March 2007

Bush Versus Chavez

"We Must Preserve Our Total Commitment to Our Unique Defense Relationship with Israel"

The Rice Crisis in East Timor

Israel’s Hot Winter Offensive

It’s the People of Washington vs. Pelosi, et al

Exodus of Iraq’s Ancient Minorities

American Mamlukes

Al Gore, the Origins of a Hypocrite

Do the James Brown!

The Persecution of Sami Al-Arian

The Democrats and the Peace Movement

Regarding Cheney

Hillary, Inc.

Stuffed with Terror, Starved of Dreams

Re-Organizing the UAW

From Esther to AIPAC

Jesus Turned Away at US Border

The Court Martial of Agustín Aguayo

War Reporting in Iraq: Only Locals Need Apply

Cannabis Can Reduce Pain

My Small Act of Civil Disobedience

The Fourth World War Started in Venezuela

Four Years of an Unjust War

Al-Arian Prosecutor Has Bias Against Muslims

Gibbon’s "Decline and Fall"

The Ethanol Scam

Connecting the Dots

Who Let North Korea Get the Bomb?

To Cut or Not to Cut

Buffalo Gore

The Wall, Apartheid and Mandela

John Kerry’s Strange Call to Filibuster the War

Prisoners of Ideology

Bush and Walter Reed Hospital

America’s Musharraf Dilemma

Market Meltdown

Americans Have Lost Their Country

A Missile Defense System That Doesn’t Work for Missiles That May Not Exist

"Tough on Crime" is the Problem, Not the Solution

Demoralizing the Troops?

Haiti Under a State of Siege

The War on Terror and the Terror of War

How Far is Iran from the Bomb?

Return to Sender

Cheney’s Bagram Ghosts

Mexico and the Drug War