January 2008

St. Louis Mayor Booed Off MLK Platform

The False U.S. Economy

Deferring Dreams

How Wall Street Blew Itself Up

Look Who’s Talking

Europe’s Collusion in Israel’s Slow Genocide

Why Islam Should Tolerate Images

Philip Agee Versus the CIA

Playing the Race Card

Protest and Trial in Washington, D.C.

Leaping Steelhead!

Labor’s Grim Dilemma

What’s the Going Price for a Joint?

Endgame for Pakistan?

Making the World Safe for Despots

Canada’s Glaring Double Standards on Torture

The Campaign in Black and White

Desert Mirage

Croakin’ on Hudson

No Retreat


In Memory of Milton Wolff, 1915 – 2008

Woody Allen Meets Tongue Fu

The Ordeal of Dr. Safdar Sarki

So You Want to be My President, Eh?

Starbucks Shortchanges Dr. King

Good Time Charlie’s War

A Tax Rebate Won’t Fix This Mess

High Crimes and Economics

Dodging Ecocide

The Drug Industry Takes Another Hit

A Letter from Guantánamo

Precision Bombing in Iraq and Afghanistan

This Time Next Year?

Beyond Steinem’s Feminism

Terrorism and Preventative Detention

Pity the Brahmins

Private Insurance is Bad for Your Health

The FBI’s Bills Come Due

Institutionalized Spying on Americans

When the Rich Pay No Taxes

Leader and Vassal

The Stimulus and the Meltdown

When the Big Boys Get in Trouble, Who Pays the Ultimate Bill?

Change and the Establishment

Bush Legacy in Texas Sours

Eternal War

End of the Left?

Leadership, Bush and the New York Times

Bhutto and the "State Within a State"