Such the extent of damage as chaos inflicted that it does indeed call into question: ‘Has the world gone mad?’

The Combine isn’t that big really.

It is people who elect to give it such power as it has, through belief.

Through form of ideological tithe of the mind, of giving up proportion of  individuality.

Giving it up to the Combine is a choice.

Certain things in the mind as so given up, or as reconstructed through propoganda,  as pattern in the head of others to scheme,  are as  taboo in the mentioning.

They are as Social Contract abused.

Excess proportion of tithe of the mind,  as it were.  Given  from completed product thereby.

Don’t know about you; but I don’t want to be a pattern in anyone else’s head.

Or to be ideologically occupied and conceptually restrained by Combine, or produced as completed product by Factory,   or to cause joy in such as  Big Nurse’s heart.

As completed product Political.

Especially  not to serve the needs of so few, at the expense of so many.

I do not wish to become fait accompli to Fascism, however unwitting or gentle as unconscious slumber may the path be, before finding myself adopting such World View, looking around in fear, feeling under attack-  and persecuting in my  hatred as expression of such hateful state of being. As product complete.

It is so easy to forget the power of ideas as beliefs in Politics, and for ideological tithe to operate unconscious such sense. But it is there as potential in each and every individual, as selective filter, in the interpretation of political events that is as apperception: as reflection of the precedence of existence over essence. It is there in the calculations made.

The essence of spin is to operate at such a level, getting in to the ideological tithe. To limit thought as in the prohibition. By pejorative label, stereotype, generalisation, the maxim of slogan as seed,  for example, as constituent of tithe fashioned.

But what can be given up can also be taken down.

It is a double edged sword.

Politics seen here as pattern within world view determined, subjugation of consciousness political form accordant, factory restrained the Fascist form; Craft enhanced the Democratic – and the Combine as having fucked up in a big way, the factories not working as before,  Psycho Political demand increasing as much as Economic sense gone beyond.

Is there such connection?

The wheels are turning, the puppets are dancing, the spinmeisters hard at work.

Despite such, a lot of products out there are questioning their completeness, myself included.

The straightjackets have been pulled too tight for illusion to prevail further that they are not there.

This; there in the horror felt in listening to ‘Drill, baby Drill!’ at Political rally, as suitable ‘build up’ as could be to such mindless chant as: ‘War is Peace! Freedom is slavery! Ignorance is strength!”

In the distance felt, in such horror;  awareness of the tithe.  As  unconscious operant no more, such the glimmering of insight.

The insight  as would see straightjacket on such others chanting so, – while ignoring one’s own little item of such apparel, albeit drawstrings not so tightly drawn. Yet.

The world has gone mad, and the lunatics are in charge.
The demand for tithe requisite to support such world view form, the reality of Economic Imbalance, inequity of distribution,  become  too great to support the quid pro quo of outstretched hand as born of calculation, as in the enjoinment of scheme.

That there be pretence as to Emperors new clothes whilst wearing rags oneself?

As a ragged trousered philanthropist to ideological tithe?

But; always to the Combine which wants more given up.

Economics and Morality demand control of belief and can become the triumph of illusion over reality, or reality over illusion. To Riefenstahl, to Hitler; the former expressed as ‘Triumph of the Will’.

Of Social Contract as Psychology based upon Economy of daily crust given expressive of the ‘Morality’?

Of the Gini Coefficient and Military Metaphysic in intimacy of relationship.  For  you can’t have one without the other, they are bound irrevocable in the body Politic.

But God knows we must have Billionaires, and ‘sharing the wealth’ be as obscenity in the tithe; taboo –  the very idea being as the sight of turd in a swimming pool.

Even although most people, truth be told, now need such greater sharing of the wealth more than ever. As it has become even more polarised in the possession.  As their sufferance grows.

Of pragmatism such relationship born; Machiavellian manipulation of energy constrained as by Spinmeister roving to hierarchy, divided, machine like in the consequence of abrogation as Fascism; or the  free collective summation of individuality as right to transcend, to be variant; egalitarian and  unifying, organic in the assumption, as Democracy?
This;  the choice staring America in the face.

‘Cui Bono?’ resounding starkly in the sufferance and misery as is.

Highlighting the possibility of much worse to come should wrong ‘choice’ be made.

Of Politics and Form as World View thereby determined.

Of  Fascism and Democracy as extent and type of ideological tithe.

This, two fingers to such factory serving Combine, Churchill like reversed; as in ‘V’ for ‘Victory’ – for the Combine have overstepped the mark this time in destroying the basis of world view propagated as illusion, in the removal from even the crumbs of consolation from the table, that in the taking from the sustenance for so many, reality prevails over illusion, no matter effort contrary.

No matter the ideological tithe.

The Combine has gone a bridge too far.

Theirs is a tithe now too demanding to support. The power of money to form of greed has crossed the Rubicon of Political Form. You cannot have Democracy when a small group has all the power money can buy, the demand such form is for Fascism.

