Falling for Lieberman’s Iran Resolution

I am outraged that you both voted for the resolution by Senator Lieberman suggesting that Iran is responsible for the death of American soldiers in Iraq. This is a blatant attempt to provide cover to Bush and Chaney for an attack on Iran. It demonstrates once again that Mr. Lieberman’s main allegiance is not to this nation but to the American Zionist Agenda and those in Israel and the US who want to promote instability in the Middle East and to have the US attack Iran on behalf of the Israeli military.

The Lieberman resolution you voted for ignores what has been reported about the nationality of foreign fighters in Iraq. In 2005 the Center for Strategic International Studies, chaired by former senator Sam Nunn, found that 20,18,17,15, 13 and 12% of foreign fighters–a total of 95% of foreign fighters–came from Algeria, Syria, Yemen, Sudan, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia respectively (see: http://www.csmonitor.com/2005/0923/dailyUpdate.html).

Recently the LA Times reported that most of the foreign fighters in Iraq are from Saudi Arabia (see: http://www.latimes.com/news/nationworld/)

By backing the Lieberman Anti-Iran resolution you have indicated that you are not really for peace in the Middle East and that you are subject to undue influence by American Zionist extremists who want to push this country into war with Iran.

Is that your position? Please clarify. I am your constituent and I request a clear, public written statement from each of you indicating where you stand on how the US should relate to the nation of Iran. Specifically, will you commit NOW to actively and publicly opposing any and all military attacks by this country–including CIA and other covert actions–against Iran?

Californian’s overwhelmingly want our elected representatives to stand strong for Peace and against the Bush/Zionist/Israeli attempts to further destabilize the Middle East by attacking Iran. Do you stand with the People of California or with Mr. Lieberman and others who want more US aggression in the Middle East?

The people who elected you deserve to know where you stand. That is why I am asking you to explain your vote for Mr. Lieberman’s anti-Iran resolution and to clarify your position on Iran.

Klamath, California

FELICE PACE lives in Klamath, California. He can be reached at unofelice@gmail.com



Felice Pace is a longtime environmental activist in northern California. You can find his writings online at Bearitude in Black.