The Heart of Whiteness

Three items, then a response:

(1) A photo-journalist friend returns from trips to Jordan, Israel and the West Bank, and describes his experiences being graciously received in Arab homes, and his shock at seeing the “separation wall” — really a separation corral with machine-gun towers surrounding Bethlehem and other towns — and choke-point checkpoints for Palestinians only (Israeli “settlers” getting four-lane highways), which keep Palestinian family members only 2 miles apart, near Jerusalem, from being able to visit each other for YEARS.

(2) I just finished re-reading “The Heart of Darkness,” by Joseph Conrad. This is a story of European colonialism and the ivory trade in Africa, published in 1903. It describes the personal corruption of a careerist tradesman-class European whose ambition reaches its apogee in the “Belgian” Congo (presumably), where he elevates himself to a local god who can exact human sacrifices, in addition to receiving a tribute of ivory; all by the magic of pure violence. The horror Kurtz, our ephemeral white god, recognizes is that to achieve his ambition he has utterly destroyed his own humanity by the very process used for his elevation: the degradation of the Africans he exploits. The “heart of darkness” is the illusion that an emptiness of soul can be released in the bush without hazard to its owner.

(3) “Jewish Genius,” an article by Charles Murray, is published by the magazine Commentary. In this essay, Murray, the author of the book “The Bell Curve,” on the racial basis of intelligence, “mulls the roots of Jewish brainpower” (1)

* * *

I.Q. is a measure of wealth. The children of gangsters and war criminals (i.e., national politicians, corporate executives, race-favored Americans, Europeans, and others from outposts of Pan-Whiteness, e.g., Israel, Australia, New Zealand) will have higher I.Q. because they have been brought up in material comfort, physical security, and they have experienced the best educational systems in existence. There is no genetic basis for this, but there is certainly a racist one.

Since the days of Columbus, Pan-Whiteness has used technology (primarily explosives) and piracy (now called finance) to steal world resources, and enslave and exterminate “colored” people. “High” I.Q. is merely a developmental indicator of race-based physical plundering by their elders and ancestors in the children of the Race Warriors of the White Supremacy Crusade.

The religious core of capitalism is white supremacy, which is why the nations mentioned are bonded so tightly, and why the U.S. Government will often pursue policies vis-a-vis Israel that logically seem to be at odds with “U.S. interests” (e.g., the pursuit, with U.S. casualties, of war with Iraq and Iran, not just for oil but in Israel’s interest). It may be objectively true that a particular policy (e.g., bankrolling Israel’s theft of Palestine — “settlements” — backing Israel’s stonewalling and aggression (e.g., Lebanon) and blocking U.N. and international efforts to settle the Palestinian issue) seems more to Israel’s benefit than to “us.” But, when viewed through the emotive religious-mythical lens of white supremacy, the apparent inconsistency dissolves.

“We” are defending our brother and sister “white” settlers in “Injun country.” Israel, like our military bases and corporate installations around the world, is one of our many Fort Apaches in wild territory, filled with “colored” natives hostile to our manifest destiny to clear them off and “develop” the land. At best, they could work as sub-human machines in our agricultural and mechanized plantations, while being slowly ground down to dust and thence to disappearance behind “Separation Walls” (which actually encircle isolated populations, and so are corrals with machine gun towers — slow motion Buchenwalds), and Border Fences and Free Trade Agreements.

The core basis of U.S. Government and capitalist policy is the protection of White Supremacy Nationalism and White Supremacy Super-Nationalism, or Empire. This is what we are fighting for. “We”, the United States, are the 7th Cavalry, the Crusaders riding to the rescue of Pan-Whiteness around the world. The nature of your life and the degree of your prosperity is determined by the degree of your complicity in this cult. People like Bush and Rove and Cheney, Olmert, Sharon, the Israeli Zionist militarists, and, yes, Hitler was and are not simply motivated by elementary greed, because theft is an act of convenience, a short-cut, a matter of avoiding work. These zealots are tireless, working furiously even to the point of death, because they are motivated by a greed of religiously-inspired magnitude, and this is the compelling vision — the cult — of white supremacy.

This is racism at the level of the central nervous system, subconscious and unconscious, a bond that expresses itself in a tribal level of identification, similar to but of deeper power than the Mafia’s Sicilian identification and code of ‘omerta.’ This is what I imagine C. G. Jung would have called the archetype of empire, which “we” — the high I.Q. children nourished on the legacy of race plunder — inherited, and which enables us to “feel” the cause and put our adult efforts to its benefit (a transition that can be seamless in its unconsciousness), or to “recognize” (to awaken, to become aware, to experience ‘satori’) and to choose to fight against. “Whiteness” is not a skin color, it is a frame of mind and a moral choice.

With this understanding, it is easy to see the basis of much Black commentary since Frederick Douglass, and most pointedly from Malcolm X. The argument presented here is no news to readers of Black Agenda Report and similar outlets. It is easy to see Texas and Southern California as Israel USA and Apartheid South Africa; and a city like San Diego as a sizzling Xanadu of triumphalist colonial pleasure, continuing the Whiteness fantasy of Apartheid Johannesburg or Tel Aviv.

There is good money to be made by apologists for White Supremacy Nationalism, by authoring “scholarly” books on the supposed genetic superiority, and hence “god-given” nature of the status quo; and by “colored” commentators singing the praises of their “white” overlords, the overlord ideology and the naturally ordained baseness of their own genetic pools. I, personally, know the costs in career and “earnings potential” that can result from a rejection of work “assignments” (“opportunities”) in furtherance of the fundamental cause (the “Prime Directive,” if you will). Fortunately for me, self respect is only expensive financially, in every other way it is most bountiful.

It is possible that an expanding awareness of self respect — even a popular trans-national solidarity based on compassion (Fidel?, Chavez?, Mandela?) — may ultimately topple the mighty military and financial powers of the White Supremacy Tribe. Until then, we will have to consider civilization an idea as yet unrealized.


[1] http://www.forward.com/articles/bell-curve-scribe-mulls-roots-of-jews-br/

MANUEL GARCIA, Jr. is a physicist, a native of New York, and perhaps a Tralfamadorian. E-mail received at mango@idiom.com.


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