July 2008

Can Reparations for Apartheid Profits be Won in US Courts?

Cold Shoulders

The Patriotism of Deeds

Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Change

The World According to Jesse Helms

Keeping Count

A Rescue Staged for the Screen

Obama’s War Room

U.S. Blues

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On Soccer and Politics in Lebanon

The One-Word Solution

Bush’s Phony Pollution Accounting

Snitching and Sodomizing

Journalistic Imperatives

More on Russert

Blowback from a Strike on Iran

What Can We Learn from the American Axle Strike?

Rubbert Shines, as US Envoy Puts Foot in His Mouth

Bitch Fights and Tomorrow’s Top Model

Hunkering Down in Afghanistan

Animal Rights and Obama

Preliminary Notes from No Man’s Land

The NPT as a Roadblock to Disarmament

Hidden Casualties

Some Thoughts on Patriotism

Israel Flexes Its Muscles

Can Nasrallah Unite Lebanon?


Dead Runs

My War Story

Obama Heads Back to Butte

Hall of Fame Hypocrisy

Military-Industrial Convergence

The Rocket’s Red Glare–May be Chinese

Confessions of a Barista

Another Torture Victim Gets Charged

US Contractor Leads Torture Training in Mexico

Who Really Benefits From Voluntary Codes of Corporate Conduct?

Mandatory School Milk and the Early Death of Football Players

NAFTA and the Elephant in the Room

Exxon’s Legal Guardians

Crisis Grips the Jobs Market

Grand Theft Hoops

Breaking Into a Prison

The Democrats and Off-Shore Drilling

What’s So Special About Veterans?

Holy Obama

Sense of Honor, French and U.S. Style

Lunch with Karzai