President Clinton’s Remarks on Naming William M. Daley as NAFTA Task Force Chairman and an Exchange With Reporters

President Clinton’s Remarks on Naming William M. Daley as NAFTA Task Force Chairman

Poet’s Basement
St. Thomasino, Engel, Davies and Willson

March 7, 2008

Patrick Cockburn
Why Iraq Could Blow-Up in John McCain’s Face

Robin Blackburn
Question for Barrack Obama: Why Afghanistan is the ‘Right War’?

Saul Landau
The Stupid Economy

Binoy Kampmark
When Competition is Good: McCain and the Muddled Democrats

Chris Floyd
Crushing the Ants: Admiral Fallon and His Empire

Andy Worthington
Spanish Drop “Inhuman” Extradition Request for Guantánamo Britons

Will Potter
Before the Smoke Even Clears in Seattle: Bringing Out the T Word

Eric Walberg
To Leave and Stay at the Same Time: Putin to Medvedev to…?

March 6, 2008

Vincent Navarro
The Next Failure of Health Reform

Forrest Hylton
High Stakes in the Andes: Colombia’s Cornered President

Peter Morici
Why the Dollar is So Cheap

George Ciccariello-Maher
Counter-Attack of the Bureaucrats

John Ross
Taxi! Taxi! The Dark Side of the Oscars

Jacob Hornberger
No Standing to Lecture on Justice

Paul Watson
Illegal Japanese Whaling by the Numbers

Dan Bacher
Off the Deep End

Website of the Day
A Katrina Reader Online

March 5, 2008

Cockburn / St. Clair
A Great Day for John McCain (and Maybe Nader)

Joanne Mariner
After Guantanamo

Fidel Castro
The Raid on Ecuador: Underestimating Rafael Correa

Christopher Brauchli
The Turkish Invasions

Steven Sherman
Obama and the Prospects for a Renewal of the Left

Dave Lindorff
Busting Bush & Co. in New England

James Murren
Bombing Somalia

Adam Engel
Necropolis Now

Website of Day
Remember Song

March 4, 2008

Wajahat Ali
Mumbo Jumbo: Naming Names with Ishmael Reed

William Blum
How Could Hillary Have Known?

Bill Quigley
The Cleansing of New Orleans

Ralph Nader
The Prince Harry Solution

Patrick Irelan
Oil and Health in Venezuela

James J. Brittain /
R. James Sacouman
Uribe’s Colombia is Destabilizing a New Latin America

Norman Solomon
The War Election

Jacob Hornberger
Hillary in Waco: the Missing Apology

Andy Worthington
Guantánamo and the European Parliament

Mike Averko
Kosovo and the Press

Website of the Day
Tex-Mex Primary

March 3, 2008

Jennifer Loewenstein
Gazan Holocaust

Alan Farago
American Politics and the Faltering Economy

Richard Gott
Colombian Deaths in Ecuador

Wajahat Ali
Who Speaks for a Billion Muslims? Analyzing the World Gallup Poll with John Esposito

Paul Craig Roberts
The Mukasey Conspiracy: a Bi-Partisan Attack on the Constitution

Robert Weissman
When Multinationals Say Adieu

Uri Avnery
Good Morning, Hamas

Martha Rosenberg
When Your Meat is a Downer

Eva Liddell
Leave the Next Dance for Bill

Michael Donnelly
Will Ferrell Does Flint

Website of the Day
Muddy Waters: Train Fare Home Blues

March 1 / 2, 2008

Alexander Cockburn
The Race Card

Paul Craig Roberts
The Political Trial of Don Siegelman

Kathleen and Bill Christison
Nader the Best Antidote to American Imperialism

Nelson P. Valdés
Cuba After Fidel

Christopher Brauchli
Meet Mr. Nursultan Nazarbayev: Friend of Bill, George and Dick

Ron Jacobs
Inside the Secret City: Bomb Making at Oak Ridge

John Ross
The New Conquistadores: Spain’s Reconquest of Mexico

Robert Fantina
Posturing Over Patriotism: Obama and Those Lapel Pins

Robert Weissman
Hidden in Plain Sight: Human Rights Hypocrisy

Mohammed Omer
Fear in Gaza

Remi Kanazi
Barack Obama and the Politics of Xenophobia

Bob Jackson
Why is Yellowstone Destroying Its Bison Herd?

