Wanted: Old Men With Nothing to Lose

Peek behind the smoke and mirrors of the Bush Administration and you will see the smoke and mirrors of a Democratic Congress. Strategically, the Bush plan is to spin out self-inflicted and tragic disasters, leaving for others to clean up the barn. Strategically, many Democrats plan to spin out investigative and oversight hearings, revealing by drops Bush Administration misdeeds so that voters will nix Republicans in the coming election.

Impeachment, the only remaining remedy that can address this cancerous Bush-Cheney presidency, is “off the table.” Why? Because the psycho-pathology of our politicians demands that they tinker with political gaming no matter what cost in lives and treasure rather than take decisive action to implement a cure. Deadly cynicism and hypocrisy have virtually eliminated virtue and integrity.

From the havoc created by Karl Rove’s “all Republicans, all the time,” Democrats hope the pendulum will swing to “all Democrats, all the time.” Impeachment surgery might cost a few votes, and the game goes on.

How many more lives will be “sacrificed in the name of freedom,” how many billions more dollars will be thrown down the waste-fraud-abuse rat hole just so the nation’s anointed “leaders” can hyperbolize for polling points?

Now is the time for a group of old men who have nothing to lose to come to the aid of their country.

John Conyers, John Warner, Robert Byrd, Daniel Inouye, Arlen Specter, Jim Bunning, Orin Hatch, Ted Kennedy, Richard Lugar, Chuck Grassley, Jim DeMint and many others hunger to leave behind an inspiring “legacy” of national service. Here’s their one last chance to lead the charge and rescue our nation from its near-terminal nightmare.

Most of these codgers won’t act without the sharp pitchfork of public opinion jabbing them in their benumbed backsides, so patriotic citizens must call loud and long for impeachment or else be complicit in prolonging the Bush-Cheney malignancy.

Wasting precious time writing about or investigating Iraq, Afghanistan, Guantanamo, torture, collateral damage, lying, corruption, criminality, injustice and stupidity are no longer sufficient. Only a full-blown and public impeachment process will clear the polluted air and restore the nation’s failing health and image.

DOUG GIEBEL writes from Montana. Contact dougcatz@ttc-cmc.net




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