27 Reasons Nader Should Run for President

The reasons are …

1. Hillary

2. John McCain

3. Seat belts

4. The abuse of the Katrina victims by their insurance companies

5. 650,000+ dead Iraqi civilians

6. 3000+ dead U.S. military

7. The Black Budget

8. Torture

9. The CIA

10. Blackwater

11. Lack of access to health care which causes the deaths of 18,000 US citizens every year.


13. Factory farming and franken foods

14. Monsanto

15. The loss of family farms

16. The lack of regulations to restrict predatory practices by the banking and credit card industry

17. The mortgage crisis

18. Global warming

19. The loss of good will toward the U.S. around the world. Ralph could restore the status of the U.S.

20. He is not a Republican.

21. He is not a Democrat.

22. He is not an Empire builder.

23. He would not invade Iran, Cuba, Syria, Venezuela, Finland, Switzerland, Canada, Mexico, or New Zealand.

24. Ralph owes no favors to any corporation.

25. Ralph cannot be bought.

26. Ralph has a long history of quietly working behind the scene to help ordinary people in their struggles against the powerful – such as the time he helped a group of New Jersey citizens oppose the construction of a floating nuclear power plant off the coast of Atlantic City. Ralph quietly came to Cape May, no fanfare, no political motives. He helped the people. The people won. The floating nuclear plant was not built.

27. Ralph is smart, incorruptible, and honest.

ROSEMARIE JACKOWSKI lives in Bennington, Vermont. She can be reached at: dissent@sover.net