Richard Rhames
Casual Threats: Loaded with Mercury

Franklin Lamb
Lebanon Awaits the Arrival of the USS Cole

Rannie Amiri
Showboat Diplomacy: US Warships Steam Toward Lebanon

David Michael Green
The Three Faces of Hillary: the Politics of Flim-Flam

Conn Hallinan
Notes from the Southern Cone

Faheem Hussain
Prince Harry of Afghanistan and the Meaning of Normalcy

Poets’ Basement
Gibbons, Orloski, Gardner and Ford

Website of the Weekend
The Palestine Chronicle Needs (and Deserves) Your Help!

February 29, 2008

Matt Gonzalez
The Obama Craze

Jonathan Cook
Academic Freedom? Not for Arabs in Israel

Joshua Frank
Obama and Israel

Anthony DiMaggio
The Unilateral Presidency: Signing Statements and the Rollback of American Law

Linn Washington, Jr.
Cop Abuse in America

Binoy Kampmark
Hubris and Nemesis

Robert Bryce
Energy Efficiency May be a Good Thing, But It Won’t Cut Energy Use

Sonja Karkar
Australia’s Government Continues Its Love Affair with Israel

Dave Lindorff
A Manchurian Candidate in the White House? Obama or Bush?

Website of the Day
Olduvai George

February 28, 2008

Patrick Cockburn
“Iraq” Falls Apart

Fred Gardner
The Birth of NAFTA

Michael Levitin
The Crisis in Kosovo is Just Beginning

William S. Lind
The Fake State of Kosovo

David Macaray
A Ray of Hope for Organized Labor

Stephen Fleischman
Nader’s Latest Run: Monkey Wrench or Cattle Prod?

George Wuerthner
The Myths of Forest Health: Why Ecological Logging is an Oxymoron

Laura Carlsen
The North American Union Farce

Carl Finamore
Why the Delta-Northwest Deal Hasn’t Taken Off

Michael Dickinson
The Day I Bombed the House of Commons

Website of the Day
Plane Stupid

February 27, 2008

David Rosen
Playing the Race Card: Obama, Love Across the Color Line and Political Dirty Tricks

Vijay Prashad
Bomber John: McCain and the 100 Year War

Harvey Wasserman
Incident at Turkey Point: Did Florida Go to the Radioactive Brink?

Andy Worthington
Guantánamo’s Shambolic Trials: Pentagon Boss Resigns, Ex-Prosecutor Joins Defense

Wajahat Ali
Pakistan for Sale: an Interview with Ayesha Siddiqa on Pakistan’s Military Economy

Peter Morici
The Auction-Rate Securities Fiasco: a Drama of Greed and Betrayal

Stephen Philion
Conspiracy Theory, Fears of Betrayal and Today’s Anti-War Movement

Michael Donnelly
Obama by Unanimous Decision

Erica Rosenberg /
Janine Blaeloch
After the Land Deals: Will There be Any Wilderness Left to Protect?

Website of the Day
Dress Blues

February 26, 2008

Debbie Nathan
Confessions of a Gitmo Guard

Alan Dershowitz
v. Frank Menetrez
On Finkelstein

Harvey Wasserman
How Ohio Got Nuked

Michael Colby
Ralph Nader vs. the Fundamentalist Liberals

Gary Leupp
Condi vs. Putin on Bullying Belgrade

David Orchard
The New Conquistadors: Canada in Afghanistan

Martha Rosenberg
The Big HRT

Fran Shor
The Electoral Circus and Nader’s Sideshow

Serge Halimi
The Dom Perignon Socialist Manifesto: Bernard Henri-Levy’s Plan for the French Left

Global Balkans
Neo-Liberalism and Protectorate States in the Post-Yugoslav Balkans: an Interview with Tariq Ali

Website of the Day

February 25, 2008

Roger Morris
A Death in Damascus

Anthony DiMaggio
Military Bases, the Media and the Democrats

Ralph Nader
Why I’m Running

Patrick Cockburn
Iraq Broils

Paul Craig Roberts
Kosovo and the Empire Crazies

Peter Morici
Bernanke’s Failing Policies: a Long Recession Looms

Dave Lindorff
General Welch’s Whitewash: What We Still Don’t Know About That Minot Nuke Incident

Saul Landau /
Farrah Hassen
Fanatics, Mountebanks and Drillers: a Bloody Oil Film

Heather Gray
James Orange, Civil Rights Legend

Robert Weitzel
Accomodating Torture

John Halle
Kucinich Goes Down

Website of the Day
Do the Trunk Monkey!