This Fascism must not be allowed to be furthered.  As in statement of taboo:

The Combine must be dismantled, bit by bit, piece by piece.

There must be a cleanout of the Financial System which brought this catastrophe about.

Most notably the Federal Reserve.

In the sufferance caused by Combine machination gone wild by greed, eye on new field of exploitation, world view apparent; stark and staring from abyss; servitude for people as complete product in the extent of tithe threatened.

Because greed has destroyed the real factories, the real Companies as source of livelihood, destroyed the real Economy.

Because this is the reality staring us in the face, as madness of destruction brought about, as so many lives destroyed by so few, and for so little.

Like so many little men so tithed ideological, I am weary of the machinations, unable to continue to stand still in hope that the scythe passes by, hoping for freedom to grow again while sensing contrary.

Tired  all ‘sense’ around.

Of print,  radio and t.v, of mainstream media,  of  ‘news’; of talking heads and hateful mouths; of boot being stamped down upon face as evermore apparent in such bind as would be.

Such  tithing, such tithing.

Tired of the dance of puppets,  to music of the sellout,  the rhythm getting more frantic.

Tired of the Factory  such mindset as product manufactured.

Tired  of giving it up to the Combine.

Life is not death.

Liberty is not incarceration.

Happiness is not misery.

No matter such as may be paid in the contribution towards.
In giving it up to the Combine.

Whether as Wall Street Alumni, Government by shadow,  bad faith stooge or military metaphysic cheerleader.

To say as in moment captured, embrace private, share of love familial or in ecstasy orgasmic:

‘I am alive. I am free. I can be happy!’

Should not be as revolution attained against the odds;  against the body Politic.

Not as something to be repressed, rendered servile, destroyed.

But seen as gift of much greater mystery, surely much the more transcendent as shared.

Should be as everyday embrace of life anew – as routine and joyful as Sun rising.

To dawn of another day.

In  a Democracy.

But yet, when it boils down to it; we are most no less than two pay checks from the street.

So many are already there.

When the Combine turns screw too far, this much apparent as fear way beyond; pragmatic such as black box vote hacked; water board in stateless Gulag, electro shock applied to one who would question , protest zone or free speech cage;  the trend seen clear.

Choosing to tolerate such goings on – that may be seen as complete product?

What next to acceptor of the tithe; what next ….?

In giving it up for the Combine

In the fear cultivated; strangulation of the willingness to speak up, each individual so bound by tithe;   another quiet slipping away.

Of  Democracy.

That Politics can be such exercise of control; of mind, of love, of soul?

No more!

No longer such world as constrained; to accept what is told acceptable – thankful for crumb fed , mind  bent – and in such kneeling; ‘joy’ to  heart of big nurse.

Not while staring into the abyss of meltdown; looking at life anew in the huddle, to such clear reflection of Combine – and their tithe of mind.

In such staring, dreams and belief seen as through broken screw on thumbnail instrument of torture and control; as Socratic insight upon release from shackles; of pleasure as the relief from pain.

The military metaphysic now apparent in all it’s monstrosity – for all but the most tithed of to see.

No more the belief that Factory serving  such Combine can be good, when the fowl and evil consequences produced stare us in the face.

All around.

That such given up, as of world view, as in tithe, was worth it for the common good; as served peace; ‘individual’ survival?

Despite the wars in far off lands, despite the desperate pretence of gain as happiness found in materialism extreme, despite Economic crash, sufferance of neighbor if not of self?

In such protective insularity,  as between margins, a tragedy of failure, as on my behalf, seen – as the victory of illusion over reality.

In giving it up to the Combine.

But the dominance  and demands increasing.

Democracy in America is slipping away, the ideological tithe growing in the accretion of lie upon lie.

The biggest of such lies?

That this Financial Meltdown was accidental; the results of a few greedy individuals, held up as scapegoats.

When the Combine gambled upon field anew, it knew the risk. It knew the downside. It knew the price of ‘all or nothing’, the trend as must be followed, the fear as must be exerted as instrument of control, the mechanisms to be changed, the levers to be pulled.

The patterns of the Military Metaphysic must indeed be changed – the question is by whom – and which form accordant; descent or ascent?

The tithe must change.

Yet in the crisis for the people there is also a crisis for the Combine.

Is someone to arise, who shall step forward on behalf of the people, and change the tithe – in turning the tide?

In such seeing, making announcement clear, so cutting to tithe, so destructive of the Combine and their control?

With words recognising what lies underneath.

Words such as:

“So, first of all, let me assert my firm belief that the only thing we have to fear is fear itself — nameless, unreasoning, unjustified terror which paralyzes needed efforts to convert retreat into advance.”

Franklin D Roosevelt

That fear, that terror as is as in giving it up to the Combine, form of ideological tithe. As causes retreat, prevents advance.

Such as leads one to plead:

Speak up now Citizen, or lose the ability, let alone the right to do so.

In giving it up to the Combine.

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