The Nourishment of Idleness

That we are overdone with banking institutions which have banished the precious metals and substituted a more fluctuating and unsafe medium, that these have withdrawn capital from useful improvements and employments to nourish idleness, that the wars of the world have swollen our commerce beyond the wholesome limits of exchanging our own productions for our own wants, and that, for the emolument of a small proportion of our society who prefer these demoralizing pursuits to labors useful to the whole, the peace of the whole is endangered and all our present difficulties produced, are evils more easily to be deplored than remedied.
Thomas Jefferson

It is a remarkable testimony to the prescience of genius as light shining that these words were written almost two hundred years ago.

“Plus ça change, plus c’est la meme chose” as the French proverb goes.

Yet there have been some recent developments apropos of “demoralizing pursuits” and the nourishment of idleness, as evident through sufferance amongst those laboring useful to the whole, and as beyond anything approximating wholesome limits.

The problem with greed is that there is never enough; no mountain of gold or pile of lucre sufficiently high, because to the green eye of avarice existing in the small proportion of society there is always more to be coveted, more schemes to be hatched;  greater and more exacting emolument to be achieved on back of, and at expense of   Citizens as “labor useful ” and as taken from the “whole” through demoralizing pursuit as preference.

As one who wishes his small labor be useful to the whole, attempt will be made here to answer a question which Citizens throughout the Western World, but most notably in America, are quite understandably asking in the midst of this economic disaster that is greatest present difficulty as produced – and as endangering the peace:

Where has all the money gone?

Now I am not especially qualified to answer this question, other than sharing in the malady Global leading towards such question and as fostering empathy.  In progress of reading this article, you may well get a few “bum steers” as it were. Please be assured that these are without element of deliberation; as such tendered unwittingly. As stated, there is intent of labor useful to the whole. As to bum steers, there”s loads of those about already – especially when it comes to answering this particularly important question concerning money and it”s mysterious “disappearance”.

( A little knowledge a dangerous thing mind you – but can it be double edged – a la “out of the mouth of babes”?)

Some help on the way of trying to answer where the money has gone:

Thomas Pynchon; hitting a nail smack on the head:

“If they can get you asking the wrong questions, they don”t have to worry about the answers”

The “they” in the above being those determined to carry out demoralizing pursuit by way of preference.

The bum steer comes in many breeds, some long horn, some short horn, some without horn at all.

All, however,  on ranch owned by those preferring demoralizing pursuit.

Then; that question so beloved of the Romans, cuttingly pragmatic: as scythe to camouflage,  draft to smoke,  or laser to mirror obscured, beam seen in clarity, angle of incidence evidencing positioning – and revealing evils to be deplored  and remedied,  in form of wholesome limits exceeded being curbed:

Cui Bono?

Also we have the enduring wisdom of Thomas Jefferson, as light shining and helping labor useful on its way; evident throughout this article – hopefully.

Money is still, to this day, as Jefferson put it, a more fluctuating and unsafe medium. That is why it is always best, from perspective of demoralizing pursuit as preference, to utilise such money as belongs to other people, wherever possible.

Money as belongs to people such as the Citizens laboring useful to the whole,  for example.

Now as to withdrawn capital and the burning question of the times :

“Where has all the money gone?”

Herein proposed a demoralizing pursuit unparalleled in scale;  proposed as answering not only the “where”, but also the “why” of the money and it”s going — as in Capital withdrawn, endangerment and difficulty — and excess way, way beyond wholesome limits.

This;  the picture of the whole.

In terms “moderated” by the vision  and turn of phrase of Thomas Jefferson – updated occasionally by the expedient of such as jargon reflecting passage of time.

But the vision as principle captured by his genius still rings true.

Resonant,  regardless of time passing.

As  testimony immemorial as to what Presidential Office in America can mean.

Right now, the American Economy is as one big, shrunken lemon. A lemon which has been shrunken by squeeze until the pips squeak, with wilful deliberation as to liberate practically all juice within : capital withdrawn.  Squeezed by Paulson Bailout, squeezed by leverage of fiat currency, squeezed  by hollowing out, squeezed by trade deficit, squeezed by appropriation bill, squeezed by the pork in same, squeezed under need of the wars being waged.

Squeezed in ways unmentionable –  such the depravity.

This squeezing: into the coffers of small proportion with covetous eye on even greater nourishment of idleness,   and being but as capital withdrawn.

This small proportion preferring demoralizing of pursuit has one hell of a lot of liquidity as capital withdrawn right now.

To the grave endangerment of the peace of the whole – and towards the production of all present difficulties.

As any determined practitioner of demoralizing pursuit will tell you, too much liquidity is not good. The secret of demoralizing pursuit is to get capital withdrawn working; to get it out there; grabbing a piece of the action through involvement in labors useful to the whole, and exacting return from same – while nourishing idleness.

Planning for such “grabbing” is of the essence of demoralizing pursuit.

Now those determined and accomplished in the ways of demoralizing pursuit will tell you much of the way the world works concerning such matters as the reasons for the generation of liquidity and withdrawal of capital. It is always for reasons of investment into a greater whole, from which emolument commensurate in proportion shall be forthcoming, as it were.  However, conditions must be ripe for such a bold move, the greater whole must first be weakened into a state as is susceptible to the advance, if the deployment of the capital withdrawn is to gain control thereof.

Think of it in military terms. Financial weapons of mass destruction indeed.  Achieve required weakness through deployment of such weapons in the greater whole as is coveted, and then the capital withdrawn may be deployed – in getting a piece of the action of same greater whole.  A controlling piece, held by small proportion preferring demoralizing pursuit – and monstrous the idleness thereby nourished.

