Let Us Now Praise Judith Regan

OJ (“If I Did It”) Simpson has all but admitted he did do it, that is kill wife Nicole Simpson and hunky waiter Ron Goldman.

Jose (“Long Live Steroids!”) Canseco long ago admitted in his 2005 book Juiced that he did it, ie, used steroids. Not only did he take them he takes proud responsiblity for introducing them to the major leagues decades ago while Barry Bonds was just a skinny kid.

All of which raises the question: Shall we now praise the much maligned Judith Regan? It was Judith Regan after all who published both confessionals. Indeed, Canseco dedicates Juiced to Judith Regan, amongst others.

Now that the Mitchell report has confirmed what Canseco via Regan Books had been villified for, his claim that steroid use was rampant in the major leagues, and OJ has imploded, and in light of the attempt by Rupert Murdoch and his minions to smear Regan as an anti-Semite, what more perfect time to give dame Judith her due.

In the end Judith Regan, the woman who got OJ confessed and the woman who outed the use of steroids in baseball may yet have the last laugh. Regan’s lawsuit against Newscorp for firing her over the OJ flap reportedly has Newscorp head pig Roger Ailes sweating bullets. Regan claims in her suit that Newscorp asked her to commit perjury to protect Ailes’ former political client Rudy Giuliani.

The context being a federal investigation of Giulianis’ business partner and former Regan paramour, Bernie Kerik. A sign of Newscorp desperation can be gleaned from the fact that they have offered to settle the matter out of court. Regan has rejected the offer.

First OJ, then major league baseball and now Newscorp. Not a bad piece of work I’d say. Indeed, let us now praise Judith Regan.

JACK McCARTHY lives in Tallahassee, Florida and can be reached at jackm32301@yahoo.com




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Jack McCarthy is a writer in Tallahassee, Florida. He can be reached at jackm32301@yahoo.com

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