November 2007

Slip Sliding Away

From Nixon Girl to Watergate

Bulletins from the Titanic

Dear Mrs. Bhutto

Chavez Blasts the Spanish King

Hillary’s Big Problem and How Bill Can Fix It

The Pakistan Fuel Connection

Education Versus Incarceration in Tallulah

Pakistani Lawyers vs. American Lawyers

The Teamsters and the Hollywood Strike

A Tribute to My Vietnam Vet Father

Why Hillary’s Health Care Plan Really Failed

The Political Crimes of Complicity

The Roots of Pakistan’s Political Crisis

Mailer’s Miasma

Asshole of the Year

A Pakistani Lawyer’s Testimony

The Return of Levon Helm

Faith and War

I Too Saw a UFO!

A View from the Pakistani Left

The Last Dead Bull on Wall Street

The Grand Delusion

The General in His Labyrinth

Psychological Torture in the Name of Family Values

Uncle Sam’s New Backyard

The Ongoing War on Journalists in Haiti

The Blame Game in Gaza

When Language Drowns

Tangled Up in Blue

The Pope Versus Terry Higgins

NATO’s Southward Drift

Legitimizing Torture

Flunking Out of the Electoral College

Is the AFL Trying to Derail Single Payer Health Care?

Hillary Clinton’s Lack of Respect for Latin America

Musharraf and the Drunk Uncle

The Empire Strikes Back

The Blood Sport of Vice Presidents

In the Kandil Mountains with the PKK

Pakistan and the Israel Lobby

Blackwater Goes to Mexico

Ron Paul, Big Media’s Invisible Candidate

Rewriting the History of the Sudan Calamity

Let’s Not Repeat the Mistakes of the Patriot Act

The Big Fish from Whitefish

Double Standards at the New York Times

The Victims of "Jessica’s Law"

Why Woodstock May Have Saved John McCain’s Life

Solidarity with Pakistan’s Lawyers