This why the money has gone.

This answering right question, thanks to Thomas.
(Pynchon in this case.)

Speculate to accumulate herein as one huge scheme of demoralizing pursuit concerning the coveting of greater whole.  Huge; in the capital withdrawn, in the endangerment of the peace, in the production of present difficulties; in  the excess of wholesome limits.
Thus as Jefferson could put it — and just as the Citizen laboring useful to the whole probably experiences it at this moment: concerning difficulties, endangerment and absence of wholesome limit.

You know how it feels.

I sure as hell do.

This nourishment of idleness a deplorable evil.

To a Military historian, the state of play just now regarding progress of this nefarious scheme as nourishment of idleness by capital withdrawn in preference of demoralizing pursuit by small proportion must be reminiscent of Operation Sealion; the Second World War plan by Hitler to invade Britain.

1940. The German troops mustered at Channel port, on borders; the invasion being planned as Operation.  Fortunately for Britain, the Germans realised that they had insufficient resources to carry out the invasion, the “Oberkommando des Heeres”, or German Army High Command, making more demands than could operationally be met in their planning – even given considerable, and desperate, attempts at revision. Resistance by the  enemy far stiffer than expected, particularly in the Air.

There had been “over reach” in the planning.

A fatal flaw.

Operation Sealion was eventually cancelled, by order of Hitler.  In 1940.

In our tale of demoralizing pursuit writ large, there has also been much stiffer resistance encountered from the intended territory of occupation and control – as at the recent G7 meeting.  The stockpiles of money as capital withdrawn are in consequence still in the “war”  coffers.  In America. Waiting in vain for such as IMF to draw upon as per plan, for idleness to be nourished; for deployment by way of demoralizing pursuit as preference.  Capital withdrawn as weapons stockpiled, gathered on the front, ready for deployment in invasion. An invasion deferred due to resistance, and the extent of resources as operational requirement.

“Such squeeze – yet not enough!” – as wail born of greed denied,  amidst the gnashing of the teeth of such small proportion of American society representing demoralizing pursuit to such extent.

Could there yet still be such invasion focused on control of Manufacturing Base rather than Financial Institutions in the targeted greater whole? As  in “bait and switch”?

Probably  not.

The focus always on Financial Institution by small proportion seeking greater nourishment of idleness; the plan dependant upon quick takeover; the avoidance of  war of attrition; shock and awe supposed to prevail as per the planning.  Besides, manufacturing is too much as labor useful to be really nourishing of idleness; Finance as demoralizing pursuit being much preferred by the small proportion of society  who currently have all that money at their disposal, courtesy of same.

As capital withdrawn.


There has been that overreach in planning – just as in Operation Sealion.
As fatal flaw.

As the Scottish Bard, Rabbie  Burns puts it, genius living eternal as light:

“The best laid schemes o’ mice an’ men… Gang aft agley”

Thanks be to God!

But hold off on the celebrations.

Now the situation so grave in America  that the endangerment of peace in the base economy as whole, so great the production of difficulties,  the wholesome limits so far exceeded -that things have to be got back urgently in order more closely resembling “whole” as was. The money must be put back from whence it came — and which it never really left, just changing hands in the concentration, as in from the many of labors useful to the few of small proportion preferring demoralizing pursuit, and nourishment of idleness commensurate. Capital withdrawn.  As to the intended victims of the weapons of financial mass destruction — they too have their problems. Heaven knows: “Terminator” like — they may be “back” — in sense of counter attack.
I think not. I hope not.

For America, in consequence of such nefarious scheme by the small proportion, the difficulty being to get the juice as has been squeezed back into the lemon, to get the Economy back up and working – before people with Jefferson like insight and interests start to realise just what exactly the hell has been going on, and the whole disastrous episode can be openly deplored for the evil that  it represents.

The difficulty also being the “giving up” from perspective of the small proportion.

Once in grasp, indeed, when such demoralizing pursuit the way as preference.

For the citizen laboring useful to the whole, deploring, once seen, such a scheme for the unmitigated Evil of demoralizing pursuit on grand scale it represents, is easy; especially given the extent of endangerment of peace and the difficulties so callously and monstrously produced  – as so many decent, hardworking, loyal and honest Citizens of America as vast majority can unfortunately testify towards.  In  detailing of their sufferance.

The real challenge, as Thomas Jefferson so clearly and profoundly stating in quote given: finding remedy.

POTUS 32 did it.

It can be done.

By way of concluding this small article, a statement of fond hope alongside admiration for Thomas Jefferson, and the useful and peaceful whole as within his Presidential vision of America enshrined.  Were but it that the current incumbent of such exalted public office could find any light- far let alone hold  candle, towards the  beacon held by such as POTUS 3 as befitting what it means to be President. That George W Bush could have been in Presidential labor useful towards the whole, instead of mere stooge in representing preference of demoralizing pursuit of small proportion. For it was under his “watch” such as detailed herein occurred. Such difficulties produced, peace endangered, wholesome limits gone beyond, such idleness nourished.

Such as you experience now.

He,  through abeyance of great public office as responsibility more to be pitied than scorned.  America is truly a great nation, worthy of better.

Concerning POTUS 44 — my hopes with all Citizens, of labor useful to the whole, in America.

You are the majority.
Yours is Democracy by right established; enshrined in Constitution.

Strength be with all those who labor useful to the whole, and, God willing,  remedy for the evils of the small proportion who prefer demoralizing pursuit to labor useful be found; that wholesome limits once more be achieved,  difficulties be overcome — and above all that there be Peace.

May the nourishment of idleness ever be defeated, even in inception.

For the sake of America – and the Peace of the World as a Whole.

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