February 23 / 4, 2008

Alexander Cockburn
The Mushrooming Clouds That Hang Over McCain

Paul Craig Roberts
Obama and Global Trade

Wajahat Ali
Omissions of the Commission: an Interview with Phillip Shenon on the 9/11 Commission

Ralph Nader
Neutering the FDA

Jürgen Vsych
“What Was Ralph Nader Thinking?”

Fidel Castro
Watching the US Presidential Campaign from Havana

Andy Worthington
Britain’s Guantánamo

David Macaray
Unions Under Assault

Jeremy Scahill
The Real Story Behind Kosovo’s Independence

David Krieger
Stanley Sheinbaum
Caging the Cold War Monster

Ron Jacobs
Building for the Future

Michael Garrity
The Last, Best Hope for the Northern Rockies

Brian McKenna
Higher Ed’s “Civic Engagements” Get Dumbed Down

Missy Beattie
Over the Hill with John McCain

Fred Gardner
American College of Physicians Takes Pro-Cannabis Stand (Mostly)

Boris Kagarlitsky
The Growth of the Russian Labor Movement

Mike Ferner
Kick That Barrel

Dan Bacher
On the Trail with the Border Angels

Christopher Ketcham
Hillary Goes Where Obama Fears to Tread

Poets’ Basement
Davies and Buknatski

Website of the Weekend
Obama Mariachi

February 22, 2008

Mike Whitney
The Bonfire of Capital

Jason Hribal
Elephants and the Circus: The Story of Janet

Liaquat Ali Khan
Arresting Musharraf

Joshua Frank
That Obama Glow: the Nuclear Industry’s Golden Child

Dave Lindorff
Vicki’s John: Ask Not What She Did for Him, Ask What He Did for Her!

Liliana Segura
When Torture is Old News: McCain’s Blonde Diversion

Robert Fantina
Castro, Bush and Cuba: a Fiasco Waiting to Happen?

Yifat Susskind
The ABCs of Death: Bush vs. Africa’s Women

Norm Kent
Pushing 60 with Pot

Website of the Day
Bush Gets Down in Liberia

February 21, 2008

Saul Landau
Fidel Steps Aside

Elizabeth Schulte
Left Behind, With No End in Sight: America’s Long-Term Unemployed

Helen Redmond
Health Care as a Human Right

Benjamin Dangl
Undermining Bolivia

Michael Levitin
Kosovo’s Dilemma

Liam Leonard
Fear and Loathing on the Emerald Isle

Patrick Irelan
Land and Food in Venezuela

Linn Cohen-Cole
Poor Ohio: a Second Letter to Hillary on Her Ties to Monsanto

Michael Simmons
Daydream Believer: John Stewart, the Miles Davis of Folk Music

CounterPunch News Service
A Message from the Women of Okinawa to US GIs

Website of the Day
Cop Abuse in Shreveport

February 20, 2008

Paul Craig Roberts
Lies and Spies

Paul Krassner
My Brief Encounter with Fidel Castro

Fawzia Afzal-Khan
The Pakistani Elections

Farzana Versey
The Great Dictator: Musharraf, Peace and the Autumn of the Patriarch

Allan Nairn
Dying for a Second Round: Israel’s New Plan to Attack Lebanon

John V. Whitbeck
If Kosovo, Why Not Palestine?

Niranjan Ramakrishnan
A Balcony Seat to Our Own Balkanization?

Steve Eckardt
Cuba Sans Fidel: No News is Big News

Lee Sustar
Union-Busting at Freightliner

Mike Ferner
How Sick of It are You?

Website of the Day
The US Military Index

February 19, 2008

Uri Avnery
Blood and Champagne

Paul Craig Roberts
Paying Insurgents Not to Fight

Gary Leupp
The Independence of Kosovo

Fidel Castro
The Moment Has Come

David Macaray
Management’s Dirty Little Secret

Reza Fiyouzat
Buck the Circus! The Left and the Elections

Valerie Morse
The New Zealand Terror Raids: Land of the Long White Lie

Walter Brasch
Bush on Safari

Website of the Day
Don’t Think Twice, It’s Alright

February 18, 2008

Wajahat Ali
Free Pakistan: an Interview with Imran Khan

Diana Johnstone
NATO’s Kosovo Colony

Paul Craig Roberts
What Do We Stand For?

