Britney Spears Little Sister is Pregnant

So yesterday word came down that Britney Spear’s little sister Jamie Lynne is pregnant at age 16. Yep, the little sis who is a frequently trotted out as a role model on the Nickalodean channel. This comes at the heals of her mom getting ready to drop a book on parenting. How ironic is that?

I’m not gonna take any sort of glee in that. Teenagers getting pregnant has been going on since human beings showed up on the face of the earth. It happens. I’m just wondering what will happen in the aftermath. For example will conservatives trot Lynne Spears out and give her major kudos for NOT getting an abortion? Or will they pound their chests and say this is the result of not teaching enough abstinence? I’m asking this because Lynn who lives in the Bible belt comes from a place where teaching abstinence is mandatory… maybe that course of action ain’t working.

I do know that we are already hearing praises being heaped upon her for ‘being responsible’ and keeping the child. We rarely hear those praises for young Black and Brown mothers who have kids at a young age. We look at them and say the country is in crises. But let me not digress.

I wonder if that Fox News flunkie Jason Whitlock will be dragged out and made to pen a ‘compelling’ column where he somehow blames Hip Hop for this atrocity? Did Lynn get pregnant because her older sister recently did a song with Lil Wayne? Or because she was produced by Timberland? Or because they watched too many rap videos? If Whitlock doesn’t do it because he usually smashes on his own people maybe Bill O’Reilly or Sean Hannity will take up the mantle? They’ll praise Jamie Lynn for being responsible but then find a way to blame Hip Hop…

I bring this up not to be far reaching or to just blow smoke, but to bring attention to the really serious aspect to this situation-Jamie Lynn’s boyfriend-Casey Aldridge. He’s 19 years old. Now I know many of you who are reading this will say what’s the big deal? Teenagers are teenagers? In a sexually charged environment should we not be surprised that folks get together?

Well lets keep this in mind several years ago a young man who was an honor student and home coming king by the name of Genarlow Wilson was sentenced to 10 years in prison for having oral sex with his 15 year old girl friend. Wilson was 17 at the time. His sentence was recently overturned, but not after he had to under go the horrors of being in the state pen for a few years. Will the heavy hand of the law come down on Jamie Lynn’s boyfriend? Isn’t it against the law to have sex with a minor? Here in the Bay Area about 10-11 years ago, rap star Ray Luv spent a year in jail after it was discovered thathe got with a 16 year old while he was 19 and we are liberal as hell. What’s gonna happen to this Casey guy? It’s interesting to note that many of the news agencies aren’t stating his age. Instead they are sugar coating things by saying things like ‘long time boyfriend’ and ‘boyfriend who she met in church’…. mmmmmm thats the sort of thing that makes you wonder. Lets keep an eye on this one folks…

DAVEY D is a hip hop historian, deejay and community organizer. Visit his excellent website at: