A Neocon Looks Two Conquests Ahead

You’ve lied to Congress and helped lead your country into a disastrous war. Despite the needless deaths of hundreds of thousands you’re demanding we should push on with “World War 4”. What do you do next? You lecture at Yale and cry “Anti-Semitism”

James Woolsey, Bill Clinton’s first CIA director, spoke on March 29 for an alarmist group of academics called the Initiative for the Interdisciplinary Study of Anti-Semitism. According to the Yale Daily News Woolsey blamed Americans as “enablers” of “anti-Semitism” for importing oil from Middle Eastern regimes and Jimmy Carter for contributing to the rise of U.S. anti-Semitism for writing a book on Israel and accusing it of instituting apartheid. Woolsey claimed the Saudis were “genocidal towards Jews”.

The report said Woolsey drew on “his long career in foreign affairs.” Pity it didn’t highlight that career.

Here’s a partial resume:

Head of CIA during 1993 and 1994. Despite reports from UN arms inspector Scott Ritter saying all Iraq’s ballistic missiles had been accounted for and destroyed CIA Director Woolsey told Congress that Iraq had 200 missiles. When Ritter went searching for the 200 missiles with state of the art equipment and still found nothing Woolsey said that the Iraqis had 10 to 12 missiles and “that number would not change.”

Member of the Project for the New American Century which in 1998 advocated removal of Saddam Hussein (meaning invasion)

On the advisory board of JINSA, a collection of far-right-wing supporters of Israel who bring U.S. generals to Israel for “education” and which follows the lead of the Israeli right-wing.

After the 9/11 attack on the U.S. Woolsey constantly raised accusations that Iraq was involved.

He has stated the U.S. is involved in World War 4 against various Islamic enemies and opponents(from al-Qaeda to Egypt’s Mubarak)

Joined in this January’s conference at Herzylia, Israel which whipped up hysteria about Iran. He said, “And if we use force, we should use it decisively, not execute some surgical strike on a single or two or three facilities. We need to destroy the power of the Vilayat al-Faqih if we are called upon and forced to use force against Iran.”

Wanted Israel and the U.S. to attack Syria last summer. At Herzylia he said, “It is a shame that Israel did not – and the United States did not help and participate in – a move against Syria last summer when Hezbollah gave the opportunity. We should not pass up, if we are forced to use force, the opportunity to use it decisively.”

His ravings and lies have cost the U.S. over 3,200 dead and a trillion dollars, not to speak of the cost to Iraq, Lebanon, etc.

The man is such a fanatic neo-conservative he’s to opening up the campaign against Saudi Arabia a little early. U.S. forces haven’t even destroyed Iran yet and he wants to go on with the next target. Saudi Arabia is a medieval monarchy and an evangelist for a most backward and intolerant form of fundamentalism, but the claim that Saudi Arabia is genocidal against Jews is a little breathtaking. Saudi diplomats just succeeded in uniting most of the Arab countries around a plan that offers Israel full recognition and guts the Palestinian right to return. That’s kind of an odd way of promoting Jewish genocide.

STANLEY HELLER is chairperson of the Middle East Crisis Committee in Connecticut. It’s website is www.TheStruggle.org and he can be reached at mail@TheStruggle.org