Where’s George?

So what ever happened to George W. Bush, the worst chief executive this nation has ever endured?

This is an election year. Aren’t we supposed to be evaluating the legacy of the previous administration?

In this case, we have a man whose approval ratings are subterranean. Who’s sunk us into an endless war based on impeachable lies. Who’s dragged our national honor into the toxic mud. Who’s brought us to the brink of depression. Who’s dropped the dollar into the toilet. Who wants more subsidies for terror-target nuke reactors and more tax breaks for CO2-spewing oil barons.

Who screams “Terror! Terror! Terror!” at every possible moment, but lets Osama bin Laden run free.

What would Limbaugh, O’Reilly and the rest of the corporate bloviators be screaming today if a Democrat had hosted the 9/11 attacks and then let their perpetrator roam the world without capture for more than six years?

The only thing the American people can say with pride about George W. Bush is that we never elected him president of the United States.

Is it a surprise that the corporate media has mostly removed this monster from public view? That instead it has Obama and Hillary yelling over such burning issues as flag pins, memory lapses, and the word “bitter”?

The GOP’s very own Nero is now rarely seen. And his puppeteer, Dick “Caligula” Cheney has become equally invisible. When last sighted, he was telling the world that the overwhelming anti-war sentiment of the majority of this once-proud democracy does not matter.

For the record: Nero was the deranged boy-emperor who fiddled while Rome burned. Caligula was the twisted, sadistic torturer-emperor who helped preside over the final demise of a once-great empire. (See the movie of the same name.)

While they should be the daily targets of the Clinton-Obama road show, the ghastly Bush-Cheney has become what Ross Perot said of the national deficit: the crazy aunt that’s stashed in the closet and nobody wants to talk about.

That John McCain will further their policies of endless war on Iraq, on the global environment, on working people and for shredding the Bill of Rights, is patently obvious.

How about Barack and Hillary sign a pact. They can snipe at each other all they want.

But they agree to start each public appearance by reminding everyone who’s in the White House and what he’s done to us all. No matter what moronic questions their debate “moderators” ask them, they can start by asking “Where’s George?”

And then they can say: “When George Bush first ran, you insisted he wasn’t stupid. If that’s true, given what he’s done to the country, what’s his excuse?”

Or is that too much “spin” for prime time?

HARVEY WASSERMAN, a co-founder of Musicians United for Safe Energy, is editing the nukefree.org web site. He is the author of SOLARTOPIA! Our Green-Powered Earth, A.D. 2030, is at www.solartopia.org. He can be reached at: Windhw@aol.com





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