July 2008

They Call Me the Seeker

The Crash of the King of Liquidity

Mubarak Hires the Mosque

The Ethanol Scam

Is There an Oil Shortage?

There May be a Left, But is it Moving?

The Kashmir Chiaroscuro

After the Obama Betrayal

Talking World War III Blues

Why Heifer International is Rolling in Dung

In Praise of Jules Tygiel

Oiling the War Machine

The Shoot Down of Iran Air Flight 655

Crime, Punishment and ExxonMobil

Breaking Down the Trade Deficit

Why Does Barack Obama Hate My Family?

The Not-So-Historic Barak-Talabani Handshake

If There is a Chimp Heaven …

Worse Than McCain?

What’s Driving the Wall Street Rout

* * *

Humanitarian Failure at the G8

Coral Reef Meltdown

McCain’s Melanoma Cover-Up

Cutting Deals with Big Timber’s Darth Vader

Watching Greed Murder the Economy

Dr. Strangelove

Who Will Leave Iraq First?

Jesse Helms Finally Does the Right Thing

Lessons from Sa’di of Shiraz on "Enhanced Interrogation Techniques"

Paul Krugman’s Blind Spot

A Damned Good Assembly

Are They Really Oil Wars?

The Problems with the FISA Bill

What’s Wrong with Selling Your Vote?

Defining Deviancy Down with FISA

Blowing Smoke

The Deadly Fallout from Gang Injunctions

Sick at the Gaza Crossing

The Un-tied States of America

A Union Story

Scandal at Diego Garcia

FISA and the Decline of America

Riding the Colombia Gravy Train

North America Doesn’t Exist

The Myths of Independence Day

Bush’s Rampage in Somalia

Mumia’s Long-Shot Appeal

The Empire Goes to the Movies

A Rescue Staged for the Screen