Andy Worthington
Gitmo: “We’re Making This Up as We Go Along”

Debbie Nathan
Bernie Ward’s Sex Tapes

Anthony DiMaggio
Following the Money Trail: the Democratic Party and the Business of Elections

Bill Simpich
Ten Years Ago, People Power Stopped Clinton in Iraq

Eva Liddell
A Short History of Super-Delegates: Hope, Yes! But Pay in Cash

Christopher Brauchli
The President Who Couldn’t Keep His Word: Short-Changing Veterans

Stephen Soldz
Wikileaks is Under Attack!

Johann Rossouw
The Ouster of Thabo Mbeki: South Africa and the Costs of Neoliberalism

Website of the Day
Sick of It Day!

February 16 / 17, 2008

Alexander Cockburn
The Terrorists Still at Ground Zero, 7 World Trade Tower, Lower Manhattan

Ralph Nader
We the Corporations …

David Macaray
The Big Buy Out: Did GM Drive Another Nail in Labor’s Coffin?

William J. Peace
Wheelchair Dumping

Ron Jacobs
War on the Psyche: Shellshock and Redemption

Diane Christian
War Corrupts

Alan Maass
Oil, Blood and Greed: Taking Upton Sinclair to the Big Screen (and Beyond)

Ramzy Baroud
Iraq and the US Elections

Michael Donnelly
Genitalia First! Old Guard Feminists Play the XX Card

Cpt. Paul Watson
The Art of Finding Whalers

James L. Secor
China Diary: Spring Festival and New Year 2008

Eve Bachrach
Bush Returns to Africa

Nikolas Kozloff
Hugo Chávez’s Anti-Imperialist Army

Stephen Gowans
Steven Spielberg, Faux-Humanitarian

Missy Beattie
To Vote or Not to Vote?

David Michael Green
Warming Slowly to Obama

Wajahat Ali
Attack of the Info-tainment Circus

Poets’ Basement
Gibbons, Willson, Mickey Z., Orloski and Reuther

Website of the Day
Yellowstone’s Bison Need Your Help–NOW!

February 15, 2008

George Szamuely
The Absurdity of “Independent” Kosovo

Patrick Cockburn
Ground-Truthing the Surge: Is the US Really Bringing Stability to Baghdad?

Wajahat Ali
Pakistan is Burning: an Interview with Steve Coll on the Taliban, Bin Laden and the Bush Administration

Mike Whitney
Henry Paulsen’s Wild Ride on the Economic Hindenberg

Alan Farago
God and the Democrats

Chris Genovali
Alberta’s Black Gold Rush

Jacob Hornberger
Courting Injustice: Scalia on Torture

Dave Lindorff
Snoops Always Ring Twice: Bush’s Protect America Bill Bull

Website of the Day
Live From the Land of Hopes and Dreams

February 14, 2008

Kathleen and Bill Christison
Palestine in the Mind of America

Mike Whitney
Swan Song for NATO

Clancy Sigal
Strike Notes from a Screenwriter

George Wuerthner
A Bloody Sham: the Yellowstone Bison Slaughter

Peter Morici
Is Bernanke Headed for the Exit?

John Ross
Drug War Mayhem Boils Over from Border to Border

Allan Nairn
Mafia Rules in the Middle East: If You’re Big Enough, You Can Whack Anyone

Rannie Amiri
Lebanon’s Warmongers

Niranjan Ramakrishnan
The New Tractatus: Where Wittgenstein Meets Feinstein

Donna Volatile
Be Careful What You Vote For, You Just Might Get It

Seth Sandronsky
The Student Squeeze: Fighting California’s Tuition Hikes

Website of the Day
Conventions: the Land Around Us

February 13, 2008

Nikolas Kozloff
Meet John McCain: Mr. Big Stick in Latin America

Alan Farago
Hell to Pay: Warren Buffett on the Goal Line

Christina Kasica
King’s Dream Foreclosed: the Subprime Crisis in Black America

Vicente Navarro
How to Read the U.S. Primaries

Hall Greenland
Australia’s Finest Hour

Lee Sustar
Strange Stimulation: Too Little for Those Who Need It Most

David Macaray
The Writers’ Strike Finally Ends

Roderick Frazier Nash
Celebrating Wilderness

Patrick Irelan
Hugo Chávez and High Anxiety at the NYT

Anthony Papa
Mean Mister Mukasey: AG Tries to Block Crack Cocaine Releases

Carl Finamore
Another Parade Passes Me By: Don’t Let Your Movement be Coopted by Politicians

Website of the Day
John He Is

February 12, 2008

Frank J. Menetrez
The Case Against Alan Dershowitz

Paul Craig Roberts
War Without End

Dr. Trudy Bond
The Elephant at Gitmo: Camp 7 and the Torturer’s Shrink

Andy Worthington
The Guantánamo Six: Why Charge Them Now? What About the Torture?

