The Black Hillary

Different name, same game.

If you had any doubts, check out the recent skirmishing over health care.

Hillary says her health care plan provides universal health care.

Hillary says her plan covers everyone, but the Black

Hillary’s plan does not.

“I don’t think we should start by giving up on 15 million Americans,” Hillary said earlier this week “That’s why my health care plan covers everyone.”

That is – Hillary would require everyone to buy insurance from the rip-off insurance companies.

The Black Hillary would require children – but not all adults – to buy insurance from the rip-off insurance companies.

This morning, the New York Times Katharine Seelye points out that Hillary is being misleading in implying that her plan covers everyone.

“Mandates rarely achieve 100 percent compliance,” Seelye writes. “In addition, they are almost impossible to enforce.”

Massachusetts has a mandate and about 20 percent of the population still does not have health insurance.

But the frontrunners in the Democratic Presidential race are all feeding at the insurance industry trough.

Each of their plans is in the same ballpark as those adopted by Mitt Romney and Arnold Schwarzenegger – each mandates that people buy health insurance from the rip-off insurance companies.

All turn away from the answer the insurance companies rightly fear most because it would put those companies out of business – the answer that will deliver universal health care without mandates – single payer, everybody in, nobody out, universal, Medicare for all.

Dennis Kucinich knows the answer.

Doctors and nurses know the answer.

The majority of the American people know the answer.

But the leaders in the Democratic race for President remain willfully blind to the answer.

So, when you justifiably turn away from Hillary as being the corporate tool that she is, don’t give me this load that the Black Hillary is different.

He’s not.

And we’re not if we accept him as something that he’s not.

RUSSELL MOKHIBER is editor of the Corporate Crime Reporter.


Russell Mokhiber is the editor of the Corporate Crime Reporter..