November 2007

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Solidarity with Pakistan’s Lawyers

A Market Without Parachutes

Chuck Schumer Greenlights Mukasey

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The Writers’ Guild Strike

The Politics of Servility

What We Learned from Stephen Colbert’s Presidential Campaign

Zahid’s Story

Punishing Gaza

Torture and Intelligence Gathering

Who Determines the Price of Oil?

Cuba and Original Sin

The Return of Water Torture

Welcome to Year 27 of the Reagan Revolution

Pakistan’s Dark Future

The Torture of Ali al-Marri

Wall Street Metes Out Street Justice to Citigroup

Tensions Ease in Iraqi Kurdistan

John Fogerty Makes Peace with His Past

Yo! What Happened to Peace?

How to Turn Workers Against Each Other (and Make Them All Poorer)

How I Spent the Eighth Brumaire

General Musharaff’s "State of Emergency"

A Land With People, For a People with a Plan

Those Minot Nukes

Pelosi and Me

The Politics of Health Care in California

Indexing Humanity, Indian Style

Going Down on the Rocks in Dinosaur

A Case for Arab Dignity

The Housing Crash, Suburban Sprawl and the Crisis of the American Middle Class

The Deadly Merry-Go Round

Pakistan in a Daze

Army’s Prime Salesman of Counterinsurgency Manual Seeks to Defend Stolen Scholarship

Pakistan Sinks Deeper Into the Night

When Capitalists Get a Free Ride

Why the U.S. is Safeguarding Iraq’s War Criminals

The Bebop of Baraka

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A Tale of Two Stadiums

Guantánamo as House Arrest

Acting on Conscience

The Stark Truth

The Easy Way to Stop the Looming US Attack on Iran