Col. Dan Smith
The Psychology of Killing: Close In or Far Away?

Ronnie Cummins
Globalization: Standing at the End of the Road

Ralph Nader
Open the Government

John V. Walsh
Antiwarriors, Divided and Conquered

Dave Lindorff
Obama and Progressive Change: Let’s Hope the Movement Transforms the Candidate

Michael Donnelly
Who’s Pimping Whom? The Clintons’ Selective No Talk Rules

Ron Jacobs
La Lucha Continua: Castro’s “Life”

Ben Tripp
Beggars Collide

Website of the Day
Springsteen and Youngstown

February 11, 2008

Cockburn / St. Clair
Lessons for Obama: When is a Delegate Not a Delegate?

Wajahat Ali
A Discussion with Walt and Mearsheimer on the Israel Lobby

Ray McGovern
Waterboarding for God and Country

Allan Nairn
The Shooting of Jose Ramos Horta

Uri Avnery
An End Foreseen?

Chris Floyd
American Psycho: the Meaning of Mitt Romney’s Exit Speech

Martha Rosenberg
School Lessons in a Lunchbox: Lunchmeat from Tortured Cows

Stephen Fleischman
The Bonnie and Clyde of American Politics

Marc Lamont Hill
Not My Brand of Hope

Liliana Segura
Obama and Torture: the Sounds of Silence and Equivocation

Peter Morici
Challenges for the New President

Christopher Brauchli
A Drug Rant from a Former Taker

Website of the Day
Annie vs. the Blue Angels

February 8 / 10, 2008

Paul Craig Roberts
Does the GOP Have Aces Up Its Sleeves?

Patrick Cockburn
Will Moqtada al-Sadr’s Truce Hold?

Mike Whitney
The Great Bust of ’08

Anthony DiMaggio
How the Press Covers Waterboarding

Andy Worthington
The Guántanamo Trials: Where are the Terrorists?

Linn Cohen-Cole
Hillary, Will You Renounce Your Ties to Monsanto?

Firmin DeBrabander
Notes from the Foreclosure Front: Suing Your Way to Solvency

Cpt. Paul Watson
The Other Whaling Industry: How Greenpeace Cashes In on the Suffering and Deaths of the Great Whales

Kenneth S. Pope
Why I Resigned from the American Psychological Association

Jacob G. Hornberger
American Soldiers Will Pay the Price for Bush’s Torture Policy

Robert Bryce
Beyond Group Think on Climate Change: If More CO2 is Bad … Then What?

P. Sainath
The Last of the Buccaneer Editors

Allan Nairn
Give Me Back My Land

Fred Gardner /
Pebbles Trippet
“The District Attorney of Shasta County Doesn’t Know the Law!”

Andrew Wimmer
Growing Up Catholic: Ignorance is Death

Robert Fantina
America’s Disgrace: the Case of Omar Khadr

David Michael Green
Partycide in Six Easy Steps: Watch the Democrats Destroy Themselves

Kevin Zeese
Is Dennis Kucinich Being McKinney’d?

Peter Morici
Wall Street Gives Bernacke a Vote of No Confidence

Chris Driscoll
Could Nader be the Come-Back Kid of 2008?

Prairie Miller
Black August: Bringing George Jackson’s Life to the Screen

Poets Basement
Davies and Buknatski

February 7, 2008

Patrick Cockburn
Why Baghdad Will Explode Again

Bill Christison
Potholes Bigger Than Ever for Palestinians

David Anderson
NBC’s “To Entrap” a Predator: Perverting Justice for the Sake of Ratings

Ron Jacobs
Innocent Flesh: Recruiting Kids to Kill

Nikolas Kozloff
Hugo Chávez’s Coca: It’s the Real Thing

Jane Rockefeller
The Moral Economy of an Anti-Poverty Foundation

Andy Worthington
On Waterboarding: Two Questions for Michael Hayden




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