Bush’s House of Snakes

It should come as no surprise that Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, George Bush’s twin viper, has been meeting with American Indian tribes in Michigan and elsewhere at the northern border.

Meanwhile, Bush was working his agenda in Canada.

It was in Michigan that the National Congress of American Indians opposed Bush’s plans for biometrics and other new regulations for border cards.

Calling those a violation of treaty rights, NCAI opposed biometrics in border cards, during NCAI’s mid-year session in June, 2006 in Sault Ste. Marie, Mich.

Passing two resolutions, NCAI said biometrics and other security features would “likely infringe on tribal government as well as individual member rights.”

NCAI said the proposed border cards were “detrimental and in direct violation of existing treaty rights including hunting, fishing and spiritual observances, harming tribal economies and disrupting the daily life of border tribal community.”

One type of biometrics, iris biometrics, is especially dangerous. If the lasers are not properly calibrated, blindness can result.

Gonzales’ visit to Indian tribes at the northern border was at the same time that Bush was being protested at the North American Summit in Canada.

Using fear-mongering about the so-called war on terror, and throwing in fear of bird flu, Bush’s border agenda was to create new border regulations making border passage more difficult for people, while securing quick passage for chosen corporations.

Bush said in the event of a “catastrophe” he wants to make sure people are halted at the border, while certain corporations are allowed to pass through the border.

It was the Mohawk warriors that alerted Indigenous Peoples to the grave dangers that the new trilateral union of the U.S., Canada and Mexico, would pose to Indigenous Peoples and their territories. As with NAFTA, the trilateral union is designed to favor corporations and the exploitation of Indigenous natural resources.

As reported by The Associated Press, the United States is rushing to claim the oil and gas reserves in the thawing Northwest Passage.

Indigenous have alerted the world that the Arctic is the un-surrendered Indigenous territory of Turtle Island.
Meanwhile, Gonzales is trying to win favor with American Indian tribes by saying the words he thinks they want to hear and sprinkling around a few million here and there, mere chicken feed compared with the needs.

But, as always with Bush and the house of snakes, there is a hidden corporate agenda and an element of Nazi-like control of the borders.

While Bush and Gonzales were attempting to win over American Indian tribes along the northern border, other Indigenous Peoples from across the Americas were in Venezuela, part of the new era of Indigenous rights.

Mohawks and other Indian delegations, including members of the International Indian Treaty Council and American Indian Movement, have been in Venezuela, working in unison with President Hugo Chavez to halt the oppression of the colonial governments of the United States and Canada.

Here are the chosen corporations of the United States in Bush’s tri-national working group, the North American Competitiveness Council:
Campbell Soup Company; Chevron Corporation; Ford Motor Company; FedEx Corporation; General Electric Company; General Motors Corp.; Kansas City Southern; Lockheed Martin Corporation; Merck & Co., Inc.; Mittal Steel USA; New York Life Insurance Company; The Procter & Gamble Company (joined in 2007); UPS; Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.; Whirlpool Corporation.

BRENDA NORRELL is human rights editor for U.N. OBSERVER & International Report. She also runs the Censored website. She can be reached at: brendanorrell@gmail.com



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